Dine At Chicago’s Best Restaurant: The Carnivale

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 Carnivale Restaurant from Atelier Teee

Carnivale Restaurant from Atelier Teee

Carnivale is a newly established restaurant that has automatically captured the taste and preference of both Chicago locals and tourists alike. It does not only provide quality food with unique characteristics, it’s also beautifully designed to make every guest feel extra-special and entertained.

Its lively, energetic, exuberant and distinct designs can never be matched up to any one restaurant that Chicago can compare to. Their dishes are of Latin origins specially prepared by their Chef Rodolfo Cuadros. While you’re enjoying your drink having tons of choices of such to choose from, you would most definitely feel like you were in a roller-coaster ride adventure!

 Carnivale - Bacon Wrapped Dates - Baconf from opacity

Carnivale – Bacon Wrapped Dates – Baconf from opacity

The Chef in the restaurant is named as Rodulfo Cuadros. He is a degree holder of Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales University, the most prestigious of its kind. His passion for Latin food that’s been influenced by countries from different parts of the globe will be best tasted as you take a bite at his marvelous creations.

Brunch will be served with the choices of starters like bacon wrapped dates, smoked salmon flatbread, meatball, ropa vieja, Ecuadorian shrimp ceviche, calamari and guacamole. Their salads composes of cobb and classic ceasars. Their breakfast items of ricotta pancakes, key lime French toast, omelette, hueveros rancheros, arnitas chilaquiles, chi-town, Spain’s benedict, tripleta burrito, churro style waffle, chicken n’ waffles, skirt n’ eggs, prime burger, fried egg sandwich and Scotch egg. Their sides would compose of house tater tots, homemade candied bacon, homemade pork sausage, Greek yougurt with house made granola, shaved Brussel sprouts, sourdough or multigrain bread, fresh bagel and English muffin. Their dessert delights are chocolate lava mousse cake, Carnivale ice cream cake, organic cotton candy, tres leches, berry brazo Gitano, banana cream pie and key lime.


For the tastey bunch, Carnivale would also be pleased to offer you with distinctive tastes and flavors of its cocktails, rum or cachaça that would best compliment your food choices.
The cocktails served here composes of the cotton candy cocktail which is the best seller of the house, margaritas, caiprinihas and absolutely satisfying mojitos. The rum selection composes of purely refined 17th century bottles that are just to die for. Sugarcane or molasses have been used in the fermentation of these distilled and aged drinks making it absolutely suave for the tastebuds.
The cachaça, that’s also a trademark of the Carnivale, is frequently compared to that of a rum because it shares the same characteristic of such drink that’s also fermented with the use of sugarcane juice. However, you would most definitely want to try one of these because it would be so much more interesting than the average rum as it is most known as the favorite drink of Brazilians. It is also used in Caiprinhas most of the time.

 fellin-riley1211 from Ryan D Riley

fellin-riley1211 from Ryan D Riley


The Carnivale not only offer guests with appetizing plates but also is the perfect venue for every person’s special event. Be it a wedding, a Christening or a business meeting, everything is perfect here at the Carnivale Chicago. Every event room that they have is distinctly designed from one another as each of which would absolutely capture your interest and make you gaze in wonder.

It would be perfect for you and your friends, your family members or your special someone to dine at the Carnivale during lunch and dinner. You and your companions would most definitely love the genius touch that the chef has cooked to perfection.


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