8 Dangerous Vacation Activities That Tourists Could Do

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For every traveler out there, one would love to travel to keep off the hustle and bustle of work, stressful family life, demanding struggles to sustain a life and to just get off that part of our lives and have fun, most especially to reconnect with nature. Not everybody who lives in the suburbs or the city have the luxury of enjoying fresh air and extraordinary trips with nature. Although, an ideal vacation would mean relaxing, the ones that I would recommend in this article is just out of the ordinary and exciting at the same time. Some relaxing time would not suffice here but would be more suitable for those traveling in search of an extraordinary experience to last them a lifetime!

Spending some time on an adventure would definitely not just lay you off the boring and repetitive lifestyle of trying to earn for a living, it will likewise bring an exciting twist to your ordinary life. Let me introduce you to some of the most challenging vacations that one could ever engage in that when it’s time to come home, that is if you even survive the feat, will most definitely never forget the trip for the rest of your life!


First off, let me inform you about the most challenging diving site ever found in the world. Wait, let me first differentiate how this experience is different from any other excursion that you may undergo in the city. Well, the city does not necessarily have dive sites, now would it? All the traffic noises and the busy street life would not be supplemental to having an environment that’s purely nature-instilled now, would it? Yes!

This destination is one where you are going to have to travel to a far place just to enjoy some extreme and one-of-a-kind vacation activity. The area provides for an incredible adrenaline-fueled experience unfit for those who are not too excited about a challenging obstacle. You should keep in mind that attempting to undergo through this activity would require that you have all the correct scuba training, the appropriate and necessary diving equipment and have carefully planned the route to the areas of the deep blue sea. Every skilled diver who’s had an accident within the area was caused by miscalculation so you better come prepared! You should pay attention to the critical balance that is required to sustain your tanks, lights and other diving equipment.

Blue Hole, Dahab, Egypt

 Freediving at The Bells, Dahab from Lars Plougmann

Freediving at The Bells, Dahab from Lars Plougmann

The Blue Hole in Dahab, Egypt has earned a reputation for being the most popular diving site anywhere in the world. Not only has it been famous for its exceptional fitting atmosphere for diving, it has also been named as “The World’s Most Dangerous Dive Site. The Blue Hole is a submarine sinkhole that goes way deep down up to about a hundred and thirty meters. There also lies a shallow opening extending up to about six meters that is named as the saddle. It opens out to the sea, has a twenty-six meter tunnel named as “The Arch” and goes deep down up to about fifty-six meters.

The diving area would come easier for those people who are used to shallow depths. However, it could be more challenging for those who would attempt to go beyond and through the Arch. Its depth goes way beyond the limits of recreational diving and should only be attempted by those who are technically trained and are experts of deep diving. Special diving equipment are also going to be necessary for the divers that would love to experience going through The Arch.

The Blue Hole has had claimed lives of about seventy divers and was named as “The Diver’s Cemetery” due to such incidents. The most famous diving accidents to have ever occurred here was that of Yuri Lipski whose death was even featured on camera that he took with him attached to his diving equipment. You would even get to see how dangerous this diving site is through his experience and you should really come prepared before you list yourselves as the very few who are brave enough to take on that depth of death!

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Mountain Climbing

In the words of Gary Neptune, “Climbing can kill you”. The most dangerous of this outdoor activity includes high altitude mountaineering that makes the peaks an extremely dangerous one to undergo. This one spot I will introduce to you have records of people dying while attempting to reach its peak. It might actually qualify as one of the most dangerous activity on earth! Some of the famous people who have dared to climb this mountain is Mike Matthews who was brave enough to take on the challenge without even knowing the risks.

Most of the ones who come here do not even have a spec of idea of what they are about to go through. One climber named Babu Chiri Sherpa even lost his life just by stepping in the wrong spot which led to his fall into a crevasse. What mountain you might ask this is? Well, let me introduce you to the world’s alleged highest peak that has claimed lives yet have put challenging ideas for people who aren’t scared to take on the challenge of reaching its peak: Mount Everest.

