Singapore: A Budget Shoppaholic’s Version of Heaven on Earth

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 Raffles Place, Singapore from Christopher Chan

Raffles Place, Singapore from Christopher Chan

The country of Singapore is a beauty on its own. It is packed with numerous tourist destination spots and is likewise a third world country. Needless to say that its metropolis is fully equipped with high technology necessities, disciplined people and clean streets.

But this article is not just going to cover the many splendored things that Singapore is to tourists… except for one focus in particular. This article will introduce you to the very core of every shopaholic’s existence: WHERE TO SHOP THE CHEAPEST WAY!

Singapore has been named as the “Shopping Capital”, garnering tons of tourists visiting here just for the same purpose of shopping ’til you drop! Of course, who would not prefer to go shopping and getting to spend lesser than you’re expecting to in an expensive city, right? Well, to help you utilize your money without having to disregard the quality of such things, this article will guide you where to pour your energetic passion for style!


 HDR of *SCAPE Singapore and Surrounding from Quikwhitefox86

HDR of *SCAPE Singapore and Surrounding from Quikwhitefox86

Here at the Scape are tons of blog shops selling clothes at cheaper prices, even cheaper than the ones online! Stuff like rings, necklaces, and other unique accessories are also catered here that you’ll never find anywhere else.

The building’s topmost parts, as mentioned, are composed of blog shops. But, its’ underground part is another level on its own. There are tons and tons of cheaper variety stores to choose from.

Women have labeled their favorite find here which is the make-up items costing only about three dollars tops! Now, ain’t that a bargain?


 Yue Hwa from chooyutshing

Yue Hwa from chooyutshing

Ths six storey building will give you the feel of Chinese traditional atmosphere which makes it the perfect place to shop for Chinese products.

It is one of the tallest buildings in the  Singapore which is located at the corner of the junction of Eu Tong Sen Street and Upper Cross Street.

Yue Hwa is definitely a “one-stop-shop” for authentic Chinese tems from tea, silks, handicrafts, cheongsams, Chinese herbs and medicines, household items and antiques.

The first level of the building sells products from herbs, patent medicine, tonic, garments and gifts. The second level comprises of shops selling men’s fashion, children’s fashion, winter wear, undergarments, beddings, embroideries, luggages and shoes. The third level would be where you can buy Chinese food and tea. The fourth is where Chinese handicrafts, antiques, porcelain and Chinese stationary are located. The fifth with furniture and events hall while the sixth is the level for offices.

The store is open from Sundays to Fridays at eleven in the morning until nine in the evening but extends at ten in the evening during Saturdays.



 Mustafa Center Singapore from Nate Robert

Mustafa Center Singapore from Nate Robert

The Mustafa Centre is one of Singapore’s all day open stores. Its business runs from day to night, making it a favorite shopping destination for tourists. It houses thousands of items that are all diversified from one another.

Here, you can find the Alphonso Mangoes which can be sold distinctively here and is known also as the king of mangoes in the world.

If you were planning on shopping from two to four at dawn, you may be lucky enough to see Bollywood celebrities.

The first level sells a variety of watches with cheap price tags, medical equipment, medicine items, mobile phones, mobile accessories, gadgets, perfumes, toiletries, cosmetics and many more. The second level provides stuff like Indian food selections, lentils, spices and household equipment. The third floor comprises of new house things like cutlery, kitchenware, curtains, blankets, bed sheets, bedroom accessories and women’s clothes.

The basement level contains sports wear, men’s clothes, women’s clothes, computer parts, shoes, accessories and electronics. The connecting levels of the building have shops that offer jewellery, has a wet market and Indian fruits, vegetables and sweets.

The prices for all these items are all reasonable and very affordable.


[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”the editor’s market, singapore“]

Among all the shopping centers, The Editor’s Market is the most fashion forward option for all. The theme is similar to that of the City Plaza where the more items that you purchase, the cheaper it gets! The prices of the items would range from twenty dollars to fifty dollars.

It’s nearly impossible to not find what you’re looking for in here. From American Apparel and UNIF stock brands, every shopaholic would feel like she’s going to have the best of everything from anywhere around the globe!


 Belief in Flight from pupuren

Belief in Flight from pupuren

The Anchorpoint is the first mall in Singapore to showcase groups of outlet stores. Here, brands like Cotton on, Billabong, G2000 and Charles and Keith are some of the top grossing items available here. Some products are even sold with a twenty to seventy percent off the original price!

When you come here, the idea of getting the most out of your money through quality products will be sufficed. Some of which only costs about one dollar! Generally, though, prices are at a price range of five dollars to thirty dollars.


 City Plaza from chooyutshing

City Plaza from chooyutshing

This one of a kind shopping destination is a must-visit for business people who would love to buy wholesale products to bring back home. The blog shops accept deals that every customer would offer to go higher at a price or lower.

The best way to shop here is to bring your girlfriends or travel in groups that you may purchase as much as you can and have fun with bargaining for prices with the bunch.

What makes this destination a lovable place is that, whenever you buy stuff here, you will only be charged for as low as five dollars a piece to twenty dollars! Ain’t that cheap or what?


