Travel Through Time At Monkwearmouth Station Museum

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 Monkwearmouth Station Museum from eltpics

Monkwearmouth Station Museum from eltpics

Feel the magnificence of authentic Victorian station that’s equipped with a marvelous ticketing office reigning back from the Edwardian period as you travel through time to the Monkwearmouth Station Museum.

 Tyne and Wear Metro - Metrocar 4049 from aureolindn

Tyne and Wear Metro – Metrocar 4049 from aureolindn

The area has been inoperative since the 1960s but, until now, mainline trains from Tyne and Wear Metro still go through this station without stopping. It would not take so much of your time in touring the magnificent interactive galleries available in the museum that both the young and old will surely enjoy marveling at. The best part: admission is free for everyone! So, if you’re curious about how people traveled through public transport during the olden days and is likewise in Sunderland, the Monkwearmouth Station Museum is worth the visit.

To start your tour, come on down to the Journeys Gallery that shows photos and rare videos in Sunderland dating back from the early 1900s about how people did manage to transport themselves in this town. This area is themed with displays of wartime travels and transportation of food. The most enticing part of the gallery though is having the pleasure to ride on an original Sunderland bus cab. Now how often can you do so anywhere else, eh?

 Station master's office, Monkwearmouth from eltpics

Station master’s office, Monkwearmouth from eltpics

Another intriguing part of the museum is the 1860s Booking Office. It still lingers on to its old designs for more than a century ago and is still equipped with vintage ticketing paraphernalia, antique furniture and other old pieces. You will be amazed as you will learn how bookings were made during the olden times and how they were done only with just one click. The best part of the area is going to the station master, David Thompson Hide and learning about the different history of the station.

Furthermore, the museum also has the Wagon Shed. It is where you will find two original railway wagons that have been around since the twentieth century. It was built during 1916, the older wagon called the Good Brake van that has a weight of ten tons and was made at Country Durham. The other wagon is the Covered Carriage Truck that was made during 1939 at Darlington and was the transportation used to travel cars. It has been believed to be the oldest one of its kind having lodges at 1964 Rover P4 car, simulating its original beauty. You will likewise be curious how these man-made structures have been essential to the lives of the people during the olden times.

For those traveling with kids, fret not! There is also the Children’s Gallery where they will get to be taught how to control a play train. There is also a dressing up box where they can dress themselves as a fireman, a paramedic or a policeman! Toys and books provided in different transport vehicles are also available for their pleasure!

 Monkwearmouth from limitofshunt

Monkwearmouth from limitofshunt

Your experience in the museum would not be complete without having to experience firsthand how trains would go by the Platform Gallery. Additionally, you will also be told about the different types of trains that usually passed by the area every day. If you’re feeling tired, you can just take a seat at the bench by the platform. Before you end the tour though, make sure that you purchase something to remember this tour by at the museum’s shop.

Located at Sunderland, United Kingdom, The Monkwearmouth Station Museum is open for visitors every single day from ten in the morning until five in the afternoon except on Sundays where they’re only open during the afternoon from two to five. It is easily accessible from St. Peter’s Metro Station since it’s just a walk away from the former and is about ten minutes away if you’re coming from Sunderland’s City Center. The gallery is open to everybody with special needs, providing wheelchairs for the disabled.


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