A Cat Lover’s Dream Destination: The Cat Museum of Kuching

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 Kuching 15 - Cat museum from Ben Beiske

Kuching 15 – Cat museum from Ben Beiske

Do you adore your feline pets? Do you love to travel with them around the world? I’m guessing you have at least one in your family. Treat your pet and yourself by visiting the world’s largest collection of everything cats, the Cat Museum of Kuching. In Malaysia, cats have been believed to bring good luck in people’s homes and is also the country’s most treasured pet. Ideally, a museum catering to Malaysia’s favored animal was built in 1988 at Kuching, the Cat City in Sarawak, Malaysia. Here, you can find over four thousand feline ensembles from all over the world across thousands of years in rich history.

 Got Hello Kitty and Garfield... But No T from YeeJen

Got Hello Kitty and Garfield… But No T from YeeJen

Once you enter the establishment, you will notice right away that this place is truly dedicated to cats. From the huge cat face at the entrance part of the building to informative posters, magnificent cat paintings, funny cartoon strips, tattoo designs and pictures of famous people with felines as pets, you and your pet will surely get a kick out of this place. You will likewise see a spacious wall filled with mounted cards portraying a variety of cats like the cute and furry ones to the craziest and fiercest. Not only that. You will also see different displays of antique collectible of world-renowned cats such as Hello Kitty, Garfield, exhibits of sets of jewelry, stamps, key chains and many more.

 Kuching 17 - Cat museum from Ben Beiske

Kuching 17 – Cat museum from Ben Beiske

This establishment houses almost everything about cats, from antiques to famous items, but it likewise serves as a center for exploration and research and provide a wide information about feline species and their different roles in man’s history starting from ancient times, to medieval period, all the way until today. One little example of these items in the museum is its most valued artifact, an authentic mummified Egyptian cat way back 3500 BC.

 Kuching 16 - Cat museum from Ben Beiske

Kuching 16 – Cat museum from Ben Beiske

The museum is also composed of preserved cat cadavers rarest among them all like the Felis Badia which is a feline specie found in the jungles of Borneo. Apart from cadavers and artifacts, there are also sculptures and figurines of cats from different sizes and from different countries. Each of which would have a description of  the cat’s contribution in each society that they have been associated with.

 Preserved Kitteh... from lism.

Preserved Kitteh… from lism.

As a cat lover, some useful information are also provided for every visitor that comes here. They would offer valuable tips on what to do and what not to in taking care of your house pets catering to different types of feline breeds. From understanding your beloved pet’s behaviors, morbid forecast of cat’s death, the creature’s anatomical parts, its meals, even on how cats are being used in modeling music and media entertainments. You will surely love this place as it will cater to what every dedicated cat owner would enjoy knowing. You will be so surprised that there is actually a lot more to your very own best friend.

 Undomesticated Cat from Daniela Synner

Undomesticated Cat from Daniela Synner

This magnificent establishment of cat wonders may be found in Kuching North City Hall  Headquarters Building just about sixty meters above sea level giving every traveler a bonus treat for getting a wonderful view of the Cat City.

 Kuching Cats from Rolling Okie

Kuching Cats from Rolling Okie

In coming here, it is best that you ride a bus from Petra Jaya Transport No.2B or 2C anywhere within the city. You may visit every day from nine in the morning until five in the evening except on Mondays.  The best part is,  the museum’s entrance does not require you to pay! Isn’t that the best yet? However, if you wish to take pictures of the cat collections, there may be an additional  fee that will depend on what gadget you are going to use in taking those pictures.

When the tour comes to an end, do not forget to visit the souvenir shop in the museum for something purrrfect to take a piece of Cat City home with you and your cute little feline pet.

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