 Far East Plaza, Singapore from Public domain: Use these pix for any purpose

Far East Plaza, Singapore from Public domain: Use these pix for any purpose

The Far East Plaza is mostly visited by the young folks locally. It is where these teens would prey on cheaper shops to accommodate their tight budget. Since the building is composed of six floors, anything from shoes, bags, accessories and anything that your body can wear is available for grabs here. You might even have problems visiting every shop in the building because there’s so many!

Here in the Far East Plaza, there also lies a spa center and a parlor. People have been saying that manicures are so lowly priced at three dollars a session which makes it even more appealing to any shopaholic out there. Imagine. Shopping your hearts out then relaxing at the spa and getting your nails done after cruising through numerous shops! Which shopaholic would not want to go straight down to Singapore now, huh?

The price ranges of products in this establishment is from a low, low price of three dollars a piece up to twenty dollars at most.


 P1050433 from Ronald HN Tan

P1050433 from Ronald HN Tan

The Lucky Plaza would be the luckiest place for a shopaholic to be at a trip to Singapore. Curious? How about learning that every item sold here would only cost you from two dollars up to fifteen dollars only? Not to mention, quality products that you’d never thought could be that affordable!

Here, you could find really affordable jewellery! Also, there are bargains such as buying three items of headbands for only ten dollars, watches, accessories and to-die-for clothes that are oh so budget friendly!

This establishment is located at the heart of Orchard Road which makes it easily accessible and has a wide space for shopping, too!

The fourth floor caters to the Speed Fashion store where the tops are sold at a low price of two dollars each! I’ll let you in on a secret, though. You can still bargain that two dollars if you just know how to sales talk you way to the attendant! *wink*


 Bugis Street - Singapore from jenster181

Bugis Street – Singapore from jenster181

Want to shop at places where you won’t feel too trapped within concrete walls and tall buildings? Stroll on down to the biggest street shopping destination in Singapore: Bugis Street!

Because of its huge shopping space, one can actually get lost in shopping heaven as you are surrounded by tons of shops to choose from. These various stores would sell clothes both for male and females, trendy to antique designs, vulgar to classy styles, absolutely everything under then sun is found in this area.

Similar to that of Lucky Plaza, Bugis Street products are also sold at a very low price starting from five dollars up to fifteen dollars a piece only. Take out your currencies and spend as much as you can where you’ll get as many as you wouldn’t anywhere else and shop at Bugis Street.


 Singapore Thieves Market at Sungei Road from Stephen Barnett

Singapore Thieves Market at Sungei Road from Stephen Barnett

If you’re totally aiming for total thriftness to the highest level and get to buy as many as you can with a very limited budget, then Sungei Road at the Thieve’s Market is the perfect shopping destination spot for you!

Now don’t be too intimidated by the area’s name. It’s not that thieves are all over the place! It’s just that, during the early times, thieves would actually come here and sell their stolen items to the public. However, nowadays, don’t be too worried because none of the same activity is still ongoing in this area.

From collectible items that you will never ever buy at a store nowadays could be found in this area. From old coke bottles, old film cameras and other antique stuff can be located here. Try finding one online! I’m sure none of its kind are still being sold which would mean, you’re in for a treasure hunt!

As bonus, since you’re expecting a very cheap price in going to places like this, you are definitely not wrong, my friend! You can buy stuff here for as low as one dollar! The most expensive would be at ten dollars! That’s even cheaper than the cheapest item you could buy at some malls, right? Talk about maxing out your credit card! You can just come here with your change and get as much as your card can inside malls. Amazing, isn’t it?


 Pop-Up Flea Market #1 from chooyutshing

Pop-Up Flea Market #1 from chooyutshing

Flea Markets! Yes! Now this is definitely going to be a joyride for budget shopaholics out there! This place is packed with young adults doing their garage sales of old clothes for extra income. Since young adults are the main sellers here, then it is safe to say that the products sold are definitely in style and trendy. They might be priced higher than the ones in thrift shops but would you love you purchase something that’s a little acceptable nowadays right?

The products sold here are either hand-made, brand new or pre-loved, depending on who’s selling which.If you’re lucky, you might even come across branded designs from Zara or Topshop sold at very low prices than that in the shopping mall stores! Then again, if you’re lucky.

The items sold here are usually ranged at prices from five dollars up to twenty dollars each. The Zouk Flea and Easy are open every three months during Sundays from two in the afternoon until seven while the Flea Party at Lucky Plaza is open during weekends from noon through eight in the evening.


 One mans junk - or two from Miikka Skaffari

One mans junk – or two from Miikka Skaffari

Since Singapore has been known to be a pricey country because of its developed economy, one wouldn’t expect to be able to be thrift while shopping.  But after reading the preliminaries of this article, surely, you’ve changed your mind about shopping thrift now, have you?

We’re not done yet though. The last shopping destination here in Singapore is the Thrift Stores. Shopping here could be challenging as you will have to be patient in finding the thing that you’d want to buy, sometimes, you’d stumble through stuff you didn’t think you’d even want to purchase until you see it! There are tons of stuff that are being sold here from clothes to accessories to house supplies, you name it! They’ve got it. But, you’re going to have to swerve through the piles to find the one thing that’s perfect for you.

Does that sound exhausting? Trust me, it wouldn’t be that bad since you’re going to pay for it at a very, very low price! Since most of these things are pre-loved, you’d get it for half of its original price. Needless to say, the cheapness overload in this place could range for a whopping low price of one dollar to ten dollars a piece.

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