Warning: Creepy Tourist Destinations That Are Hazardous For The Faint-Hearted

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The world we live in has been around for millions and millions of years and have undergone various tragedies, heart-breaking stories and devastating events. Every type of sadistic doctor or torturous females have roamed the Earth for centuries leaving the marks of their monstrous ways and destruction. These people have unleashed their wrath at several places scattered all over the world. Until now, their victims and the memories of their evil ways have haunted the very walls of many places that have been around for centuries, some, being young of age, still have within them unnerving truths and history that will send shivers down your spine and make your hair stand on end as you visit the scariest places you could ever find anywhere in the world.

Catacombs in France

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During World War II, the Catacombs found in this establishment have been used by the French Resistance. Thus, its walls have had undergone many disastrous tortures and tormenting screams of the victims that haunt this place. You cannot imagine how much tragedy have happened here and how many people never made it out from this area during the war. Nowadays, the catacombs have opened its doors to various visitors who are brave enough to travel for more than one hundred and seventy miles beneath the city of Paris and take on the scary adventure of exploring the premises and the stories that haunt these walls.

The displays here composes of endless row of corpses, most composing of young people such as babies and children. You can just imagine how their screams have echoed as they faced the end of their lives. Along with these children were the friars, members of the Capuchin Order, who were also laid to rest here.

They even have a saying that “That which you are, we were; that which we are, you shall be.” The walls of the Catacombs have within them the message that these people might have passed on to the next life but they haven’t stopped visiting their bodies and awaiting those of the living to share their fate in the afterlife. Visiting here would most definitely be one of the spookiest encounters you could ever find, that is if you’re lucky enough to feel the presence of these lingering souls.

Aokigahara Forest

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The Aokigahara Forest found in the country of Japan has a mystery to it that hasn’t been explained by any expert or any scientist in the world. History tells that there have been about five hundred people who have killed themselves within the area ever since the 1950s. During the recent year of 2010, almost two hundred and a half people have attempted to end their lives within the forest.

Most of these people would either drink too many substance to cause overdose while some would hang themselves by the trees. The area is very dense making it rarely visited by the Japanese Government to maintain its cleanliness. Those who are curious enough to travel here and explore the area have been reported finding certain groups or individuals camping out in tents and are actually thinking about killing themselves. Terribly creepy, if you ask me! If you are brave enough to travel here, you can start by getting on a bus from Tokyo to Kawaguchiko Station.

Poveglia Island

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Also known as the “Island of No Return”, Poveglia Island has been believed to be the most haunted area in all of Italy. During the year 2007, those who died of the bubonic plague were found in mass graves within the area. Further earlier, during the year 1922, the building found in the island was transformed into a hospital specializing in treating the mentally ill individuals.

Sources say that the residing doctor of the hospital grew insane after having tortured and butchered a number of patients confined in the institution. Following his massacre, the doctor himself committed suicide by jumping off the bell tower of the hospital. During the year 1968. The hospital was then terminated from its operations leaving the island completely remote and uninhabited which then added up to its mysterious character and haunting nature as the victims and the sadistic doctor is believed to still roam the walls of the hospital.

Gas Chambers in Germany

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Who could ever forget the tragedy and the massacre of Adolf Hitler over the million and a half Jews in Germany condemned to death at the Gas Chambers in Auschwitz during the World War? Also known as the Death Camp, this place was the location of the mass murder, probably the greatest one ever hoarded on human history leaving the Jews to be gassed up and burnt to death and their bodies just thrown out in piles outside upon death. All those who visit the Gas Chambers still feel the agony and despair of the lost lives that haunt these walls, some cannot even fathom the tears that swell up upon memory.

Many visitors have experienced close encounters with the souls who lost their lives here, saying that they hear the screams of these people as they tried to escape and shout for their lives only to wind up dead and tortured until their last breath. Truly, visiting here is not best for those who are not up to the bravery in coming face to face with the ghosts that haunt the Gas Chambers.

Overtoun Bridge

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Another mysterious place that you can find is the Overtoun Bridge located in Scotland. When dogs would cross here along with their owners, just trying to get some fresh air and a little exercise, for some reason, upon reaching this area, the dogs would suddenly leap from the bridge! If the dog survives the fall, it would mysteriously climb back up and jump again until it would kill itself. No matter how stern or how much the owners would restrain the animal from doing so, it would not allow itself to be stopped. If you ask me, there is something terribly wrong about this place and even the human mind cannot explain otherwise. You better not bring your dogs here or it might be the last time you’ll ever see them alive ever again.

