The Drake Hotel: The Perfect Replica of Quality Stay in Chicago

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 Icy Night at the Drake from Chris Smith/Out of Chicago

Icy Night at the Drake from Chris Smith/Out of Chicago

The Drake Hotel, a Hilton Hotel, has made Chicago more renowned around the world due to its incomparable beauty, quality service and top-notch accommodations. It has been featured in many movies, been a favorite accommodation choice by various famous and significant folks around the world and has made it to the top because it does not only offer its guests with an exceptional hotel service but also gives them the opportunity to experience exclusive shopping, nightlife and dining activities in Chicago. Needless to say, no other hotel in Chicago can even go up to par with the hotel’s reputation and fame.


The Drake Hotel Chicago offers three types of accommodation choices. There are the deluxe rooms, the family rooms and the suites.

 Drake bedroom from sabel

Drake bedroom from sabel

The Deluxe Guest Rooms are distinct in character with features that offer comfort, luxury and top-notch amenities. The rooms have that relaxing feel where you can also have free high-speed internet access. It composes of exquisitely-styled furniture, high definition television sets, Italian inspired marble bathrooms giving the guests the luxurious experience at a rate of $169 per night. Some of the deluxe rooms offer a whopping view of Lake Michigan that has either a choice of a king-sized bed or two huge twin beds. The rooms can also accommodate an office space and in-room seating.

The Family Rooms are custom-made with exceptional designs composing of two bathrooms and two queen-sized beds in a widely spaced room that can accommodate even large groups without having to be congested.

 drake suite from duluoz cats

drake suite from duluoz cats

The Suites at The Drake Hotel Chicago have been made to have the most luxurious classical designs and high-quality conveniences matched with exceptional standards of hospitality from its staff.

The Executive Suites are spaced with a four hundred and thirty square feet area that also offers a breathtaking view of Chicago’s cityscape and the bright lights of Magnificent Mile. In the Golden Coast Suites, you will get a different view which is that of Streeterville. Both suites have an available king-sized bed with comforts of the Hilton Serenity by Serta Mattress and also has its very own private parlor for the guests to just sit by and relax during a hectic day.

Those staying at the Executive Suites are also offered special services such as access to the Executive Lounge. Here, the guests can hold office meetings or just chilling out from mid seven in the morning until ten in the evening. Tea, coffee and other drinks would be offered to you during the day while the alcoholic drinks such as cocktails, whiskeys or beers are available from four in the afternoon.

 Bathroom in the Presidential Suite, Sir from TravelCollector

Bathroom in the Presidential Suite, Sir from TravelCollector

Other amenities that the hotel offers aside from those mentioned above respectively depending on the rooms you will acquire include dual speakerphones with caller IDs, in room safes, individual climate control so you can adjust the temperature of the room when it’s cold out or hot and the TVs are programmed with premium movie channels, perfect for those who just wish to stay in the room and relax after a hectic and tiring day in Chicago. The room service is also high-class giving guests the luxury of ordering or inquiring anything under the sun with just a touch of a button. Also, daily newspapers will be delivered to your rooms daily for your convenience. That feature would be very handy for those who would want to get updated with the news without having to step out and buy their own paper, right?

Here comes the most convenient service that the hotel can offer those who are visiting The Drake for an exploration adventure to the city of Chicago. The doormen of the hotel are all-too-willing to direct the guests to transportation every time one wishes to go out to the city and explore. You can choose which type of transportation would suite you best; be it through a limousine, taxi or bus, name it all! These transportation services will even take you to and from the airport and train stations! There are also free parking spaces for those who are visiting with their own transportation vehicles or you can just order the doormen for valet parking.

There is also a fitness center in the hotel for the guests to sweat it out after indulging in many relaxing features that the hotel offers. Its equipment are built with modern day technological advancements such as the PRECOR endurance equipment, the strengthening and cardio machines, plasma television sets so you can just watch the news while doing your daily work out and free weights. For an extra fee, those who would like to try out the Gold Coast Equinox exercise area that’s composed of a pool, free services from personal work out trainers, a spa and a group fitness program will all be enjoyed. Now isn’t that extra accommodating? Surely, this hotel is just warming up in convincing you that it truly is the best choice for you!

 mannequinsscene from lobstar28

mannequinsscene from lobstar28

Another facility in the Drake that will surely make the shopping enthusiasts feel like they were in shopping heaven is the Drake Arcade. Here, you will find items from noted fashion designers such as George Jensen, Chanel, Kamp Galleries, Mangel Florist and Travel Dealers. Now, wouldn’t that be the best feature a hotel can ever offer especially if you’re a fashion enthusiast now, wouldn’t it?


