Top Five Spots To Visit On A Waterfall Adventure To Brazil

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Apart from Brazil being famous for football, beaches and its festive carnivals, it is also home to marvelous waterfalls scattered around its area. One of which is even compared to Niagra Falls and deserves to be called “better” than the latter. Since Brazil’s waterfalls are not advertised as well as it’s supposed to, this article will prove to you that these majestic waterfalls  are the perfect and ideal tourist destinations for the adventurous traveler such as yourself.

Iguazu Falls

 Iguazu Falls view from the Brazilian sid from Gаme of light

Iguazu Falls view from the Brazilian sid from Gаme of light

Iguazu Falls, also known as Iguassu Falls or Iguacu Falls are bodies of water that are located by the Iguazu River by the border of Parana, Brazil and Misiones of Argentina. The area is divided by the said river into two corners, the lower and upper Iguazu.

This majestic waterfall is composed of two hundred seventy falls that are about three kilometers of the Iguazu River. Some of the waterfalls are even up to eighty two meters in height while some are up to sixty-four meters. The Devil’s Throat is a U-shaped, eighty-two meter high and a hundred and fifty meters wide waterfall which makes it the most impressive among all the waterfalls located here.

This chain of waterfalls are twice as wide and taller than the famous Niagra Falls. They are the result of a volcanic eruption which left a large fracture in the earth’s surface. Even Eleanor Roosevelt was able to say, “Poor Niagra” as he visited this place because  he was astonished at how incomparable this waterfall was to the more famous Niagra.

During the spring and fall season is the perfect time to visit this beautiful place due to its abundance in water. During summertime, the overwhelming heat could make the waters in the waterfall less abundant that it may loose its appeal and is likewise lower during winter. To truly appreciate its wondrous characteristics, one would therefore visit while the water is at its peak in springtime or fall.

There lies a bridge just by the waterfalls where visitors can gaze at its beauty and take pictures with it. Surrounded by green trees, it would be the perfect spot to take a picture and have bragging rights about having to visit the one destination that puts Niagra to shame!

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Itiquira Falls

 Itiquira Fall from chris.diewald

Itiquira Fall from chris.diewald

Located in Brasilia, this waterfall is the highest one accessible in Brazil. Its longitudinal dimensions run for about fifty-six floors. Even with its impressive form, the waterfall is surrounded by lush trees and nature that will take your breath away.

When visiting here, consider bringing along with you a dry suit so you won’t get soaked as it would feel like raining by the foot of the waterfall due to the scattering water. There is a trail that leads to the entrance of the falls where you will have a picturesque view of the Intiquira’s Municipal Park. Here, you can lie down and unwind and feel the relaxing aura  while gazing upon the waterfall. For the athletic traveler, you can have the pleasure of hiking to the top and maximize your experience here.

The trip to Itiquira Falls would start off by taking a car through BR-020 in Brasila. From there, you will drive through Sobradinho and Planaltina before reaching Formosa where you will encounter several signs leading you to the waterfall. About a kilometer away from the falls, you will already be able to see it from a distance.

Initially, the corresponding fee at the entrance to the falls would cost about $8 dollars plus a parking fee of $2.24.

It would be best if you were to arrive at the spot early and take a trek or a bath at the rapids. After finishing that, you can drive on to the Logoa Feia which is likewise a beautiful place to visit. There, you can dine and unwind at its restaurants that offer freshly cooked fish.

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Cachoeira da Fumaca

 Cachoeira da Fumaça 038 from Fred Schinke

Cachoeira da Fumaça 038 from Fred Schinke

“Waterfall of Smoke” in English, the Cachoeira da Fumaca is part of the tourist destinations of Capon Valler, Chapada Diamantina Nation Park in Palm City. Recognized  as the largest waterfall in Brazil and ranking fifth around the globe standing at a whopping one thousand and four hundred ninety meters high with three hundred and seventy meters of water falls, sometimes, the water would not hit the ground because of its height. Actually, it is named smoke waterfall because the water is sprayed portraying colorful shapes through the curtain of intoxicating smoke. Magnificent, isn’t it?

In traveling here, the adventurous characteristic in you would surely love the travel! You would hike for about four days and three nights in the midst of the lush forest through the Capon Valley. The scenic view of the whole valley would be a taste of how the journey to the waterfall would be challenging. For those outdoor enthusiasts, you can even do rappelling amid the falling water which would prove that this  journey is worthwhile. For those who just wish to experience its magnificence by gawking at its beauty, you may just choose to meet the waterfall above. About two hours of journey by car, at eighteen kilometers of dirt road, you will arrive at the Village of Caete-Acu and another seven kilometers of walk to the waterfall. It would be best to hire a tour guide to make your journey  more hassle-free.

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Caracol Falls

 Cascata do Caracol from Márcio Vinícius Pinheiro

Cascata do Caracol from Márcio Vinícius Pinheiro

This waterfall is one of the most traveled tourist destinations in Rio Grande do Sul, Caracol State Park and Serra Gaucha region. Also known as Cascata do Caracol or Caracol Falls is a four hundred and twenty six  foot waterfall of about four and a half mile distance from Canela Brazil located in Caracol State Park. It is formed by the Caracol River and reaches out of basalt cliffs in the Serra Geral mountain range falling its way into the Vale de Lageana. Situated between the pine forest zone of the Brazilian highlands and the southern coastal Atlantic Forest, this waterfall is surrounded by mother nature’s flora and fauna that is surely a breathtaking experience once traveled.  The foot of the waterfall may be reached by a steep trail.

The waterfall is easy to spot from a free drop of a height of one hundred and thirty-one meters and a lookout point or a trail from the distance of the park entrance. For those who are not fond of hiking, you make take a panoramic elevator with a corresponding fee to the peak of the park’s   twenty-seven meter tall observation tower.

Journeying to the foot of the waterfall is both fun and challenging. You would need to hike from a stairway to the bottom which is roughly about nine-hundred steps. It could be tiring since the only way back to the park entrance is back through the stairway.

While visiting here, those who are traveling with their families can enjoy a peaceful picnic by its beautiful surrounding trees and waterfall. You can even enjoy dining at a restaurant nearby.

The park opens its doors from nine in the morning until mid five in the afternoon. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on an adventurous trip with your family or friends to this beautiful place in Brazil and gaze upon its magnificent waterfalls while enjoying a meal or two or taking pictures that will keep the memory alive.

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Cachoeira no Horto

 Cachoeira no Horto(Rio de Janeiro) from Rodrigo_Soldon

Cachoeira no Horto(Rio de Janeiro) from Rodrigo_Soldon

The Cachoeira de Horto is the perfect place for travelers who wish to spend a cool day when springtime arrives. During which, the waters would not be so cold and would be a great time to swim and dip yourselves  in its relaxing waters.

The journey to this serene place would start by traveling to pacheco Leao oa Horto plate. Maneuver to the right and follow through to Park Botanical Gardens. From there, turn right again at the Chinese Vista board. In passing by the guardhouse located in Tijuca National Park, continue on for another five hundred meter and soon, you will arrive at the spot. There is a pool of natural water there but to actually reach the waterfalls, you would need to climb up for another fifteen minutes and pass through an old dam.

Finally, you will reach the waterfalls where you will notice comfortable sitting stones around. Get yourself a dip in its pond that forms the end of the waterfall and spend time there relaxing, reading a book, soaking in the beautiful atmosphere, get a tan or listen to the birds chirping and feel the richness of nature. The natural shower could also serve as a great back massage.

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