Gates of Hell

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If the name Gates of Hell couldn’t be more intriguing, the story will surely spook you as well! This legendary passageway located in New Jersey that leads to a network of storm sewers and underground tunnels are so scary even to look at, have been believed to be the gateway to hell itself. It has been around for many, many years and has arched ceilings that are about eight feet high. Most teenagers that have come to visit here tell tales, some even challenge themselves to go as further as it stretches in, that as they journey deeper into the tunnels and to its darkened corridors, they feel a strange presence lurking the walls of the area. Local legends would say that the red-eyed mike serves as the guardian of the gates and that the portal towards the most unlikely place in our existence is found way down into the tunnels.

Cachtice Castle

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The castle itself, located in Cachtice, Slovakia,  is not so much as interesting as the person who actually lived, owned, and made a mark on the castle due to her devious ways. The Cachtice Castle, home to the countess of Cachtice and mass murderess Alzbeta Bathory , a noblewoman who came from one of the most prominent and wealthiest Hungarian families during their time in Transylvania, is the site for one of the most brutal and deadly end of hundreds of little girls and young women that have been lured here by the mass murderer herself. During the years from 1585-1610, she was proved to have tortured and, after the relentless agony of the young girls, murdered them. Initially, she would hire these women to work for her as her servants, oblivious to the devilish plans that she had for them. Most of her victims were daughters of poorer noble families or were orphans.

According to history, Alzbeta was very pretty but despised the slow wither of her youth. Here wrath started when a servant girl, combing her head, hurt her with the comb. Her reaction to the pain was over-exaggerated that she spilled the blood of the young girl all over her skin. She then looked herself in the mirror and spread the blood all over her skin, admiring and believing that the blood looked good on her and even bathed on the blood of her victim.

She was then caught red-handed with the awful things that she had done to the poor girls and was sentenced to solitary confinement at the underground jail of Cachtice Castle. It was found out that she tortured and murdered 650 young girls during that said span of years. The countess died on August 21, 1614 and was buried within the Cachtice Church. Locals have said that the ghosts of the victims can still be heard during different times of the day as if the mass murderess is still torturing their poor souls.

Woodchester Mansion

[su_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Y8QYY5f0Wg” width=”200″ height=”220″]

This mansion, located at Woodchester, Gloucestershire, England, is not only instilled with a tragic history and terrifying truths, it is also scary in its own way through its architecture. The windows and its huge stone walls give off that feel of a scary atmosphere and make visitors feel uneasy and uncomfortable so you better make sure you are fit for this trip. Whining would most definitely be ignored here.

This establishment was built during the seventeenth century. Due to the existence of numerous springs within the valley, the place was named as Woodchester. It is even believed that during the Roman Empire, this place was occupied as early as then too.

Many people have reportedly claimed that they have seen strange things within the mansion walls. One of these strange entities is that of a horseman believed to be Sir Rupert that rides around the lakes by the property’s entrance, and he has a missing head! If this sounds familiar, it is because the movie Sleepy Hollow featured this headless horseman. Yep! Legend came from this place! Intrigued yet?

Other people also claim that they see a female child as well that also appears by the entrance, caught sight of a coffin that floats by the lakes that’s believed to be that of the Dominican who committed suicide by the same area, have heard sounds from a distance of people who are discussing and laughing although, there’s no one there, and even hear music being played from all over the mansion. It has been believed that the music emanated from that of the white lady whose reflection is often reported to be sighted at the upper floors. During the year 2004 and 2005, there was also a sighting of a black dog that roamed around the establishment that is believed to be a symbol of the deaths that have occurred within the area.

All these mysteries and scares, you may experience so you better toughen up, chief! Visit the Woodchester Mansion during eleven in the morning until four in the afternoon. Notice how it’s unavailable during the night? Maybe that one mystery, we’ll leave up to you.

Magnolia Plantation

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The Magnolia Plantation in Louisiana have been producing the finest cotton and was the primary source of which for over a century. It was a slaved-labor plantation composing of black Americans who would exert their work in the service of its masters. During the nineteenth century, the slaves, being ill treated, were brought to the basement of the plantation in order to torture and punish them, no matter how small their trespasses might be. At some time, the laborers rebelled and in turn, killed their master and even ended up cutting him.

Many ghosts haunt the premises of the Magnolia Mansion. Those living nearby have reportedly said that they still hear the screams of the murdered master and feel a strange cold presence as they come within the establishment. There is even the “Dying Room” where the inhabitants of the plantation would go to die.

Trenton Psychiatric Hospital

[su_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ns-JZo0odg” width=”200″ height=”220″]

The New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum, now known as Trenton Psychiatric Hospital was first established through the activist Dorothea Dix. It served as a center for those who were mentally ill and was directed by Doctor Henry Cotton during 1907. The doctor was a brilliant one having finished his degree in John Hopkins and had made some policies about the hospital to make it a lot better. However, the doctor had developed a dangerous theory on how to handle mental illnesses that made this place famous for his abusive and sadistic ways. He found out that most mental illnesses would emanate from syphilis and thus, operated on his patients like removing their teeth and the X-rays would show that there were no evidences of infections suffered by the patient.

