The Top 6 Reasons Why Table Bay Hotel is the Best Place to Stay in Cape Town

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Quay 6, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront , Waterfront, 8002 Cape Town

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The Table Bay Hotel is a 5-Star Hotel located at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa. Its guests are in for a treat from the most luxurious service the town has to offer. This 5-Star hotel is definitely the place to be for the fancy, elegant and pleasure-seeking VIPs who wish to indulge in the beauty that is Cape Town.

This luxury hotel opened its doors to the public on the year 1997 by the world-renowned icon of modern history, Nelson Mandela. It was established not only to excel in international service, cookery and grandeur, but also to stand as tribute to the town’s world-famous bay.

Why Table Bay Hotel Is Ranked As One Of The Most Luxurious Hotels in the World

Below are the top 6 reasons why you should stay at the Table Bay Hotel and experience the trip of a lifetime.

6.) The view

Table Bay Hotel with Breakwater Wall in from DanieVDM

Cape Town is internationally known for its unique and outstanding tourist spots. Among these tourist attractions are the serene view of the majestic Atlantic Ocean and the Table Mountain mountainside wrapped in fragrant pine trees. These are the exceptionally beautiful views that you’ll get to enjoy when you stay at the Table Bay Hotel. Right from your room and without having to go outside just to seek a recreational taste of what Cape Town has to offer, all of these and more and available for your viewing pleasure.

5.) 329 fully air-conditioned rooms to choose from

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From the affordable rates yet world class standard accommodations of 298.37 USD per night at the stylish luxury twin, luxury king and paraplegic rooms to the extravagant comforts of a 2124.50 USD per night stay at this 5-star hotel, every person is sure to have the best time of their lives.

4.) Sufficient conference venues

If your goal is to hold an annual cocktail party for your office mates or host a conference, this hotel caters to your every need. There are available function rooms for every designated event you wish to uphold in the premises. The said conference rooms can cater up to 300 participants. With its classy ambiance, you and the people who are to attend such functions are sure to enjoy their experience in the Table Bay Hotel.

3.) The restaurants

Chefs Table Event :: The Table Bay Hotel from Sun International South Africa

If you’re up for a warm and refreshing breakfast, The Atlantic restaurant is the best in Cape Town. Along with its magnificent views of the Table Mountain and the inner harbour, the breakfast experience will surely be the best way to start your day.

If you wish to enjoy a cocktail or two with your friends or business confidants, The Union Bar is also accessible for your dining pleasure. This place is the perfect venue to relax and unwind while staying at the beautiful Table Bay Hotel.

For the best dinner dining pleasure, Camissa is the place for you. Offering not only a private dinner array but also that of a secluded wine tasting room, this would be the suitable place to indulge for your day-end dining experience.

2.) The Events

The Table Bay serves traditional South African cuisines in their new winter high tea menu which shall magnify your Cape Town experience with a taste of the local delicacies. Ranging from pastries to chocolates to tarts and quiches, the desserts served are definitely to die for!

1.) The Service

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What better way to enjoy a trip to a 5-star hotel than to feel like royalty. Take it from a recent guest in the hotel who published his reviews describing his unforgettable experience:

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Table Bay Hotel most definitely is the perfect fit for any lavish traveler, businessman, couples celebrating their honeymoon, VIPs, well renowned people in the world or just about any individual who wants to experience the best accommodations that Cape Town has to offer. This hotel has proven itself internationally as one of the best 5-star hotels yet. With its remarkable location, heart-warming service, luxuriously designed rooms and functions, intimate seating ambiance, one of a kind activities and complex ways of wowing each guest, one will never get to see Cape Town as less than perfect.

For bookings and reservations to the Table Bay Hotel, click here.


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