Explore The Astonishing Krakow Salt Mines

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 Wieliczka Salt Mine, Krakow, Poland from Magic Ketchup

Wieliczka Salt Mine, Krakow, Poland from Magic Ketchup

Who would have ever guessed that a mine could become an astonishing tourist attraction? That’s right! The Krakow Salt Mines are not only for mining purposes but is also  now recognized as a must-see tourist attraction. This area has rooms carved out of salt, even the decorations!

The mines at Wieliczka have been salt mines for hundreds of years. Nowadays, it has been developed into a tourist destination because those amazing sculptures found in the mines are so magnificently crafted by the miners that it gained the popularity of being a must-see tourist spot.

This magnificent place is located in Wieliczka which is just about six miles from Krakow, Poland. The Salt Mine has an area temperature of fourteen degrees so it is bound to get cold once your inside. To prevent getting to jittery, it is recommended that you wear something warm with matching comfortable shoes for you would also be doing a lot of walking… about two kilometers of tunnels between galleries and exhibits to be exact.

 Wieliczka Salt Mine - Krakow from Nick Moulds

Wieliczka Salt Mine – Krakow from Nick Moulds

There are also tons of flights of stairs that you will have to pass through while touring this magnificent place… about three hundred eighty of them! The tours would usually start from sixty-four meters below ground level and going down by passing through seven hundred stairs in total before reaching the one hundred and thirty-five meters to the bottom most part of the mine. Fret not about the stairs. You might worry about getting exhausted on your way back up but there is an available “miners elevator” to carry you to the top. Eventually, even the ride itself would thrill you!

 Wieliczka Salt Mine, Krakow, Poland from Magic Ketchup

Wieliczka Salt Mine, Krakow, Poland from Magic Ketchup

It’s best recommended that you tour this Krakow Salt Mine with an accompanying tour guide as you might get lost on your way down. There would be no need to make reservations for people who wish to take the tours here since they are readily available upon arrival. However, for the disabled visitors, the reservations would need to be arranged beforehand as you will be riding the elevators on the way down and back up and might be toured a little faster than the typical visitors.

The basic tour here would usually last for about two hours, depending on which parts of the mine you wish to pass by. When you’re planning on exploring the Museum within the mine, you should probably extend your tour for about an hour to get a full taste of what it has to offer. Taking pictures within the mine would cost you a bit because they would charge you for photography fee.

Along the way, the tour guides will do rest stops for the visitors to catch their breath while hiking up and down the mines and for you to take bathroom trips. Underground, there are also shops that are open for visitors to buy souvenirs and a restaurant by the end of the Tourist Route. Now when have you even dined underground?

 Wieliczka Rynek, Train Station from szczepan.lemanczyk

Wieliczka Rynek, Train Station from szczepan.lemanczyk

If one wishes to book a tour to the Krakow Salt Mines, the neighboring hotels in the area could provide one for you. The transportation to the mine is quite manageable and you may also just sign up for a tour directly at the mine’s ticket booth.

The mine’s website is provided with a foreign language tour throughout the day so that visitors could plan ahead on when to book the tour specifically suitable for their chosen language. Ticket rates for the tours would include the fees associated with choosing the ones that fit your language preferences.

In going to the salt mine, it is  preferable that one takes the train from Krakow to  Wieliczka. However, if you wish to  travel by road by bus at the Main Railroad Station or Main Post Office, you can also do so since it only costs about the same as taking the train.

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