Mount Everest

k Nepal - Island Peak - 012 - Looking out from mckaysavage

k Nepal – Island Peak – 012 – Looking out from mckaysavage

First off, Mount Everest has an eight thousand meter peak that is just oh so hard to climb. The weather within its area has also been known to be one of the causes of deaths of mountain climbers who have tried to reach its peak. It has been reported that the free weather reports to the climbers were horrible. Some climbers even appear to rely on the reports or even undergo the climb without any idea at all of what the weather could be.

Some expeditions would spend some cash just to learn through the Bracknell reports which have been highly regarded as the most reliable weather report provider of all. However, since it’s just a forecast, it might not be the actual weather that you might encounter on your way up since sometimes, the weather could be unpredictable especially when it’s high up in Everest.

Another factor that adds up to Everest being a very dangerous feat to undergo is the abundance of oxygen that people need to survive while doing mountain climbing. Climbers would use re-filled bottles to suffice for the needed oxygen on the climb. Up until now, there has been no accurate evidence that would prove that the oxygen in the mountain is bad since no deaths in Everest have been proven to be the cause of lack of oxygen. However, since it soars up way above the clouds, your body system could fail that would lead to your last breath on earth.

Most of the people who lose their lives in Everest are due to their slow pace while climbing the summit. If you would be too slow, you could miss your calculated deadlines, run late on reaching the peak, and could lead to sudden weather changes that would cost you your life. It’s not a very appealing fact but it is the truth. Many of the climbers would stay on the mountain and would be caught up in the afternoon storms on their way back to the lower parts of the mountains. As mentioned earlier, weather forecasts could go wrong so you should definitely be more careful.

The last causes of deaths on your way up to Mount Everest’s peak are caused by falls and avalanches as well. Stepping at the wrong spot or shouting too loud could cause the snow to fall down on you which could lead you to suffocate and eventually die. Truly, this challenge is not for the faint hearted but would be extra appealing for the adrenaline junkies out there who are brave enough to take on the most dangerous outdoor activity known to man! Your name would definitely be remembered worldwide due to your bravery and determination to reach the highest peak found on earth.

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Now, for another outdoor excursion and the one which would make you feel like a part of Mother Nature: camping. For some of those camping backpackers, it would be very appealing when you go on a camping trip to arrive at a very beautiful place that offers magnificent scenery of all that is nature. Most undergo the activity to reconnect with nature and erase the picture of high-end buildings and noisy traffic and just unwind in the forest. Some, however, would love to be challenged and push their physical and mental abilities and adapt to the ever-changing conditions of camping. Well, if you’re the latter kind, this activity is perfect for you.

Redwood National Park

 Redwoods June 2011 from JoeDuck

Redwoods June 2011 from JoeDuck

Situated by the Redwood Creek portion, this camping site reached through Orick Horse trails or by Redwood Creek Trails would demand either a twenty mile or thirty-two mile loop that would take you about two to three days to complete. On the way, you will encounter steep grades and switchbacks that would add more challenge in completing this outdoor activity. You will also get to have the feel of the forest along with old and second-growth trees which have in them banana slugs, salal, evergreen huckleberry and wild ginger that are just a recreational sight to see. Keep in mind though that there is no water available on this feat so you better bring a lot along with you since the water found here are non-potable.

There are available picnic tables and bear-proof lockers along with fire pits and a toilet to make your trip extra-accommodating. Also bring along boots that have slip-proof soles since the moist rainforest and coast could get very slippery. Due to that fact, this outdoor activity is one of the most dangerous camping destinations that one could undergo. However, it could be very satisfying as you will find the isolation very endearing and very appealing as well since a vacation would generally mean, having some alone time away from all the busy streets of the metropolis.

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Due to tall and powerful waves that would break cleanly while you surf makes the sport a bit more challenging even for the most experienced surfers anywhere in the world. Amidst of that fact, it could get more interesting for those surfing enthusiasts because of the high quality that makes these waves a definite must-not-miss opportunity to surf on. However, the most quality waves are also regarded as the most dangerous ones to take on. The waves would start to break and it could soar up to dozens of meters high. Another fact about dangerous waves is that it could break over coral reefs where one could stumble their head upon and could likely end your life.

