Surfers Paradise: Every Surfer’s Dream Destination

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 Surfers Paradise from Erik K Veland

Surfers Paradise from Erik K Veland

Gold Coast in Australia is home to the city’s most visited surfing areas in the world. It covers about seventy kilometers of magnificent beaches and has perfect point breaks. This tantalizing tourist destination is called the Surfers Paradise. This place has the world’s most consistent waves and is likewise the spot where numerous international surfing competitions are held.

All in all, this area hold about thirty-five beaches that are secured with professional lifeguards that attend to visitors at all levels of surfing expertise. If you’re just the adventurous type yearning to learn how to surf, this is probably the best area to get some education on the sport.

 Narrow Neck #2 from [ ohfour ]

Narrow Neck #2 from [ ohfour ]

When visiting here, the beaches of Narrowneck, Main Beach, The Spit, Mermaid Beach and Palm Beach would generally give you the satisfaction of getting beautiful waves to accompany your surfing experience. It would be so heavenly as you surf the active waters along with the breathtaking sunset that’s sure to take your breath away.

South of Mermaid Beach and Miami is where you can go surfing or body boarding with the huge waves erupting from Burleigh Heads. If you’ll get tired of the activity, you can just sit back and relax at the sandy shores of old Norfolk Island Pines which is where most families would go to spend some bonding time.

Nowadays, the Superbank is where you would find the longest waves, even those that have been reportedly reaching up to about two kilometers from Snapper Rocks to Kirra. Now, isn’t that long or what? You will surely get your fill on your surfing enthusiasm!

 Snapper Rocks Surfing 0602 from Michael Dawes

Snapper Rocks Surfing 0602 from Michael Dawes

Now let’s dwell more on Snapper Rocks for a bit. This is the area found within the southernmost part of Gold Coast where Australian coastline swings would widen towards the east and where the tweed River would swerve its sandy white stretches to Queensland.

This area has been recently enhanced by river dredging coming from a mile south, past the Tweed River. Because of which, the rich sands in the bay has never been richer especially in the Greenmount section.

A well-known ritual is practiced by surfers in the area where they would wave off the outside Snapper takeoff and would go with the connecting waves towards Coolangatta Beach. You can then stroll your way a mile from the beach and trail back to Snapper’s jump-off zone located inside the rock line. This playful exercise has been incomparable to any parts of surfing areas in the world. Evidence of which are the very fit and master paddlers that are the Snapper surfers.

During the best days of the area, it could accommodate about a thousand surfers enjoying the waves. The lineup could get broad and immense and all would be paddling their way for good old waves perfect for take-off.

 Duranbah_17052009 544DPP from Michael Dawes

Duranbah_17052009 544DPP from Michael Dawes

By the corner of Snapper, there lies the super-bench break of Duranbah. Here, you will find consistent waves as well that depend upon break walls separating it from the mouth of the tweed River. This is likewise the favorite surfing spots of famous surfers such as Fanning, Parko, Morrison and all the other well-known Snapper suffers.

Hilton Surfers Paradise 1

For your accommodation choices at the Gold Coast, the best one to stay at is the Hilton Surfers Paradise. It has luxury apartments that gives guests a magnificent view of the neighborhood, the ocean and the city. This is a high-end 5-star facility that will make every tourist feel like royalty as you succumb to the beauties of the area.

The Hilton has establishments such as a fitness center, an indoor pool and a poolside snack bar for you to relax at. Their staff will serve you twenty-four hours a day and will likewise help you book for tickets and tours within the vicinity.

Their apartments are equipped with an iPod docking station, huge windows and a full kitchen where you can just feel at home and cook your own meals. It also has its very own dining area, a refrigeration and a pillow menu.

Visitors can have the luxury of choosing their own dining pleasures such as having a continental breakfast each morning during their stay or be satisfied with a full stomach if you should prefer to indulge yourself in the buffet. They also offer drinks by the hotel’s bar. There are also a wide array of dining choices located just outside the hotel.

Hilton Surfers Paradise 2

The hotel is conveniently located at a perfect spot for sightseeing having a clear view on Circle on Cavill, Chevron Renaissance, Towers of Chevron Renaissance, Q1 Building and Soul Building among the beautiful picturesque views that you will get to enjoy as you stay at this magnificent hotel.


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