Knowing this, he furthered his study by removing several other parts of the body that would cause such infections. He dissected and removed his patients’ gall bladder, testicles, stomachs, ovaries, tracts of colon and uterus even after the patients’ protests and that of their families. He became obsessed with curing the mentally ill that he resorted to even torturing their bodies into losing those organs. Nowadays, the asylum is haunted by the tortured patients and some say, that even the doctor himself haunts the halls and hears the screams of the victims as he still tries to locate them even during the afterlife. Because of this, visiting the place would most definitely give you chills and the experience of a lifetime that would even haunt you when you go to bed.

The Corvin Castle

[su_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTROwmxpj3o” width=”200″ height=”220″]

The Corvin Castle in Transylvania was not a castle long before during the fourteenth century. It was built as a fortress that transfused into becoming a castle due to the additional architectural designs and corners that were added by several other residents who called this place their home. Due to the additions, the castle became more and more interesting as different styles were added ranging from Renaissance, gothis and neogothic elements were fused to become that which is the Corvin Castle now.

Legends tell that one of the residents of this place was Ioan of Hunedoara who was the illegitimate son of the King Sigismund of Hungary, Luxembourg and then of Elisabeta who was a woman of such beauty originating from Hunedoara bearing the child of the King. The King married Elisabeta to one of the his knights named Voicu so that he would not dishonor her for being pregnant with his child and gave the knight a ring so the king would recognize that he was the lady’s husband during their meetings in court. When the married couple went on a family trip, during their lunch meal, the ring was accidentally placed on a towel near the food. Due to its emanating sparkle, a raven got its eyes on the ring and stole the jewel. In an attempt to get the ring back, Ioan of Hunedoara grabbed a bow and killed the raven, thus, he was able to acquire the ring back. Due to this story, it was then established that the Corvin Castle would be marked with a symbol of a raven that has a ring on its beak to symbolize their family’s symbol. Also, Corvin Castle is named as such since Corvin came from the Latin word “corvus” which actually means raven.

Enough of the castle’s history and let’s go to the thrilling part: the ghost stories. It was believed that the King ordered Turkish prisoners to dig a well that would enable water to appear in lieu of the prisoners’ freedom. Tempted by the idea of liberation, the prisoners were able to dig a twenty-feet meter well where water would sprout out. This construction was completed in over fifteen years. However, by the time that these prisoners were able to complete the task, Ioan died and his wife refused to grant the prisoners their freedom. The walls of the castle would bring out the message of revenge saying that “You have water but no heart” and the prisoners still haunt these walls yearning for their freedom from the cruel and abusive Elisabeta that denied them their heart’s desire. If I were the one visiting here, I would love some freedom as well and just run off to never, never land and never return to this spooky place. Aside from its beautiful architectural designs, a traveler as brave as you should try to consider if the trip to a majestic castle is as fun as meeting tortured spirits. Oh, this trip would be so exciting that you cannot just consider passing the opportunity of getting that unforgettable experience.

Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle)

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Now, for the most popular destination among all the haunted ones, not just for the place but also for the owner that have starred in as many novels, movies and documentaries… Dracula’s Castle. Also known as the Bran Castle located at the deep Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania, at the heart of Romania is this very enticing and mysterious castle that has haunted the minds of every vampire enthusiast or historian out there. This castle has been standing brave and strong for over a thousand years and was initially built by the knights of the Teutonic Order during the year 1212. During that time, it wasn’t named as Bran Castle yet but of Dietrichstein. In times of war during the late 1200s, the castle was overhauled by the Saxons and changed its purpose to being a protective lair of the trade center called Brasov. During the year 1370, it was also used as a fortress of protection against the invading Turks and retained its purpose throughout the middle ages.

The castle composes of four towers being the Powder House Tower as the oldest one which was part of the original castle established during the year 1212. Through the years, many more additional perks were added to the vicinity until during the year 1921, Queen Maria of Romania, ordered to make renovations to the place and transformed it into a royal residence.

Since the castle underwent very many feuds amongst the nobles, especially between Wallachia, the infamous Prince Vlad was the owner of the castle then. Because of the family feuds between royalties, Vlad lost his father and brother and, in turn, managed a feast and invited the nobles to his castle. He asked them to tell their stories on how they achieved their titles and upon hearing the wrath of claiming such titles, he impaled them on the spot. Because of his vicious ways of torturing these people, he was labelled as the Impaler. Impalement is one of the most gruesome way of torture. He would also force the nobles into slave labor into rebuilding the worn out castle due to the wars even until their clothes would wither away that they would have to work naked.

