Top 3 Best Tour Deals To Costa Rica

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HDR Sunset, Costa Rica from kansasphoto

HDR Sunset, Costa Rica from kansasphoto

Costa Rica is a vacation place that will captivate every soul from all around the world! Its magnificent scenes of lush green forests, tropical colors of every landscape, exotic birds and rainforest creatures, fun and exciting activities to pristine and vibrant beaches, this is definitely the place to be when you’d want to have that unforgettable vacation trip ever.

To lessen the burden of finding the most interesting things to do around here without having to contact every single establishment to avail of such, these are  the best, cheapest and most magnificent tours that Costa Rica has to offer.

 Costa Rica Canopy Tour from Captain Kimo

Costa Rica Canopy Tour from Captain Kimo

For a cheap price of $94.99, , you will get to enjoy a canopy adventure, witness the diverse wildlife of the rainforests, experience a thrilling spin through the treetops, enjoy the amazing picturesque views, hop on a boat ride on the Sarapiqui River and participate in a riverboat day trip from San Jose and top it off with a free lunch. You will also be escorted to and fro your hotel.

The itinerary of this trip starts when the guides will pick you up from your hotel and ride through to Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui passing through the most famous national parks in Costa Rica. Once you arrive, you will be taken to the rainforests on a riverboat trip for two hours where you’ll come face to face with the creatures that call the area home.

You will then arrive at the private reserve where you’ll either be horseback riding or hiking to the canopy. The canopy adventure then begins with roaming through the treetops through steel cables and professional climbing gear and would switch from platform to platform within the rainforest.

The journey ends with a luscious home-style meal at the private reserve before you head back to San Jose.

 Butterfly from Scott Ableman

Butterfly from Scott Ableman

For as low as $104.99, you will be able to have a full-day trip to  different locations within Costa Rica from San Jose.

First off, you will be taken aboard a lavish air-conditioned transportation vehicle from San Jose where you will be offered a complimentary breakfast and a cup of exquisite Costa Rican coffee to start your day. Following the ride is an exciting mountain hike with your local tour guide where you’ll get to enjoy the magnificent views of nature along the way. You will then arrive at Doka Estate, a 350-acre coffee plantation. You will be able to tour around it and be amazed with the surrounding rolling hills.

Next stop is the Poas Volcano National Park where you will encounter an active volcano crater that’s thousands of feet beyond sea level. After, you will get to visit the La Paz Waterfall Gardens. The Hummingbird Garden and the Butterfly Observatory, the largest in the world, is also part of the itinerary where tons of colorful butterflies will be roaming around you. There will also be a riverside hike activity for you going through the rainforest before you would be offered lunch. After which, you can just sit back and relax on your way back to San Jose.

 Blue-and-gold Tanagers from Michael Woodruff

Blue-and-gold Tanagers from Michael Woodruff

For as low as $105.99, the San Jose Tropical Rainforest Adventure Including Chocolate Tasting Tour will take you to La Virgen del Socorro which is a private reserve with magnificent wildlife species and a wide array of bird breeds, from the town of San Jose.

You will then stop by a local restaurant to eat lunch before you continue on to the Brauli Carrillo National Park in Sarapiqui. You will also get to walk by a tropical rainforest in La Selva Biological Reserve which houses one of the country’s best areas for bird watching.

As you walk to the highlands, there’s a big chance that you will encounter up to four hundred bird species at the La Selva Organization for Tropical Studies.

Strut your way down to the Tirimbna Rainforest Center after you’ve had your fill at the La Selva Organization for Tropical Studies, where you will get to learn the history of the cacao tree and enjoy a tasting of organic chocolate and other cacao products that have been produced by the local Association of Women Amazilia del  Caribe before you head on back to San Jose.

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