The water itself could get hazardous as much as the breaks. It could yield the water to form a rip current that would smash the life out of you and make you yearn up for air, only that you couldn’t because it just would not stop for moments at a time. It could exhaust you so much costing your very last breath. Now, for the most tremendous and challenging wave that the world has ever seen, let me introduce you to the most hazardous Mavericks.

Mavericks in Hawaii

 surfing mavericks from dennis

surfing mavericks from dennis


There was once a movie that featured the very brave Jeff Clark who took on the Mavericks and made him the most famous surfer ever known to the world. He was just a typical dude who would walk himself from school each and every day along the cliffs in Half Moon Bay of California. Another surfer named Mark Foo, took on the mavericks and died during the year 1994. He knew it was a dangerous feat but he didn’t care! Because the glory that you will receive after having been brave enough to take on the toughest surfing challenge is just tremendously appealing.

The thick lips pitching off the boil are notoriously brutal as one would describe the waves of Mavericks. It could swerve you through and through, bash you into boulders that are as big as houses and even take you to areas where great white sharks are known to have attacked people. It could likewise get hollow and ledge-y. When you hear surfers talk about the freight trains in the water as the Mavericks would form up, you would definitely be intimidated and attracted to take on the challenge as well.

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Skiing is that type of sport activity that may be fun to share with the children. However, it could be dangerous depending on where you would choose to ski at. Some famous people who love to ski have encountered accidents while doing the sport such as Michael Schumacher who is the lead Formula 1 Champion had a head injury while enjoying the sport in the Alps and that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel who broke her pelvis while she was on a ski holiday. These accidents happen when one who engages in skiing drop at flat surfaces without ice so it is very important that you would calculate your statistics first before you start.

There are also those areas that have danger slops which would cause avalanches having a pile of snow drop at you while you’re trying to swerve around it. Based on US government figures, among the top ten most dangerous sporting activity undertaken by players, skiing ranked at the 9th spot. Given that, skiing really is not that difficult as long as you keep in mind to land at the safe spots and avoid those thickly piled snow that could cause an avalanche.

Rambo in Crested Butte Mountain Resort

 Looking down "Rambo" from psmithy

Looking down “Rambo” from psmithy

One of the best and most challenging slopes to take on is that of a thousand vertical feet and pitches of fifty five degrees which is the Rambo in Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Unlike any other trails, that one in Rambo, once you start to swerve through it, there’s no getting back! The only saving grace of this trail is its briefness. Luckily for you, even if it’s way steep, it only goes about three hundred meters long. If you’re the one who is attracted to a challenge, Crested Butte will most definitely be the perfect place for you. The entire ski area at the North Face section including that which adjoins Teocalli Bowl is wrapped with wall-like drops that the enthusiastic adrenaline junkies would definitely like to ride that steep slope!

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According to a report on sky diving, a 16-year-old American girl fell almost about a kilometer to the ground while she was sky diving. However, this young lad was able to survive and recovered from her many injuries. Her doctor said that she broke her pelvis and hurt her liver, lumbar spine in her lower back, a shoulder blade and some of her ribs because of that fall. Apart from that, the most minor injury she had was breaking her tooth. Truly, sky diving accidents could happen too but it doesn’t mean that everybody who tries it could suffer the same. It would be safer if the person followed instructions, listened to the precautions on landing and well, you can have the most wonderful time several feet above the ground while flying. Oh, trust me! This activity is surely one for the books!

Some skydivers encounter accidents due to their faulty parachutes so before you tackle on the activity, make sure every gear and every equipment necessary for the fall are in place and properly working. Also, if you’re not too confident about soaring high up alone, you can even hire an expert to be strapped with you so you could feel safer while having the time of your life!


 over interlaken from foreverdigital

over interlaken from foreverdigital

Now, let me introduce you to the most beautiful spot in the entire world to go sky diving. Packed with breathtaking views and is likewise the haven for various outdoor activities as well. Located in Switzerland, Interlaken has gained the reputation of being the most scenic drop zones in Europe and the world. When you do some skydiving here, you will get a glimpse of France, Italy, Germany and Austria even that of snow-packed peaks of the Jungfrau and the Matterhorn in the French Alps.

