The Alicante Hotel Experience – An Inside Look

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Alicante from Jose F. Caro

The hotel experience in Alicante is similar to any other large U.S. or European city.  Several different kinds of accommodations are available for you to choose from, depending on what your needs and preferences are.  Here are several of the different kinds of hotels that you can find in Alicante:

– Resorts
– Conference Centres
– Bed and Breakfasts
– High Rise Hotels

There are also different classes of Alicante hotels.  They range from 5 star hotels to no ratings and everything in between as well.

Inside the hotels are many different amenities that are available to travelers to enjoy in their home away from home.  Some of the main amenities include:

– Room Service
– Restaurants
– Suites
– Golf Courses
– Fitness Centres
– Shopping
– Beach Access
– Swimming Pools

How To Choose The Best Alicante Hotel For You

Ultimately, you are the only one who can choose the best hotel for you and your situation.  The right Alicante hotel for you will depend on what your personal preferences are and how much money you have to spend for a shower and bed for one or more nights.  There are several important questions you need to ask yourself.  Consider things like special needs if you are traveling with small children, the need to be close to public transportation or wanting to be close to the beach.  These kinds of considerations will influence which hotel in Alicante is best for you.  For example, some hotels, such as bed and breakfast establishments are best suited for adult couples whereas other hotels are quite family friendly.

Another thing that is a major determining factor in both the type and location of hotel that you need is whether you are traveling for pleasure, business or both.  If one hotel does not fulfill all of your needs, you could consider booking rooms at two different hotels or properties.  For example, if you are traveling to Alicante on business, you could book a hotel room near the city centre or Alicante Airport.  Then for the vacation part of your trip, you could stay at a seaside resort.  You will have more time to golf and enjoy the sun then.  You might also be able to save some money on the cost of your rooms and car hire if you split up your accommodations in this way.

Beyond Alicante Central

Outside the city limits of Alicante, there are smaller villages and towns that are part of the greater Alicante region.  In this area you can experience the regular daily life in Spain as well as the beautiful beaches and mountains.  You will be delighted by the real people and slower pace of life as you experience the area’s festivities and food.


Alicante is a major attraction in the Costa Blanca area.  However, there are other interesting places to visit as well, including Calpe, Denia, Javea, Murcia, Benidorm and Torrevieja.  These resorts all have popular restaurants, villas and hotels that can be enjoyed year round by tourists.  The climate is perfect for both winter and summer vacations, and there is plenty to do and see in the area.  The business time of year for the entire region is the last week in June when Fiesta of St. Joan is celebrated.  If you are looking to find a good night life to enjoy while on vacation, this is a great time of year to visit.

Alacant - Castell de Santa Ba rbara

Alacant – Castell de Santa BÃ rbara from Carquinyol

Many other attractions are located close to practically any Alicante Hotel that you decide to stay at.  They include:

-Museu de Arte del Siglo XX Asegurada, (The oldest building in Alicante that houses a modern art collection)
– Castell de Santa Barbara Castle
– Isla Tabarca Fishing Village
– Elche Palm Forest

No matter which hotel you choose in Alicante, you will be close to the action.  There are many reasons on why you should visit Altea in Alicante. The region is easily accessible and manageable.  It is also equally populated by year-round residents and tourists during any season and any time of year.

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