Very few of these individuals managed to stay alive amidst the torture until the castle was rebuilt. If that wasn’t enough, Dracula was able to innovate and make the process of dying more torturous and slowly leading to death. He would stake their bodies until the sharp thing would come out from their mouths. Some were even staked through their stomachs or chests. Even infants were impaled while they were still inside their mother’s womb. He then left these people to die. For quite some time, Mohammed II, the conquerer of Constantinople, visited the castle and was even forced to vacate the premises for he was so grossed out with the smell of the rotting bodies and the decaying corpses within the castle. Since it was the time for invasions, those who tried to take hold of the castle even bowed out because of the sight of thousands of corpses impaled and rotting on the banks of the Danbue.

Obsessed with his manner of torture and strong urge for female chastity, those who were devirginized and adulterous women were the targets of Dracula’s killing spree. He would even go as tough as ripping their genitals and breasts off, skinned alive and the skins would be thrown to a nearby table.

Many more other individuals experienced the wrath and brutal ways of Dracula in his castle. Even after all the awful things he had done, Vlad was still dubbed as a knight of the Dragon Order by the Hungarian King. He also wore a necklace that had a gold dragon medallion. The Romanians named Vlad as Dracul-Dracula which, in English, means the Devil. For generations, the label Dracula was passed on to his descendants. Nowadays, there have been many versions on how Dracula lived his life, tortured innocents and killed noble families whose spirits still haunts the castle walls. It was believed that even the soul of Dracula still lurks through the castle walls continuing his agonizing torture on the spirits of his dead victims and their screams and pleas of help still echo the premises. Truly, visiting this place would require that you are brave enough to hear spirits reaching out to you and asking for your help. Trust me, you will never, ever regret this trip. Furthermore, how exciting and interesting would it be if you could actually pull yourself together and visit one of the most famous places in the world and experience the castle’s tormenting history right before your eyes?

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Dalhousie Castle

[su_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq74DXr2aAU” width=”200″ height=”220″]

Erected during the thirteenth century, the Dalhousie Castle in Midlothian, Scotland has been visited by various tourists from all over the world even after knowing that several ghosts still haunts this place. There have been sightings of the late Sir Alexander Ramsey who was starved to death a long, long time ago and has been roaming the halls and grounds of the castle since his death. There is also the “Grey Lady” who haunts the turrets and dungeon of the castle who has been referred to as the ghost of Lady Catherine.

Because of the castle’s concurrence of many unexplained phenomena, ghost tour programs are available at the Dalhousie Castle all the time making it possible for the tourists to see firsthand the scary sights for themselves. Those who visit the castle just for accommodation purposes also have their own share of ghost experiences such as moving objects even when there is nobody around, different types of noises emanating from any part of the castle and some even hear footsteps through the night even if they were in a room alone.

There lies a dungeon in the castle where a spiral staircase would lead you to the premises. The dungeon used to be the first floor of the keep where prisoners of the late owner would be lowered down into the dungeon by the use of a rope where they would have no other means to escape the area. Some say that the voices of these prisoners are the very reason that they hear strange noises around the castle.

When visiting here, it would be best to book for a ghost tour as you would most definitely learn a lot about the place, and if you’re lucky, bring some spooky experience with you even as you make your way back to home. Travel destinations like these would most definitely be worth it as you would never have a nerve to make you forget it! How’s that for an unforgettable experience?

Greyfriars Kirkyards

[su_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhpDyVMxlJI” width=”200″ height=”220″]

Known as the most haunted spot in Edinburgh, the Greyfriars Kirkyard, a cemetery, has been the most favorite spot for ghost haunting by various explorers anywhere in the world. Even those who do not believe in the supernatural would be enticed by this place.

The Greyfriars Kirkyard has been the place for burial since the early 1600s. Mary Queen of Scots gave her consent to converting the convent garden as a cemetery during the year 1562. The most famous grave found here is that of a dog. It even has its own emolument. The dog has been the Greyfriars’ pet named Bobby. It was a tenacious Skye Terrier who served as a loyal watch dog to the Victorian police, John Gray.

Apart from its residential corpses, the cemetery has been a famous spot for ghost haunting. You may ask why after learning that the most famous grave is only that of a dog? Well, there lies the old Covenanters Prison where more than a thousand Presbyterian supporters beaten by the Government forces during the Battle of Bothwell Brig during the year 1670 were kept having awful conditions. These captives were caged up without any shelter and met their dying fate yearning for a breath of life and comfort. Nowadays, the person who persecuted the prisoners, George “bloody” Mackenzie still haunts the premises.

Another characteristic of the cemetery that adds up to its spookiness are the monuments that decorate the walls. They have been made in a manner that they would show evil-looking carvings that would make every tourist wonder why on earth would a dead person wish his grave to be looking as such. Truly, visiting this place would hype up your curiosity and your bravery as well.