What makes it even more famous to adventure travelers is that, whether you are an experienced or a beginner in skydiving, the area has company tours that caters to both the kind. Other than catering to any type of explorer, the dive operations here also go smoothly and are very safe to indulge in. If you were the one who was looking for a solitude time and want to unleash the stresses of life, this exhilierating and terrifying jump will surely make every trip worthwhile!

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Everybody perceives boating to be risky and requires one to be physically fit and enthusiastic while doing it. Also, the water levels and the currents could go freakishly unstable and hurricanes could come your way. Other than that, you may also encounter big winds and murdering waves that could damage your boat and make it leak, much like it was the end of the world where you would be sinking your way slowly while isolated within nowhere! However, do not be nervous.

Most sailors do not encounter this, especially the ones who sail prepared like knowing the weather conditions within their path, knowing where to stop over and where to sail as far as the horizon takes them without any casualties and also being equipped with equipment that will make your trip as safe as a pillow. Apart from being a sport of the rich (since only the wealthy can afford to buy those boats as large as a house), the activity will give you the satisfaction of literally going out on your own way, enjoying the breeze, enjoying the solitude that you could, at some point, not want to go back to where you came from. This activity is definitely pleasing to those who are yearning for some fun and adventure during a vacation trip.

Tristan da Cunha

 The National Geographic explorer moored from brian.gratwicke

The National Geographic explorer moored from brian.gratwicke

Located about almost two thousand miles off the coast of South Africa is the British Island group of Trista da Cunha. It is an isolated area in the South Atlantic. As mentioned earlier, boating could be very refreshing for those who are yearning for some escape route from home. This is most definitely the perfect place to engage in a vacation and go sailing to. It has been renowned as the world’s most remote inhabited islands that composes of a volcanic vent that erupted during the year 1961. Because of which, the islands were inhabited as the people were then evacuated to England.

In going to this place, you will experience an easy-going route, perfect for that holiday feel. The best part about this area is the absence of airports, hotels, holiday reps, restaurants, night clubs, jet skis and the waters aren’t safe for swimming. That is why, as remote as a place this is, it only caters to activities such as boating where you can just stay at your vessel, enjoy the surroundings while nothing else gets in your way or disturbs your moment of serenity. Because of its remoteness, you will have to clear it with the Island Council and obtain a police certificate that could be approved usually at a span of forty days so you will be allowed to enter the area. If that’s not too exclusive for some alone time for yourself, well, I don’t know what else could get better than this type of privacy!

There are around ten sailings a year that come from Cape town, South Africa and Namibia that cruise along this area for about five or six days in length. It would cost you about eight hundred dollars up to a thousand and a half just to get a round trip. It could get costly, but come on! Wouldn’t it be worth since you won’t get this type of one-of-a-kind trip with a touch of ultimate privacy that you may never get to experience anywhere else?

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When one goes to a hiking trip, when you reach your destination, say one where you will get on top of a hill, you would definitely feel like Jack Dawson on Titanic saying, “I’m the king of the world!” Getting the opportunity to say such things and release all the stresses of everyday life would most definitely make the trip worth it now, would you say?

However, going on a hiking trip could get risky at times. Some of the beginners of the excursion commit mistakes especially when they take the shortcuts and end up getting delayed in reaching their destination. Even those who come prepared could get hooked up in challenging situations along the way. So before you would engage in such activity, let me introduce you first to the most common mistakes a hiker could encounter while doing such outdoor activity.

The first mistake a person could commit is by underestimating the hardships that you could encounter in the trail. Even if you’ve prepared yourself physically by going to the gym many times over to endure the physical challenge of hiking, it does not mean to say that you’re up for the challenge. You have to admit to yourself that some of your abilities might not be enough for the level. It would be shameful if, the time you started the hike and you’re halfway there, you would have to turn around and get back because you didn’t think you could make it any further now, would you?

