The Enchanting Cozumel in Mexico

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 IMG_1746 from jeffb123

IMG_1746 from jeffb123

For those tourists who are seeking a relaxing and tranquil escape to paradise, Mexico’s Cozumel Island, an upscale vacation destination is the perfect place for you. It is attractive to tourists who are traveling both with their families and those who are yearning to go scuba diving. Situated by the Yucatan Peninsula by the southeastern part of Mexico, this island has tons of surprises to offer including magnificent beaches and ancient Mayan ruins.

 Cruise #10 from Lynda Giddens

Cruise #10 from Lynda Giddens

The primary attraction of the island is the underwater world of Cozumel. It is the primary reason why it has been regarded as the perfect spot for snorkeling and diving by the tourists who usually come by. Its clear and pristine waters composed of colorful coral reefs make each dive just like that of a dream. You may easily rent snorkeling equipment or engage in a snorkeling tour on the island. Though, it would be more accommodating if you booked for a tour since it would be inclusive of transport and the equipment. Sand Dollar Beach is the most famous starting point for those who are interested in snorkeling.

 Dolphin! from purpleslo

Dolphin! from purpleslog

The Chankanaab National Marine Park is another must-see establishment in the area that houses diverse species of marine life, especially those cute and friendly dolphins. Apart from the park, there is also a national preserve that’s equally as worth the visit called the Punta Sur National Park situated at the southernmost part of the island. This protected area serves as a sanctuary for different types of birds and animals such as flamingos, crocodiles and herons that are the ones that are sighted more often.

The southern tip of the park composes of a lighthouse that was later transformed into a museum with the name of Faro de Celarain. This museum, as dashing as it can be, gives the visitors the pleasure of climbing their way up to its top most part. Once you have gone over the steps, you will be amazed by looking outside and admire the fantastic view of Cozumel.

 Wish you were here (Cozumel, Mexico) from caribbeanfreephoto

Wish you were here (Cozumel, Mexico) from caribbeanfreephoto

There also lies the Playa Mia Beach being the most popular of its kind in the area. It lures drowsy travelers with its soft, white sands and pristine Caribbean water. It is the perfect spot to go sunbathing, relaxing your way from a tiring day and leave all your worries behind. You may even avail yourself of a massage by the beach. Activities such as aqua sports may also be enjoyed here and is mostly engaged by those tourists that have been in love with Cozumel.

Other fun activities that you can indulge yourself in while in Cozumel is golfing by the championship course located within the Cozumel Country Club which has been regarded with an outstanding standard as that of a world-class golf-course not only due to its quality but likewise for its breathtaking views while enjoying a game.

For the shopping enthusiasts traveling around here, you will sure enjoy yourself! Cozumel has been regarded as the best spot to do your duty-free shopping as it is packed with different shops. These shops cater to items such as perfumes, watches, jewelry, gold, housewares, handicrafts and precious rugs among others. If the tough adventurers are starting to get bored with the activities I’ve mentioned above, don’t fret. You may participate in a jeep safari tour and explore the rich tropical terrain at the eastern part of the island. This tour showcases mysterious trails and sand dunes that will make you truly enthralled.

 Ron givin' er from VideoVik

Ron givin’ er from VideoVik

Other acknowledgable parts of the island are the El Caracol lighthouse, the observation towers that’s by Laguna Chunchuacaab also known as laguna Colombia, and the Mayan site called the El Cedral. In order for you to roam around the island effectively, it would be best to rent a car or a motorcycle. If you want to sweat it out more, you may likewise choose to rent for a bicycle. Taxi rates on the island are very costly especially if you pay for a round trip to and from the island’s capital, San Miguel.


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