The Lavish Resort Town of Saint Jean at St Barts

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 Nikki Panorama 1 from jsmjr

Nikki Panorama 1 from jsmjr

When you travel to St. Bart’s, you will be amazed with the twenty stunning pristine beaches that are just waiting for you to dip yourselves on! It has been recognized as the most lavish island in all of the Caribbean. Spending a time away from home here will make you enjoy the serenity, the relaxation of pampering yourself to the most expensive yet quality accommodation choices and dining experiences. Gustavia is the small capital of St. Barthelemy that is composed of four and five star hotels and resorts that are nestled just a walk away from beautiful beaches. If you’re planning on spending your time in St. Bart’s at the best of the best among all its treasures, then you should journey on to its resort town called Saint Jean.

Located at the northern point of the island and is the largest and most famous area in St. Barts, Saint Jean is where you can located the island’s state-of-the-art sports complex that has a stadium, volleyball and baseball courts, a skate park, an archery range and a stunning swimming pool.

 Baie de Saint-Jean-de-Luz et de Ciboure from Matthieu Luna

Baie de Saint-Jean-de-Luz et de Ciboure from Matthieu Luna

The most prominent beach in the area is named Baie de Saint Jean which is located at the end of the Gustav III Airport runway. It is actually the one beach in St. Bart’s that is categorized in half by the Eden Rock headland. It is a small beach but has peaceful waters that are perfect for swimming. The beach may be accessible through Eden Rock Hotel, Nikki Beach and Tom Beach Hotel.

 Shops on St. Jean from meddygarnet

Shops on St. Jean from meddygarnet

If you’ve already had your fill of sulking yourself at the beach, you might as well do some shopping! After all, since the place is visited by the wealthy, it is jam packed with tons of shop choices. Some of the most visited ones are the La Savane, Les Manglier, La Creole, Les galleries du Commerce and Central Valval. The mains street that is just by the beach is called the Cabane where you will likewise find other shopping establishments to ponder upon.

 Eden Rock Hotel - separates the two side from Jay Colbath

Eden Rock Hotel – separates the two side from Jay Colbath

As a luxury destination, Saint Jean has been known to compose of exclusive villas, classy hotels and roomy cottages. Most of these accommodation choices are conveniently located on hills decorated with exquisite flowers and vegetation. The most appealing of them all is the Eden Rock Hotel which is known to be the very first hotel established within the island built during the 1950s. Amidst its age, the hotel hasn’t lost its touch of elegance and glamour. It is also the perfect place to stay at if you wish to have a magnificent view of the Saint Jean Bay. Apart from its ideal location, it also composes of an outstanding restaurant named as “On the Rocks” and the chill-out area called “Sand Bar”.

If you’re appealed by the beauty of Saint Jean, it would be best to visit the area during the month of June. During which, the weather is just perfect to compliment a day at the beach without the sun getting too scorching hot. However, if you love the idea of the sun being feisty on your skin, then, it would be best for you to vacation at Saint Jean during the months of December until April. During the months of September to November though, it could get a little wet since it would be time for the rainy season. Peak season in the area starts at the month of December so it would be best to book six months in advance for your scheduled visit.


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