Abbey of Thelema

[su_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW4QtC1Mhzk” width=”200″ height=”220″]

This place has been known to be one of the evil layers of the most vicious yet brilliant person in the world. During the year 1919, Aleister Crowley, a mystic and occulist also labelled as “The Great Beast” used this place as his area of worship. The Abbey of Thelema has been established to serve as a sanctuary, a holy place as you would say, where he and his followers would express their beliefs guided through the Law of Thelema on a day-to-day basis. The temple is located at Cefalu which is a small fishing town in Sicily.

Aleister Crowley have been known to be the one who introduced sex and drugs as sacramental rituals into a complex syncretic system he would like to call as Magick. He said that “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” as an overall part of his mystical system of Thelema. He was the one who founded Thelema, by the way. His quote means that in order for one to follow his True Will, you have to be in perfect harmony with Nature while also leading one’s grand destiny.

Nowadays, the Abbey of Thelema, still standing and has been sold for years but no one would dare purchase, stands as a hidden monument of mysterious and magical decay. It is said that when you visit here, you would get a strange feeling like someone was trying to lure you there. Most believe that it is Aleister Crowley who is initiating you to share his beliefs and explore the premises on your own to convince you that his ways are right for you. I don’t know about you, but that is just creepy as I would perceive the devil is trying to get into your head and making you do things that you normally wouldn’t consent on doing.

Lucedio Abbey

[su_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sdvODQFQNY” width=”200″ height=”220″]

Much like the previous spooky destination, the Lucedio Abbey in Trino, Italy has been known to also haunt people into coming here. It was believed to be the place where rampant murders, tortures and black magic disturbing rituals were performed. It was originally managed by monks as a place for torture, killing and everything evil. Since then, because of its gruesome history, the place was shut down. Even so, it is still reported that strange things still lurk within the area.

During the year 1684, it was said that many young girls living near the place were met by the devil through their dreams. After the devil seduced them, they would be led to visit the monks at Lucedio Abbey. Those girls would then corrupt the monks in the abbey and lured them to convert into Satanism.

Since then, there were tortures, homicides, evil rituals, child molestation and cruelty cases that happened there. The monks would kidnap local villagers and sacrifice them to the devil. Because of the rampant events, the news reached Rome and Pope Pio VI ordered to close the Abbey only after a hundred years after such events occurred. Since then, the Christian Church has forbid entry into the premises as they believe that the evil that lurks the area is still present there and un-exorcised.

It has been reported by several ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts who visit here that in the judgment room, where all the monks would decide on persecuting their victims, the pillar mysteriously appears wet. They concluded that this happening was due to the cries of the victims regarding the cruelty that the place had seen. Another part of the premises also had been reportedly haunted as people saw a strange fog forming for several times without any valid explanation.

Under the church of the place is the venue where all the abbots were buried. People believe that in order for the evil presence to stay within the premises, it had to be guarded. Several Cistercian abbots who were laid to rest here were positioned sitting in a circle surrounding the crypt serving as its guardians. If that weren’t too interesting, the abbots became mummified and preserved. Now, how do you explain that? This place just really would give you the creeps!

Leap Castle

[su_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FBhckoG8TM” width=”200″ height=”220″]

The Leap Castle, located at Rocrea, Ireland has had a turbulent and violent history. It served as a keep castle during the 14th or 15th century to guard the way from Slieve Bloom into Munster. This establishment has been regarded as the most haunted castle in all of Ireland due to the presence of an Elemental.

The castle’s original name was Leim ui Bhanain which means Leap of the O’Bannons. The O’Bannon clan were the first possessors of the castle which was then passed on to the O’Carrolls. It is the place where the O’Carrolls would set out for victory and defeat and bring their brides as their captives within these walls.

Over four hundred years ago, there was a weird concurrence at the “Bloody Chapel”. The castle experienced a number of family feuds gaining power, brother over brother, where it led to the killing of a priest, which was also a member of the family. He was killed by his own brother while he was hearing mass and lay dead in front of his own family. The gruesome act of brother killing his own and the blasphemy of sacred mass cut short by such a devastating event sent an echo of misery ringing throughout the castle.

During the 1900s, workmen were hired to clean the premises and were able to find some disturbing remnants of the place. They were able to uncover the piles of human bones on top of each other. It even took them three full cart loads to remove all of the remains. Among the bones found, there was one that had a pocket watch that was made back in the 1840s. Truly, it would lead you to question, was the castle even still in use then?
However, with its tragic history, the castle has another “thing” going on around its walls. It has been said to be haunted by an Elemental. This hideous creature, gray in color and looks like a sheep with no fur and has black holes all over its face has been haunting people who come here. It is said that you would know if it’s anywhere near you because there would be a spike of an awesome deadly smell, some say like that of sulfur, and that the thing would be looking at you.

