A Guide To The Fun French City Of Deauville

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“Les planches” (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) by Éole

If you are looking for a break from the stressful rat-race that is the cosmopolitan city of Paris, then Deauville is one of the most ideal options. With its neighboring holiday town of Trouville, Deauville is known as the Parisian Riviera; despite, the fact that it is officially part of the Normandy Riviera.

One of Deauville’s most outstanding features is its beautiful beach, characterized by trendy and elegant umbrellas with rustic huts. The beach huts have been named after various American celebrities who visited the town during popular festivals. This section of Deauville exudes a relaxed atmosphere; however, Deauville does have a lively side boasting high quality entertainment for the wealthier visitors.

High style and luxury can be easily associated with the French city of Deauville as its hotels are some of the highest-ranked in the country, such as the Hotel Normandy and the Royal Hotel. The Hotel Normandy is a particular favorite as it is both a luxury rest-stop and an iconic landmark. The building presents historic half-timber architecture while being only a stone’s throw away from modern designer stores.

In recent years, Deauville has become well known as the host of several popular film festivals. It is also very popular among equestrian society boasting an impressive race track situated between the town center and city panoramas. This track is often used from important equestrian events by riders from across the globe. Of course, horse riding is not the only sporting activity available; if you want a game of golf then by all means head into town for a relaxing round. If you are more excited by glitzy lights and card games, then the legendary Deauville casino is available across from the beach.

While Deauville has gained the reputation of an up-market destination, there are still some smaller, simpler attractions for the country-loving individual. One of these attractions is the Promenade des Planches – a picturesque 1.5 kilometer boardwalk stretching all along the coast. If you are keen to see something truly outstanding, then this walk along the promenade may be the highlight of your holiday.

Of course, the coast is not the only feature of Deauville to be marveled at; it is possible to take a guided walk through the town and be entranced by exquisite villas as well. In addition to being beautiful, these structures are listed as historical monuments exhibiting various predated architectural styles, such as Baroque, Norman and Art Nouveau. It is difficult to be disappointed by this tour or these villas as there are more than 500 of them, so there’s little chance of boredom.

In addition to the aforementioned beauties, Deauville boasts more must-see structures in the form of the 20th century Villa Strassburger; the La Place Morny; and the Place du Marché. The Villa Strassburger is an intriguing building placed just alongside the race track making it an easily accessible sightseeing option. If you feel you’ve already seen the La Place Morny elsewhere, then you may be correct as it was built to imitate the appearance of the Place de l’Etoile in Paris. The Place du Marché, however, stands alone from these structures as an open square which should be visited nonetheless for if you do you will come upon a quaint market hall. Built in the early 20th century, it is a historic monument with beautiful central gardens and fountains attached to Deauville’s major roads.

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