For those visiting The Drake with a different itinerary in mind, like those who are planning to hold events, meetings, contract signings or conferences, they also have a wide array of events and spaces of about thirty thousand square feet in area available for you! There are the Ballrooms, the Mezzanine Meeting Rooms and Boardrooms for those who will hold their affairs in private. Views of the Lake Michigan and the cityscape may even be seen as you hold your event. It can cater up to six hundred people all participating in one event! These facilities have free access to high-speed internet and a lobby-level business center. Truly, any size of groups holding such events would be properly accommodated with such a large space ideal for such holdings.

 North Lake Shore Drive public meeting #2 from Steven Vance

North Lake Shore Drive public meeting #2 from Steven Vance

These meeting and events spaces are equipped with modern technology equipment, hands-on event service managers that you can hire directly (very handy if you’re in a tight schedule and have no time to make any more necessary preparations for such services), and a skilled events planner to guide and arrange your accomplices at the duration of the said event or meeting.

Holding such events are complimented by the hotel with exquisite and world-class dining services as well. You may choose your own menu, either by banquet or by plate. The participants will also be offered with an exclusively-marked The Drake blend of coffee called the Lavazza as you carry on with the event. The guests may also have the choice of dining at the four different dining areas in the hotel if the host will not avail of the banquet meals during the event. You would not have to go outside and find a restaurant for yourself because there are four already just within the hotel. Isn’t that convenient or what?

For those booking at least thirty five seats for an event, one complimentary room will be offered by the hotel. If you’re a frequent Hilton Hotel visitor owning a Double Hilton HHonor card, such booking for an event will earn you points as well which are awarded with bonuses for the points earned.


For the best dining experience in Chicago, The Drake Hotel Chicago is definitely the ideal place that offers it all. There are four restaurants within the establishment to choose from.

 "Aebleflaesk" Pork Belly Confit, Apple O from nondoctor

Aebleflaesk” Pork Belly Confit, Apple O from nondoctor

First on the list is the Coq d’Or. This restaurant offers dishes of Chicago origins but adds a modern twist to its cuisines. Their drinks and dishes are specifically inspired with a touch of eighty years history of the Drake with every taste. There is also an accompanying entertainment show of live music that will be catered during Fridays and Saturdays with performances from artists such as NextGenJazz, Flat Cats, trio, SWAY Chicago among others.

There is also the Coq d’Or Whiskey Club where every member of such will be updated on new tastes of quality brand whiskeys for you to taste!

The second restaurant in The Drake is the Cape Cod. This restaurant is designed with a vintage style and offers seafood dishes. It has been recognized as one of the country’s finest restaurants since the 1930s with its oyster bars and seafood cuisines served with freshly picked meat from the Pacific and Atlantic that are provided by Shedd Aquarium. This is definitely the perfect place to eat at if you want to taste the best dishes with seafood.

This restaurant has a Fine Dining Hall of Fame where famous people from Hollywood artists such as Marilyn Monroe to noted politicians have made their respective marks on the famous wooden bar. You should definitely dine here and put your name as well next to those of the people who have made themselves recognizable through history.

The third restaurant in the hotel and is also the trademark of which is the Drake Bro’s. This restaurant has been specially established by the Drake brothers, providing a casual family feel to it and gives the guests a breathtaking view of the Lake Shore Drive, the Oak Street Beach and the Magnificent Mile making it the point where you can enjoy the sights of nature and the sites of the city in one place! While dining here, you will get to see the transition of the Drake through history by marveling at the pictures displayed here.



 Finger Sandwiches from Mikraas

Finger Sandwiches from Mikraas

Apart from the restaurants, the Drake hotel also has its own Palm Court where brunch and tea will be served to guests holding different types of events either by groups, those celebrating their wedding or baby’s christening or those dining on dates.

As you’ve discovered, high teas are the ideal activity of the wealthy, royals and famous. Here at the Palm Court, the world’s wealthiest such as Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth and the Empress of Japan have dined here. Now, where else in Chicago can you go where you’ll get to dine at places that these aristocrats have ever passed by? Yep! Only here at The Drake!

The Summerside Tea is a high-tea event during the season of summer. This is available during the weekdays of the months of May until August where guests will be serviced with a glass of champagne for $40 by simply telling the waiter “PC14”.

The Afternoon Tea, where such royals as mentioned above have participated in, are offered with the Palm Court’s own blended and distinctly made tea while munching on finger sandwiches, seasonal desserts, and other pastry. During Wednesdays, a harpist will play heavenly music to accompany your incomparable experience.

A Tradition Begins is a high-tea social event established and inspired by the Duchess of Bedford where you will be served with tea, bread, butter and cake during the hours from three until four in the afternoon. There is also a sandwich which was invented especially for this event. Nowadays, this social high tea event has been celebrated by the wealthy regularly.


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