There were even events that one reportedly was attacked by the Elemental as he was bitten by it and felt like he was dying. Those who have claimed to be at the presence of the Elemental said that they would get a feel of fear, weakness and nausea when they would see it.

Because of the castle’s scary traits and tales, its gates were pad locked for over seventy years. Locals have reported that they would see the lights bright for several seconds as if many candles were brought into the room during the night. Since then, the castle laid in ruin for several more years.

During the year 1991, the castle underwent christening of the new owner’s baby daughter. For the first time in centuries, the “Bloody Chapel” was filled with dancing, laughter, music and love. That event was full of happiness that the locals and owners would say that the elements haunting the premises have finally found peace.

Charleville Castle

[su_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oydFMGlv8VM” width=”200″ height=”220″]

Originally labeled as the Charleville Forest Castle located at the primordial forest in the center of Ireland near the town of Tullamore in Conty Offaly, Charleville Castle has earned the reputation of being one of the most haunted places in all of Ireland. It was first commissioned during the year 1798 by the first Earl of Charleville, Charles William Bury. It was designed by the famous Irish architect named Francis Johnston who completed the construction in the year 1812.

Being situated at a former ancient monastery and/or Druid site over a thousand years ago, the castle is just outright fine by building but most definitely scary by location. The original owner as mentioned above named Earl of Charleville, was presumed to have been practicing devil worship and chose to have the building erected on the site of an ancient monastery so that he may take advantage of the natural magnetic energies emanating from the site. The Burys were regarded as members of the Freemasonry. Could that be the reason why the place is haunted? Could it be because they were Freemasons?

Now, let’s go to the scary yet fun part. The ghost that has been believed to haunt these walls is that of Harriet, the golden-haired daughter of Earls of Charleville. They say that she was just playing down the banister of the grand staircase when she fell to her death on the cold stone flow beneath. Many have claimed that when they go by the stairway, they would feel a sudden coldness of the air. Some say that they have even seen the child by the steps and anywhere around the house mostly looking like she was playing a game of hide and seek. It was often reported as well that she wasn’t alone and that she was playing along with a boy. Legends say that the boy was a missing child of the predecessors of the castle from another family who was later found to be by the bottom of the staircase and that he was allegedly looked after with a boy and a girl as he came down the steps.

There was even a temporary resident who slept in the castle who said that she woke up one night and found a number of ghosts circling her bed and that they were monks offering her a blessing. Another guest of the premises said that he was kept awake by a noisy conversation by two unseen Englishmen of another age. Desperate for some sleep, the guest turned on the lights and kept the door to the room open. After which, there was silence and he was finally able to get some sleep.

Other reports from this castle say that they also hear voices, footsteps, child cries, a white mist and an uncanny male figure who lurks the walkways of the castle. One part of the castle is kept locked as it is believed to be haunted by an Elemental, much like that of the previous haunted place I mentioned earlier.

Last but not the least, there is a “King Oak” found within the property which is a large and ancient tree that was believed to be of sentimental value to the Bury family. It was said that if one of the branches fell off the tree, a person from the current residents would pass away shortly. This was evidenced yet unexplained during the year 1963 where the oak was hit by lightning although it was still able to stand strong and firm. Following the incident, Colonel Charles Howard-Bury, the head of the Bury family and last of the family to inherit the property, died unexpectedly. If I were you, I wouldn’t be quite scared about coming to the area as you’re not the owner. So, why not swing on by? Maybe the monks and the children could give you some welcome spirit!

The Winchester Mystery House

[su_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dy0TnZ_vpk” width=”200″ height=”220″]

This Winchester Mystery House at San Jose, California has been the item for curious minds and the destination for those who are mystery-driven. It is an extravagant maze of Victorian craftsmanship owned by the Mrs. Winchester. The house composes of windows blocked by walls, stairs that lead nowhere and doors that open to a fall off the house. It is so huge and elegantly built that you wouldn’t guess what the Mrs. was thinking when she erected the place. Some of the odd things about the building includes the Switchback Staircase that has seven flights with forty four steps rising up to about nine feet that has about two inches high steps. There are also miles of twisting hallways that lead to passageways into the walls. Among many other things, the mysterious house has gained its reputation not for its weird quarters and areas but also by the ghastly stories behind the architecture of the house.

People believed that when Mrs. Winchester lost her husband, she was visited by various ghosts. They alleged that she kept rebuilding and re-tearing the house apart even after a month’s complete construction because the ghosts didn’t want her to completely finish building it. Building dead ends and stairs that would lead to the roof were supposedly to trick the bad spirits into leaving her house as Mrs. Winchester only wanted to welcome the good ones.

