Discover Cruises From Cape Town And Other Cruises In Africa That You Would Be Excited About

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Yearning for that over-the-top vacation experience? Want to spend more quality time with your family? Or are you a lone globe-trekker searching for the thrill of a lifetime by meeting other tourists while travelling the world?  Then, booking a cruise from Cape Town is the ideal thing to do.

Travelers all over the world have recognized Cape Town as one of the most remarkable cities worldwide. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains, world-renowned attractions and captivating beaches, this place will surely satisfy your need of an unforgettable cruise experience of a lifetime.

For a more detailed information about Cape Town’s wonders and hotel accommodations, click here.

The Cruise Ships

Among the cruise ships to accommodate the typical traveler, I’ve selected the Oceana Nautica and the MSC Opera as the best ones to go on a cruise trip with.  These ships dock in Duncan Dock E Berth (see navigation below). Since this dock is open worldwide and is usually packed with a lot of people, you should turn up earlier than your scheduled trip. While in the dock, you will be able to enjoy scenery of the town’s most famous tourist spots such as the Cape Town Waterfront and the world-famous Table Mountain.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”Duncan Dock, Cape Town”]

  • MSC Opera

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This cruise ship is composed of 856 cabins where 28 of which are balcony suites and 172 are balcony cabins. It also houses the MSC Aurea Spa, two pools and whirlpools, four restaurants, a video games room, duty free shopping centers, children’s play area, disco, casino, internet cafe, team building equipment, a medical clinic and eleven bars.  Further, there is a supplementary facility called the “Cotton Club” bar and a stage on deck for outdoor amusement.

  •  Oceania Nautica

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The Nautica is the latest addition to the Oceania Cruises fleet. It has a unique recently re-designed neo-classical Toscana, dazzling new refurbishment and furniture that is more like a replicate of the exquisite beauty of Tuscany. Its ship compartments are made of the finest teak, distinct custom stone and tile architectural design. Its elegant framework shall ensure the guests’ satisfaction in going on a cruise with this ship.

The ship is composed of 62 suites, 170 balconies, 83 Oceanview staterooms, 27 interior staterooms and 400 crew members. With its numerous array of activities, this ship will definitely make your cruise an experience to remember. The Canyon Ranch Spa serves the guests with body treats such as massage treatments and wellness services that shall relax your soul as you enjoy the rest of the trip. Not only that! They also have a parlor for your beauty pleasures, a fitness gym that offers Pilate, aerobics and fitness classes with personal trainers, duty free shopping centers and a abundantly stocked library for the book wizard guests.

The dining experience at the cruise ship is also to die for. The Grand Dining Room has a 5-star restaurant standard that offers delicious cuisines and culinary treats from all over the world.  The Tuscana restaurant likewise provide food delicacies with Tuscanian origin authentic family recipes, vintage wines and the finest taste of Italy. For the guests who have the appetite for ultimate steakhouse, the Polo Grill is also available for their distinct taste in food.

For the best leisure aboard, entertainment such as classical concerts, comedy shows, nightclub live music and a casino with surely make the whole experience aboard the Nautica a complete and satisfying memory of the best vacation ever!

The Cruise Destinations

Short-time routes of about 3 nights aboard the cruise ships to the long 30 day trips are in store for traveler such as you!

  • Walvis Bay

 Walvis Bay from Ángel Hernansáez

Walvis Bay from Ángel Hernansáez

Walvis Bay is a well-known destination for cruise trips due to its profound water harbour. This place was named after its occurrences of whales that are engrossed to the area annually. Its surroundings are abundant with nature including large numbers of bird species visible around its shores and lagoons.

The things that you need to prepare for to avail of this cruise are the following:

– A valid passport to across South African immigration on departure and Nambian immigration upon arrival at Walvis Bay. Luckily, a Visa to enter Nambia is not necessary.

-Make sure that your money is converted to  South African Rands (ZAR).

Since there are abundant amounts of time to establish the requirements, you may enjoy the rest of the day exploring the place prior to your return to the ship.

Embarkation and check-in happens at Duncan Dock E Berth in the port of Cape Town. Tickets and passports will be checked along with the issuance of cruise cards, all in less than one hour. During which, passengers may enjoy the accommodations and activities of the cruise ship including a magnificent view of Cape Town’s harbour. Before the cruise ship sails, passengers are informed about emergency precautions.

The cruise’s route is from Cape Town to Walvis Bay to Luderitz and sailing through the Atlantic Ocean on its way back to Cape Town.

 Flamingos chirp chirp from pollenoid

Flamingos chirp chirp from pollenoid

A tranquil tour to the famous lagoon area in Walvis Bay will probably be the highlight of the trip. There, you can see the wildlife activities of birds such as the flamingos roaming around their habitat and enjoy the blend of this creature’s beauty with the scenery. If you wish to have your shopping activities, the Walvis Bay Waterfront caters to a number of boutiques and restaurants. Dune 7 is also a popular tourist spot where you can indulge into the scenes of Namib desert’s sand dunes. You may enjoy quad biking around the desert as one of the cruise ship’s planned tour. Likewise, you can avail of tours to the town of Swakopmund where majestic architectural designs of German nature is abundant.