So, in order to prepare yourself for this feat, you need to calculate the distance you’re going to take up, know where you’re headed and the obstacles you will have to encounter and train for them, not just for the gym but go on wall climbing, harnessing and other activities that would be a fitting preparation for the activity. This reason would lead up to the second mistake that hikers usually commit: failing to prepare for the challenge.

Being unprepared is one of the most common mishaps that any person undertaking a dangerous and challenging activity could make. For example, only packing up for a headlamp and a thin jacket when you’re supposed to go hiking on a place that has a cool temperature and your lamp could go off any second. The wisest thing to do would be to pack two or three more flashlights and have an extra jacket so you would feel like a boy scout who is prepared for the inevitable.

The third mistake a person could commit while doing the hiking trip is actually going alone. Doing it by yourself could get challenging especially when you’re no expert on the trail you are taking on. You might know the map like the back of your hand but since hiking could get dangerous, when you injure yourself or encounter a wild animal, not notifying anyone about your trip could get hazardous for you. So in order to be double-sure that you are going to get back safely to where you came from, it would be best to hire an expert guide during the trip as to minimize the casualties and to have somebody around to assist you when you get into accidents.

Another thing is, it would not be wise if you abandon your original itinerary for the tip. As mentioned before, having to get back when you’re halfway there would ruin the entire trip and could turn your mood from getting enthusiastic to getting frustrated. So, before going on the trip, make an organized plan such as knowing where to camp, knowing the weather conditions during the feat, get information about the possible dangers that you can encounter along the trail, pack for what you need to bring and make sure that every obstacle will be manageable for you. Also, you need to keep track of the time so that you won’t miss having to set up camp when the sun has already gone done and everything would be dark. That way, you wouldn’t have to work around through the darkness and hurt yourself while setting up.

The best way to come prepared, apart from that I’ve already mentioned, is to inform someone back home of your plans in exploring the hiking world. You also need to instruct the person that when you don’t arrive in time for the allotted time you’ve planned for, that they should conduct a searching party since you might already be in trouble that’s why you couldn’t make it on time. Make sure also that you have emergency tool kit, enough food and water and equipment to last you for the duration of the trip. Now that I’ve figured out you might be up and ready for this, let me introduce you to the best hiking trail you can find anywhere in the world.

Huayna Picchu

 View down Huayna Picchu from ftmsh

View down Huayna Picchu from ftmsh

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is one of the toughest feats ever in the outdoor activities section of hiking. It has been reported that many people has had casualties almost every year while taking up the journey. The real danger starts when you would take on the trail past the mythical city going to Juayna Picchu, also known as “Hike of Death”. Since Machu Picchu is located way above the mountains, (it is an ancient city, by the way, considered as the most prominent discoveries of mankind that gave us a clearer idea of the life many, many years ago), the journey could last you days before reaching the top.

The old Inca staircase is made out of granite and reaches up to about a thousand feet in less than a mile. Additionally, the route is filled with crumbling and rotting rocks, slippery stones and exposed corners that could injure the avid hiker who passes here. Truly, flip flops and less packed water is not a good preparation to tackle this route so before you take on the challenge, slip-proof hiking shoes and tons of water would make your trip less of a hassle.

Apart from the slippery stones and all the other dangerous characteristics found within the trail, the mist and clouds that hover over this area makes the hiking trip even more challenging making the hikers be forced to grip tightly on old steel cables to keep themselves at bay. The hiking to the top is the easy part since you will see firsthand what you’d be encountering. However, the going back part is the hardest due to the steep slope that often stun the adventurers with fear knowing that they could stumble and roll down for so long if they step on the wrong spot.

Having said the dangers of this hiking trail, it would be best to travel with an expert guide so there would be someone to assist you and keep you safe from all the harms of the trail. This activity might sound a bit more challenging than just going into the woods, but, rest assured, the trip is most definitely worth it. When you reach the top, the view of ancient civilization fusing itself with the green pastures of nature is just oh so breathtaking that you would suddenly forget how challenging the journey was. Truly, a sight like this may not be present anywhere else in the world and doing the adventure would probably make you want to do it again since you don’t get a view like this in the city!

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