7 Of The Best Beaches In Lanzarote

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Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen from mariomenti

Tias, which is part of the islands municipalities (seven in total) is where the island’s main holiday resort, the Puerto Del Carmen is located. This area also boasts a series of beautiful beaches on a 6km stretch to the south of the coastline. These beaches are separated by short rocky patches. Here, we are going to look at seven top beaches that will be found on this part of the beautiful island. The great thing about Puerto del Carmen is that it has seven beaches; and out of these three are man-mad, making them family friendly and safe.

Playa Grande

The first beach we are going to look at is the Playa Grande. The Playa Grande is the most central beach of all beaches here and is home to some of the best bars and restaurants in Puerto del Carmen. These amenities run along the whole 1000 meter long by 100 meter wide beach.

Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen

Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen from palestrina55

At the same time, the mild water conditions in this area make it the best part of the island for windsurfers. As one of the more popular beaches in Puerto del Carmen, Playa Grande comes complete with lifeguards, washrooms, changing areas, showers, rental beds, boats and other water sport gear. Parking in this active area of the island is quite limited; it is therefore advised that you take a guaguas (autobus) to move around.


Barilla is another beach found in Puerto Del Carmen. It is 22 meters wide and 90 meters long and consists of some of the best golden beaches in the area. The great thing about Barilla is that there are active lifeguards, an on-site first aid center, features a scuba diving center, plenty of parking and is even accessible by the guaguas.


Fariones is the third beach in a small cove found in Puerto Del Carmen by the same name. The beach which measures 60 meters by 5 meters consists of calm waters and a fine toast of sand. The great thing about Fariones is that it is easily accessible by guaguas

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Playa de Los Pocillos

The fourth Puerto Del Carmen beach is Playa de Los Pocillos. Playa de Los Pocillos is located in the more exclusive end of the Puerto Del Carmen. This exclusive beach boasts fine golden beaches and a part of the beach is home to a holiday resort by the same name. More than 1,000 meters long and about 150 meters wide this is one of the quieter beaches in the area. Once the high tide sets in, it leaves pools of water on the flat surfaces making it a great location for a fun and exclusive time.

Playa de Los Pocillos, Puerto del Carmen

Playa de Los Pocillos, Puerto del Carmen from palestrina55


There are several restaurants and bars in this area that provide all the needed entertainment. The beach also presents itself as a great windsurfing area once the winds pick up; however, Playa de Los Pocillos is known for its fairly calm waters. The beach boasts rental beds, signage, a commercial zone, boardwalk, litterbins, great parking facilities and has good handicap access not forgetting that it is still accessible by guaguas.

Playa de Matagorda

Playa de Matagorda from grzegorzmielczarek

Playa de Matagorda

The fifth Puerto Del Carmen beach is the Playa de Matagorda, a windy beach about 850 meters long and 40 meters wide and boasts a development going by the same name. Playa de Matagorda has fine golden beaches and fairly calm water making it a popular windsurfing resort especially for the novice and learner windsurfers. Playa de Matagorda is also in close proximity to the local airport; as such, noise from landing and taking off planes can be quite a nuisance. However, this beach is not as crowded as most of the other beaches in Puerto Del Carmen. You can easily find beds and parasols for rent, plus there is a variety of water sports that you could engage in. Playa de Matagorda is easily accessible by guaguas.


The sixth beach is Lima, a 900 meter long by 50 meter wide stretch of oceanfront that has a fine mix of small lava stones and golden sand. Lima has a relatively windy beach but calm waters making it an ideal place for learner windsurfers. This beach is situated alongside Matagorda and is easily accessible by guaguas.

Pena Grande

The seventh beach in Puerto Del Carmen is Peña Grande; a small cove that measures about 40 meters long by 5 meters wide that consists of fine white sand. Despite its size, Peña Grande is still a windy beach with relatively calm waters and has all the essential services like showers, lifeguard services, restaurants, bars, phone services, parking amenities and is easily accessible by Puerto Del Carmen’s guaguas.

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