 Luderitz from Routard05

Luderitz from Routard05

Upon arrival at the Luderitz, you may enjoy the view of German-inspired infrastructures surrounding its harbour. Among these attractions are the Goerke-Haus which was formerly a magistrate’s residence and The Lutheran Church Felsenkirche which has a gawking design of stained glass windows located on the hill above the bay. Other beautiful scenery in the area include the replica of the cross  visible at Dias Point and a one-of-a-kind view of a lagoon composed of a wide array of aquatic birds, seals and dolphins that can be seen playing in the water. Lastly, a unique view of a jackal walking briskly by the beach, springboks close to the shore or a occasional brown Hayena will surely make the trip worthwhile.

Finally, the majestic view of the serene Atlantic Ocean as you sail back to Cape Town is the last yet relaxing experience that you will enjoy as the trip comes to an end.

The cost per person of availing a package  aboard MSC Opera (the only available one for the January 2015 cruise season) ranges from 326 USD to 535 USD, depending on the accommodations and number of days you wish to travel that you select.

Click here to book for this cruise aboard the MSC Opera.

  •  Durban

 Port Elizabeth from exfordy

Port Elizabeth from exfordy

On your way to Durban, you will come across the Port Elizabeth situated at Algoa Bay, South Africa. Port Elizabeth is known as both  “The Friendly City” and “The Windy City”.  It has beautiful wildlife areas all over the city, magnificent city sights, colonial architecture, serene beaches with a subtropical climate that is sure to enhance the tropical experience.

 durban from J. McPherskesen

durban from J. McPherskesen

Next stop of the cruise is Durban. With its magnificent beaches, the cruise trip will surely be one you wouldn’t want to miss.

North Beach is the most famous ideal tourist attraction of Durban. Known for its best surf destination, the ultimate traveler can enjoy paddle skiing, skateboarding, swimming, sun bathing and surfing in its waters. It’s protected by a series of shark nets and lifesavers. It also is home to magnificent restaurants for you to satisfy your dining experience.

Rates aboard the MSC Cruise Opera ranges from 219 USD to 429 USD per head for a 3-night cruise depending upon which quarters you would like to stay at.

Click here to book for this cruise aboard the MSC Opera.

  • Mosssel Bay

 Mossel Bay from Joke van Niekerk

Mossel Bay from Joke van Niekerk

Mossel Bay is home to 60 kilometers of beaches with the best beach weather throughout the year. The abundance of the Indian Ocean, Outniqua Mountains and Cape Fynbos will enthrall your senses. WIth a rich culture, this town will entertain you with its cultural treasures such as the 21st century architecture.

It is located precisely halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth which is covered route of the cruise. This cruise destination will satisfy your search for a relaxing ambiance with a distinct taste on natural tourist attractions.

The rates of spending quality time in this destination aboard the MSC Opera ranges from 219 USD to 429 USD depending upon the service that you wish to avail of.  The cruise schedules for this trip are on January 16- January 19, 2015, February 6-9, 2015 and February 27-March 2,2015.

Click here to book for this cruise aboard the MSC Opera.

  • Phuket

 Freedom beach from BlueEyeTea

Freedom beach from BlueEyeTea

The Oceania Nautica is the cruise ship destined to come across Phuket, Thailand. Departing from Cape Town on a 30-day cruise with the Nautica will lead you through a series of destinations. Phuket is simply one of the best among it all.

It caters to a wide array of natural and pre-natural attractions  ranging from land to water activities all within a short distance from each other.

 the surfer from Roberto Trm

the surfer from Roberto Trm

It’s best known for its beaches such as the Freedom Beach with white sand shores and granite rocks surrounded by tropical hills and a lavish forest nearby and the Kalim Beach with untouched Thai touches and best surfing locations where some worldwide surfing events are held.

The cruise trip with Nautica is bound for departure on January 6, 2015 from Cape Town towards a few more destinations and arrives at Phuket on February 1, 2015. The rate for this cruise is a bit pricey ranging from 8699 USD to 14699 USD per person. However, with these numbers, the cruise experience will surely be worth it as you are to be brought to magnificent places such as this and other worldwide tourist destinations such as Richards Bay and East London. The money spent on this cruise will surely be worth it garnering you an unforgettable memory, one that may be the best you’ll ever have in your life, as you get to experience it with the best cruise ship, the outstanding beauty of the destinations and the  month of unforgettable relaxation.

Click here to book for this cruise aboard the Oceania Nautica.

Truly, a trip on a cruise is the best option in having the once-in-a-lifetime vacation trip. It makes you learn new things about different places, meet new and different types of people, enjoy the tons of available activities that every cruise ship offers, relax and unwind in an unusual way and best of all, there is no doubt that you will ever regret going on trips as elegant yet recreational as this.

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