8 Reasons Why Menorca Should Be Your Next Island Vacation Paradise

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Menorca is one of the four islands in the Spanish Balearic Archipelago. Which is situated in the western part of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s the largest island of the four, and popular for its unspoiled beaches.

Menorca was declared as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for its rich flora and fauna, the historical landmarks, and scenic landscape. Menorca is undoubtedly a true beach getaway perfect for all.

There are more than 90 beaches in Menorca. With clean white sands and bright turquoise waters, it’s the ideal vacation. You can enjoy outdoor activities like snorkeling, kayaking, swimming or just relaxing by the beach.

Menorca can be reached from Barcelona to Mahon, the capital city of Menorca. A journey via ferry will take about 7 hours and 30 minutes. Mahon airport is where all the airlines arrive, and it’s located on the East side of the island.

The best time to visit Menorca to enjoy beautiful and warm weather and less rain is between May to October. If you’re planning to visit Menorca from June to September, expect a large crowd of tourist and traffic chaos.

Below are some a few of the activities you can do while in Menorca.

Menorca Beaches

Menorca beaches offer beautiful scenery, with its pristine white sand, crystal clear seawater.

Most of the beaches are perfect for a family with young children. Little children can swim in the shallow waters and build sand castles while you lounge the day away.

As Menorca is located in the most eastern territory of Spain, it’s the perfect place to catch a beautiful sunrise. Head to the island’s most easterly point, Cala Fonte and enjoy the morning sea breeze. You’ll witness the most beautiful view of the sun cresting over the horizon.

Cala Galdana, Cala Mesquida, Cala Mitjana and Cala Trebaluger are some of the more beautiful beaches in Menorca. Most of the beaches have cafes and restaurants, ample parking space and public restrooms. Although a few have no road access and you can only reach it by boat.

If you’re looking for a quiet time with nature and hearing the sounds of birds and soft waves crashing ashore, you’ll find it in Menorca.

Untouched beaches are located mostly on the north side. With fewer resorts, striking landscape and beautiful if not more so that the other beaches in Menorca.

And if you’re looking for a different type of beach. Visit Cala Cavallería for its red, orange sand, which contrasts with the greenery landscape surrounding the beaches.

Island Hopping

What is a great way to get into secret coves if it’s not from a boat? Take a day tour with a glass-bottomed boat, fun for kids and family. You can see the fishes and undersea life alongside the amazing underwater view.

You can sail on a llaüt boat for a relaxing way to cruise the open Mediterranean seas. And explore one cove to another. You can spend the time snorkeling and swimming or maybe catch a fish or two for dinner! This fabulous boat is so comfortable that you can spend overnight on it.

Menorca Zoo

Another fun thing to do when you’re on an island is to visit the local zoo. Menorca Zoo is a unique interactive zoo where you can see the animals up close. It’s not big, but it has a lot of activities for your kids and family. They’ll be entertained watching the wild bird’s show, feeding goats and sheep and other farm animals.

Head out to the reptile section where your kids can gently pet and stroke the snakes and lizards that are out of their enclosure. You can also watch ostrich, monkeys, ponies, and lemurs here in Menorca Zoo.

Let your kids run through and splash water at the spray pad and water fountain at the playground area. The zoo provides spray parks to let your kids cool off after a fun day exploring the zoo. So don’t forget to bring your kids’ swimming attire.

Before you leave, visit their unique souvenir shop near the exit and grab the opportunity to sponsor the fantastic animals in Menorca Zoo.


Thanks to the lovely 300 days of sun and warm weather in Menorca, there’s plenty of water activities you can do with your family. Besides snorkeling and beach hopping, the fun doesn’t stop there.

You can be soaked in the Mediterranean sun by paddling in the lazy river. Or go on one of the thrill rides at the waterpark.

Enjoy the large pool with human-made waves. And the splash pool for younger children with water shooters and slides.

A few exciting water parks in Menorca are Aquacenter Waterpark, Splash Sur Menorca, Aquarock, Los Define Aquacentre or Parque Acuatico.

Historical Attractions

From the invasion of Turkish Pirates, Roman, British and French occupancies. It has left Menorca with a lot of historical landmarks for visitors to discover. You can view defense towers, forts, and castles scattered throughout the countryside. If you are a history buff, visit Menorca’s famous historical sites and learn the story behind it.

Spend a day admiring a beautiful mosaic floor pattern at Christian Basilica des Fornas de Torrelló, built by the Romans. Or view the ruins of an ancient Christian basilica and the necropolis, built in the late 5th or early 6th century.


There are seven lighthouses on the island of Menorca. Each of the lighthouses has its tale and mystery behind it.

The lighthouses have a beautiful structure and are still used to this day. It retains its original function, helping seafarers navigate the treacherous waves.

Faro Cap d’Artruix is one of the lighthouses you should visit in Menorca; located on a rugged coastline with crystal clear water.

From the beach at Cala n Bosch, you can reach the Cap d’Artrutx Lighthouse. You have the option of having dinner here at the restaurant, while enjoying the sunset on the horizon.

Horse Riding

Menorca is perfect for horse riding. Whether you are riding for pleasure or enjoying the quaint countryside view. There are a variety of horse riding routes and centers throughout the island. Some stables have ponies for your little ones to enjoy the short rides.

Riding through a pine forest, lush pastures and stunning coastline will give you serenity and a great experience while visiting the island.

Drink Pomada

During the British occupancy around the 18th century,  gin has played a significant role for the people of Menorca. The locals, often drink Pomada during festivities and special occasions.

Pomada is a drink, consisting of Xoriguer Gin mixed with lemon.  So if you are in Menorca, visit the infamous Xoriguer Gin distillery and factory to taste some.


Menorca is a stunning destination. With its beautiful and breathtaking beaches, perfect summer weather.

It’s an ideal holiday destination for those who want more than just the sun and the sea.

So enjoy the endless fun at Menorca, and be captured by the charm.

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