There was one time that a storm hit the area and Mrs. Winchester was found hours later by the servants. They said that she would sleep at a different room from time to time so that the spirits would not be able to find her. Since there are tours held in the place, it would be best that you stick close to your guide as you might wander away and get lost within the maze! Visiting here would give you insight at how weird the house is, its lurking stories and, if you have a third eye, might even come across a spirit trying to find its way around the premises. Exciting, isn’t it?

The Castle Keep

[su_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-buZKBBt8sI” width=”200″ height=”220″]

The Castle Keep of Newcastle, United Kingdom has been around for centuries and has been regarded as one of the oldest buildings still standing to this date. A settlement once stood on the land since the Roman Era when a fort known as Pons Aelius was erected to defend a bridge across the River Tyne. It was also alleged that the place where the castle stands used to be an Anglo-Saxon burial ground. During the year 1080, the first castle was established by Robert Cuthose, son of William I, as a defense against the Scots who devastated the land. Construction began in 1172 by Henry II that took about five years to completely finish the castle. After which, Henry III constructed The Black Gate and further outside the premises, walls were added to the Castle. Because of the additional fortresses, the castle became a place of safety for the locals during the Scottish Invasion.

For three hundred years after that, the castle fell into disrepair and was declared by Queen Elizabeth I as a ruinous site. However, during the year 1643, the castle was rebuilt and brought back to its former glory. During that year which was the commencement of the English Civil War, Sir Jon Marley started to repair the castle as the Scott invaders continued their claims to the south. However, during the year 1644, thousands of Scottish soldiers were able to capture the property.

The brave 1,500 men who fought for their rights to the land were able to send the Scotts running for three consecutive months that led to their surrender. During the eighteenth century, the castle was then converted into a prison. The people who were brought here were those sadistic and violent ones. Men, women and children were literally placed in cells and were left to rot without food or water. Some of the criminals confined were even chained to the walls for weeks at a time where people would pay amounts of money just to see them suffer. The castle then earned a reputation of being the place for gruesome torture while the neighboring The Black Gate was the place for public executions.

During the year 1809, the castle was acquired by The Newcastle Corporation which further improvised the premises. For two hundred years since then, the castle has been listed as a Grade I building. The improvements made by The Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle Upon Tyne and that of The Newcastle City Council have maintained the building making it as a symbol for the rich history it holds.

Now, for the scarier history part. Due to its rich history, which is probably the most prominent reason why a place is haunted, various reports allege that every room inside the castle has a story and a sighting. Tons of photographs have been published online and also in books depicting sightings from orbs, dark shadows and grey mists. People have even been attacked here physically such as being pushed and scratched by unexplained elements. Some even hear voices of soldiers, women, children and even chanting monks! One program in television which features scary places even had to leave the set because of the weird things that they experienced around there.

The Witches Castle

[su_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEp-brodXOE” width=”200″ height=”220″]

Situated at a river port town along the bank of a small cove just east of the majestic Falls of Ohio is the Witches Castle. It lies within Utica, a rich town filled with natural resources, a secure cove and a beautiful shoreline. However, no matter how the founder of the town tried to develop the said location, was unable to do so. There was a strange aura that emanated from the place that seemed to drive potential commerce away. They couldn’t explain it until they found the existence of The Witches Castle.

People would say that the town is cursed in some way. History tells that during the Treaty of Paris, the British had gained possession over the Native American territory and drove the witch sisters away. It was alleged that they even put up a fight before they were forced to leave. How were they forced to leave? The three sisters were tied down to the rafts and sent afloat towards the Falls of Ohio where they were then killed by the surging waters and violent rapids. While they were on their way to the falls, the sisters initially were screaming and wailing but then, they suddenly froze, like ice.

Eyewitnesses were so curious as how this could be since they were nearing their death. Some say that they were shocked at what was happening to them. Suddenly, the sisters stared at the town folk and those who condemned them to death with piercing eyes full of hatred. The sisters then began to quiver, raving manically, shouting curses and obscene language at the people damning every last one of them and their future generations like the sisters were possessed of some sort. Following their rants, the sisters fell to the Falls and was never heard of again. Some say that they cursed the town that’s why it does not flourish. It is also one of the reasons why the town is now labeled as a “ghost town”.

Following the construction of a dam, another set of three sisters called Utica their home. They resided on the outskirts of town establishing a castle-like stone shack built on a remote wooden hill overlooking the Ohio River. The town people labeled these sisters as the rude ones since they refused to mingle with them.

They also seemed strange as they would not go out during the day and they preferred to wander the woods during the evening, having lanterns sparkle through the night as they roam around it. There were even baskets of animal bones, geodes and old roots perched up on their front porch and a god-awful smell would emanate from their chimney. They even held up signs on their house that says “No Trespassing” and would fire gun shots when someone else would come close to their property.

