Visit The Charming Coffee Shops of Montreal, Quebec

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The town of Montreal in Quebec will give you the enjoyment of life or joie de vivre as the French people call it that you have been looking for. Aside from being Canada’s cultural capital, Montreal is a promising city where coffee drinking is concerned. Lounging in a cafe in this wonderful town would be such an amazing experience. Well-made coffee matched and a pastry while watching the world pass you by is how everything works in Montreal. Before corporate chains line the streets of the town, Montrealers have been spending much of their time reading books, chatting with their friends and getting the chance to know their lovers in cafes all over the city. Montreal is best considered for its romantic atmosphere, the cheap entertainment it provides and a great place to meet and bond with old friends and new acquaintances alike.

old quebec from mariusz kluzniak

old quebec from mariusz kluzniak

If you are a coffee lover and you are visiting Montreal, you must first know a lot of things about the coffee shops there. Basically, there are two classifications of coffee drinkers that go to Montreal and you might choose the one that fits your descriptions best. There are the vast majority of coffee drinkers who have been addicted to caffeine that getting the fix is not a problem but a great experience. They wouldn’t care about the bitter taste, the burnt or bland brews because they are drowned in a bird bath of frothed milk. Then, there is the minority who waxes poetic merits of the origin of the coffee beans, what proper coffee making technique will work best for the taste buds and those that sprout of trivia and bits that are coffee-related while trying his best to find the perfect espresso shot.

You may find yourself part of the two classifications. Whichever you think you are, having and loving a good cup of coffee is well worth your experience. For years now, a growing number of Montreal specialty coffee shops are made for the fervent coffee freaks. With this, they could even argue about which coffee shops are the best and have the potential to be their favorite. In all things, there are specific lists of best and the Montreal coffee shops are no exception. If you are in search of the best cup in the neighborhood of Montreal, Quebec, here is your guide in finding it.

Cafe Myriade

Cafe Myriade from richard winchell

Cafe Myriade from richard winchell

There are plenty of chains that could compete for your attention in downtown Montreal but it is up to you to decide. The Concordia University is in downtown so what does that mean? Coffee shops, of course. Students need a place to study and a coffee shop is one of those places. Cafe Myriade is known for producing the best coffee that you could ever taste in your entire life. Why? Because Cafe Myriade is taking an artisanal approach in brewing your coffee.

You have the option of trying their selections for the espresso machine, a French press or even serving your favorite cup fancy-like in a glass decanter known as the siphon pot. Cafe Myriade is not any other coffee shops that you will find in Montreal because they can offer you coffee tastings. This is a great chance for people looking to try new beans. The whole Cafe Myriade experience might even bring out the coffee gourmet in you. This great cafe might be small but it has a terrace that would let you go people watching while savoring your cup of coffee.


Cafe Nocochi from YoungToymaker

Cafe Nocochi from YoungToymaker

This is another coffee shop that you might want to try when you are in Montreal. Nocochi will offer you great-tasting Illy coffee with their trademark tiny cookies made from chickpea flour having the Middle Eastern flair in them. This coffee shop defines the concept of sharing with friends or lovers. Moreover, they don’t just sell coffee and cookies here, they could also provide you with fancy sandwiches when you get hungry.

The whole place is white, giving the whole coffee shop a clean and minimalist feel. You might even have the chance to score free wifi if you are on the site near the windows.


When you are looking for a great place to lounge, you should be staying at this coffee shop. Because it is located just across the Concordia University Library Building, it is a student-friendly hang-out that will let you enjoy shisha pipes and antique furniture. It is not like your typical coffee shop because the lounge downstairs and the evenings bar will always be open all day to serve customers with beer and mixed drinks. When you decide to go upstairs, you will find a full-service cafe that will offer you with not just coffee but smoothies and Kafens delicious home-made lasagna. You can always drop by at this amazing coffee shop to partake in the relaxing atmosphere to study with friends, coffee after coffee.

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