Why Barneys New York Is A Must-Visit Tourist Destination

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 Barneys New York from ifmuth

Barneys New York from ifmuth

If you wish to travel to New York City and are also a shopping enthusiast, then Barneys should be the perfect shopping destination on top of your list! It has been known worldwide as the best shopping center for the fashionistas who love to wear designer clothes such as Michael Kors, Fendi and all the other luxurious brands out there. Celebrities have also acknowledge it to be an honor if picked to model Barneys‘ products because of its prestigious reputation.

This Manhattan institution is “The” emporium of trend and gorgeous items. Most especially, since almost all celebrities in the State knows and loves to shop here, you could also enjoy a direct look or interaction with these internationally renowned stars such as the lead actress in the famous series Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker who adores to visit here! Now, won’t that New York trip be completely unforgettable if seeing those celebrities would be a bonus? Here are the services and events that made Barneys the incomparable shopping site among all of its kind.

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The Shopping

 'On Display', United States, New York, N from WanderingtheWorld (www.ChrisFord.com)

‘On Display’, United States, New York, N from WanderingtheWorld (www.ChrisFord.com)

Who among you would disagree if I would say that women most definitely own this area? That’s right! Those women fashion lovers come to this place and shop, shop, shop! Not only does Barneys cater to the most beautiful pieces, they only sell products from women’s clothing, shoes, bags, swimwear, cover-ups and accessories  from outstanding designers like Fendi, Saint Laurent, Dries Van Noten, The Row, Balenciaga, Isabel Marant and Chloé among many others. This place is truly heaven to every glamorous shopper out there!

 Michael Kors from cbcastro

Michael Kors from cbcastro

But wait! Of course, whoever said that only women know how to pick quality shopping? To the men New York travelers who also love to shop,thou shall not fret! Barneys definitely caters to everybody; women and men alike. They also offer products like men’s clothing, shoes, accessories, ties, bags, leather goods, grooming and fragrance from top designers such as Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Helmut Lang, Dries Van Noten, Tod’s, Serapian and many others. Truly, Barneys is also the haven for those glamour men who love to look fine and sleek.

The Services


Emil’s Hands and Sewing Machine from wmacphail

Barneys New York prides on providing the best of everything! Merchandise, customer service and best of all, where else can you ask for custom tailoring from these world renowned designers? Yes! You heard it right. Here at Barneys, they cater to complimentary tailoring on all men’s suites and tailored clothing such as shirts, pants, sports coats, suits and tuxedos. They do say that the most difficult tailor job to make is that of men’s! Well, no need to worry. You will fit perfectly with your shopping buys with this distinct service that Barneys can provide for you.Convenient, isn’t it?

The Events

 Take Me For A Ride - Barneys New York - from SJL

Take Me For A Ride – Barneys New York – from SJL

If you think that Barneys is just another shopping center, well, I’m sad to say that you. Are. Wrong! Not only do they cater to your shopping needs, they also hold events to make the trip even more interesting. This May 29th, Barneys will hold the BIONOVA with the academy award-winning songwriter Carole Bayer SagerShareTweet event. Another event is set for the month of June named the Hourglass Personal Appearance and Artist EventShareTweet where a personal appearance by National Training Director Laura Janes and artist event will occur.

The Restaurant

 Margarita at Fred's from ralph and jenny

Margarita at Fred’s from ralph and jenny

Last but not the least, Barneys also has its own restaurant, Freds at Barneys. This restaurant is open for lunch, dinner and cocktails daily with brunch on weekends. They also offer full services on and off premise catering and event planning.


So what are you waiting for? Travel to New York City and experience the best shopping spree you could ever get anywhere around the world.

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