Top 3 Best Tour Deals To Experience Chicago By

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Skydeck Chicago Admission

 Skydeck Chicago from navart

Skydeck Chicago from navart

For a low rate of $18 per person, you will be able to see the sights and sounds of Chicago through a Skydeck. You will get to see the beautiful landscape of the city at the 103rd floor of the world’s third tallest building, the Willis Tower. Within such area, there is a Ledge which is constructed with glass flooring and walls to make you feel like you were walking on air and by the heavens and skies. It is a a balcony extended from the center building of about four feet that will give you the best location in seeing everything that the city holds.

The view from this Skydeck extends up to about fifty miles out. It would be best if you brought along your camera and take the view as your background. You will never get to be instituted in a photo like these anywhere else in Chicago so you better grab the opportunity and smile! While here, you will get a glimpse of Chicago’s most attractive tourist destinations such as the Navy Pier and the Wrigley Field.

During this tour, you will also be able to enter the Skydeck Theatre that showcases the nine-minute movie of “Reaching for the Sky”. I don’t know about you but that is most definitely an ironic experience given that you are actually a thousand feet above the ground! This movie will tell you how the building turned into a reality and fused to be one of the most visited landmarks in Chicago.

There are several exhibits in this tour as well that are best toured with tourists traveling with their families. Some of these exhibits include touch-screen activities, scavenger hunts and interactive digital floor displays. Apart from that, you will also be entertained with a trivia game.

If you will upgrade to the Skylights Tour, there would be an additional feature of a twenty-minute audio tour that could cater to any language. This tour would introduce to you the other famous landmarks in Chicago if you wished to go beyond this tour and be fascinated with the other parts of the city.


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Art Institute of Chicago Admission

 IMG_0752 from anthonylibrarian

IMG_0752 from anthonylibrarian

For another cheap rate of $25 per head, you will be given free admission to the second largest art museum in all of US, the Art Institute of Chicago. Located by another tourist attraction called the Grant Park, this museum caters to a wide array of different styles of art masterpieces. From Impressionist, modern and contemporary art, you take your pick! This museum’s got it all. It even showcases the famous products of world-renowned artists such as van Gough, Monet, Picasso among others.

This tour will give you free access to view the said art exhibits just inches away from you! Imagine, getting to see up close and personal the exquisite and antique pieces that have lived through time and are now considered as the best art creations of the human race.

Apart from the mere viewing of these works of art, the children will also be entertained as they get to participate in art-making activities.

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Chicago Grand Half-Day Tour


 Lincoln Park from the Lincoln Park Conse from IceNineJon

Lincoln Park from the Lincoln Park Conse from IceNineJon

You know what they say: “Save the best for last!” I say this because what would be the best way to explore the beautiful city of Chicago than actually getting the most out of it by roaming around the tourist attractions, right? Well, fret not! For as low as $45 per head, this tour is the perfect complement to that Chicago vacation as you will get to see the best of what it has to offer!

This tour will take about four hours as you come aboard a coach. A bus will cruise you around the South Side first and on to the beautiful Grant Park. There is also the Adler Planitarium that, as you might have noticed, been featured at many movies that are shot in the City due to its marvelous display. The Art Museum, as mentioned in the previous tour, will also be visited along with the Orchestra Hall. Other places that you will also pass by are the Soldier Field, Joseph Petrillo Outdoor Band Shell, Lake Point Towers, Museum of Science and Industry, University of Chicago, Jackson Park, South Commons, Field Museum of Natural History and the Shedd Aquarium.

After the southern part of Chicago has been explored, you will then continue on to the North Side of town. Still aboard the bus, you will pass by the Richard J Daley Plaza where you will find the Pablo Picasso sculpture that was customarily made exclusively for the city. After there, you will also cross the Chicago River where you will see the Wrigley Building and Field. Of course, the city’s landscape is so amazing that you will also see the John Hancock Center and enter another part of Chicago that will show you the nature side of it all with lush collections of lagoons and trees at the Lincoln Park.

Other places that you will also be able to cruise by during the northern part tour are the Loop and State Street, Magnificent Mile and Michigan Avenue, Water Tower Palace, Botanical Garden, Chicago Historical Society and the Newberry Reference Library.

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