Top 3 Souvenir Shops In Brazil To Visit During The World Cup

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 Soccer Cup 2014 poster, PSD Template from Graphic design 4ustudio

Soccer Cup 2014 poster, PSD Template from Graphic design 4ustudio

As every football sport enthusiast out there know, the 2014 Fifa World Cup is about to begin as early as June 13. Of course, you’d need to make sure to make your plans ahead of time by booking for your hotel accommodations (link to hotels at the bottom of the article), purchase your tickets and plan your trip with your family, friends or just yourself and enjoy the once in a lifetime trip to witness one of the world’s most awaited sporting event. What better way would you not forget this amazing trip to watch the sporting event live than to purchase your very own football souvenirs than to visit these top three shops located in Brazil? That’s right. This article will guide you on where to shop for football souvenir items to bring along that Fifa World Cup experience with you at home. From soccer shirts, trademark shoes and specifically design soccer balls, you’ve got everything you need at these top three sporting goods store.

So Torcedor

 Viva La Brazil from rOsHith's

Viva La Brazil from rOsHith’s

Located at Avenue Bartolome Mitre, 630 C Store, 22431-004 Rio de Janiero, this souvenir shop offers products such as football team’s shirts, flags, towels, shorts and many more! Customized mugs, cups, key chains, slippers, balls, bags and bottles  are also available specifically designed for the World Cup of 2014. Everyone can get their World Cup souvenir here since the store caters to all types of customers, be it children or adults.

The store opens its doors from Monday through Saturday at ten in the morning until eight in the evening. So what are you waiting for? Drop by this store and grab those World Cup souvenirs to remember that Brazil trip along with you!

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”Sotorcedor rio de janiero“]

JTL Sports

 final_f50i_boot from adifansnet

final_f50i_boot from adifansnet

The JTL Sports shop is located at 71st St. John Street Shop 6, 24020041 Niteroi, Rio de Janiero. The shop is always open to visitors. Accommodating, isn’t it?

This sporting goods store offers products like the Shirt Flamingo 2014/Shell Cup Champion Brazil for only 199.90, the breathtaking Polo of Brazil for only 99.90, and of course! Which football fan wouldn’t know Messi, right? In this store, they sell the Adidas Messi boot for only 159.90! Every football fan would surely love to grab one of these amazing soccer emblems to always remember that unforgettable sports trip to Brazil during the World Cup!

Five Sports

 Brazuca fifa world cup official ball bra from D@LY3D

Brazuca fifa world cup official ball bra from D@LY3D

Finally, the Five Sports sporting goods store is also available for all football fans out there! Located at R. Visconde de Piraja, 141 A, 22430-060 Rio de Janiero, this shop will keep you true to being that soccer fanatic that you are.

The best product in sale at this store to date is the trademark of the World Cup this year: the Ball Cup 2014 Brazuca. It has been officially designed to represent the cultivating games of the Football World Cup in 2014.

Not only that! They also sell soccer merchandise such as The Mercury Victory soccer shoes that came from the ace Bola S11 Pro of Penalty with Termotec Technology and likewise the Football t-shirts also specifically designed for the 2014 World Cup.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”R. Visconde de Piraja, 141 A 22430-060 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro”]

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