Because of their unruly behavior, people presumed that these three girls were witches and have done every measure possible to avoid them. However, for each month, five children would go missing and the town folk barged into the sisters’ property since they concluded that they must be the ones responsible for the disappearances. When they reached the sisters’ house, they found human skin hanging by a clothesline, a pile of human bones by the corner and a boiling human heart cooking in the pot. It was the most gruesome sight any of the people have ever seen. Upon discovery, the town’s people condemned the sisters as witches and guilty for cannibalism. They executed them and left them hanging along with burning down the house.

During the 1950s, the burned castle was re-erected and turned into a tourist destination named as Mistletoe Falls. The business, like any of those within the town, did not flourish. Again, the people alleged that the place was also cursed that produced many problems all over town. Another unexplained phenomena happened when the establishment burned to the ground. After the incident, the site was abandoned and no one dared to go near it ever again.

Nowadays, the remains of The Witches Castle is equipped with a fireplace, a foundation, a wall and a filled-in basement. One of the shacks behind the ruins still appear to be intact that’s present with two windows, two doors and a fireplace.

Many paranormal enthusiasts and curious explorers have went back and forth into the property alleging that they have recorded strange voices and noises with their equipment. Some even say that they see faces of children peeking through the shack’s windows. The most intriguing sighting of all was that of a young faceless girl aged around eight of nine years old that has long black hair and wears a white dress. She roams around aimlessly the ruins and the woods as if she was lost or trying to find some solace from the tragic outcome of her life, being stripped down and eaten by the sisters.

Gruesome events happened within the town following the incident. A girl was lured into The Witches Castle thinking that a friend of hers was in trouble and was tortured there at the stroke of midnight. When she survived, she was taken to another place and tortured some more by soaking her up with gasoline and burned her to her death. When the people found her the next morning, she was still smoldering. The girl was only twelve by the way. The suspects of the crime were four teenage girls who were found to have been stalking the victim before they tortured her. The incident has been regarded as one of the most recent devastating crime in Indiana’s history.

When you visit here, you should probably keep in mind that you own your destiny and you should protect the frailty of your mind. The mysteries of the property might still haunt the place until now so you better have a watchful eye and steer clear of probable people who might do you harm.

It was then led to believe that the three “witches” were Metis. The translation to the word means “a person of half-breed, mongrel, cross-bred, mestizo of metif blood”. They Jesuit Father Vivier during the year 1750 was the one who gave the word its weird meaning. He alleged that the very existence of such a creature goes against the laws of Nature and of God. He added that Metis individuals are illegal runners of the forest, like that of the three sisters. So remember, in this place, the safest people would probably be men! Be careful, brave heart. This destination is not for the weak!

Predjama Castle

[su_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJlbyFilmQI” width=”200″ height=”220″]

Now for the strangely located castle ever built in the history of human race! The Predjama Castle is located in Postojna Cave, Slovenia where it seems to be emanating from the cave itself! It is overhanging from a limestone cliff making your brain cells rattle saying, “how the hell did that castle get to be built so perfectly?”

The renaissance castle that once served as a family estate of Knight Erazem, none less than Slovenian Robin Hood. Legends tell that Erazem came about Predjama when he fled from the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III after having murdered Marshall Pappencheim. He apparently found an ally of the Hungarian king named Matthias Corvinus and began to unleash his wrath at the Habsburg estates.

For a year and a day, said Ezarem was held captive in his fortress while his enemies could not fathom how the prisoner was able to acquire of food and supplies for his survival when he was left to rot and was guarded heavily. Little did his enemy know that he was able to build a secret passageway which is a natural shaft that would lead to Postojna. Having renovated the passageway, Erazem was able to come and go anytime he pleases from the castle. Nowadays, entrance to Erazem’s Tunnel may be accessible to the visitors except during the winter time when it would be infested by a colony of bats.

Prior to the existence of Erazem in the castle, people have called the cave home for over a thousand years ago where the castle was built right in front of their home. Because of the existence of prior settlements within the area, it has been rumored that the castle is haunted by these people. If you would pave your way into the village next to the church of St. Marry of Sorrows, the location of Erazem’s remains, you will find a lime tree trunk that looks like it’s struggling for its life. Stories say that Erazem’g girlfriend while she was still alive planted the tree over his grave as a symbol of his unending life, much believed by the locals in Slovenia.

When you come here, you will not just be amazed by how tremendously built the castle was or how it was designed as if you were visiting the olden times, its lurking mysteries and lost souls of the cave would haunt you, making you feel that you should’ve come earlier to free them from the blockade of the castle walls that hindered them from escaping into the after-life.


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