Shop at The Top 3 Most Celebrated Dress Shops in Australia

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Australia has made its mark as one of the capitals of the fashion industry anywhere in the world. Even shows like Australia’s Next Top Model has made it far in the famous Hollywood scene. Truly, Australia is a most definite tourist destination especially for the shopaholics that roam around the world to find the most worthy products, stylish pieces and glamorous dresses that would make every girl feel like a princess.


seduce from serguei_2k

seduce from serguei_2k

As one of Australia’s top leading fashion lines, Seduce has been giving ladies the best of the best fashion trendy, attractive, and fashion forward dresses at this day and age. Their products are high quality and are “in” making it the perfect choice to go if you want to stand out from the rest of the world. It started out with simple operations only from the personal houses of the directors of the company during the 90’s until it has emerged itself as an international brand with distribution outlets available anywhere in the world.

Seduce has their own distinct style and flawless designs. They are mostly inspired by current events internationally in the fashion scene and they always upgrade or update their clothes to conform to what’s hip, what’s recent and what’s in. They also draw their inspiration from major fashion shows in Milan, New York, Paris, and London.

They take the lead as the trend-setter in Australia and deliver these genius creations all over the world. The Seduce Group has different brands like: Seduce, S by Seduce, Be Seduced Luxe, and Bluejuice. Each one of the brands have different distinct styles that cater to different types of customers having various lifestyles, and also in accordance with the occasion. The Seduce has been known to excel in glamorous on-trend lavish creations, the Seduce Luxe is that of a formal to semi-formal dresses and those that fit occasions, the Bluejuice is perfect for the teens out there who would prefer to be in-style, the S by Seduce on the other hand is for everyday-wear for social, weekend or work occasions. All of which are just absolutely stunning, simple, stylish and beautiful. You would most definitely want to grab a pair or more!

Ally Fashion

 Ally 3115 10mm sun flare MM from Globist

Ally 3115 10mm sun flare MM from Globist

The Ally Fashion whose head office is located at Camperdown, New South Wales in Camperdown is more than just a shop to find dresses. It embodies the true essence of fashion as they believe that fashion is meant to be lived, shopped and loved for fun not just for buying the most expensive one just to exhaust the wallets.

Because of the founder’s strong belief in the art of fashion, the owner, created Ally in order to improve the quality of fashion all over the world, and to contribute to the art of fashion by yielding products that are trendy yet affordable for those who yearn to get their hands on masterpieces of art.

The brand is rapidly making a revelation in the fashion industry which has been recognized internationally and has stores that are located in the United States of America. Since 2001, it has expanded and has reached up to about seventy-five stores in Australia alone including an easily accessible online store. During the year 2013, they have expanded to the United States of America Market with four stores open in LA with plans to expand further.

Their stores give off a modernized feel to fuse with a vintage theme located within an urban chic environment. Their stores are composed of distinct sourced furniture, raw pallet construction designs, that expresses the visual merchandising prop selection. Ally has also instilled a signature design within the retail market, not just in fashion shows. Since their brand is continually growing, its designs of clean lines, solid color with primary accents and minimalist floor plans are just ever so appealing.

There are forty new styles that arrive at their stores every week. They really do exude the expectations of being fashion forward. They respond quickly to changes in the fashion scene and adapt to the new styles and trends that they get to learn through fashion shows and other means of exploring inspiration in designs.

Though the clothes are affordable, Ally clothes still has exceptional and desirable quality to their products.


 TEMT -shopping by myself from onceuponafairytail

TEMT -shopping by myself from onceuponafairytail

The TEMT brand is also another popular brand in Australia and gives off the most trendy lavish styles with a hint of sophistication and, of course, what’s trending in the fashion market. The company’s passion is being able to express what’s hot and what’s new in the fashion industry into their beautiful pieces. Their products, like that of Ally is also affordable and essential for making a mark on your unique style for every occasion. TEMT is owned by Fast Future Brands Ltd, one of the top leading companies in the field of fashion.

It has been opening since the year 2002 and has experienced progressive growth due to its affordable and attractive designs that has gained the company numbers of loyal and enthusiastic shoppers aged at around twenty until thirty-five. They have been emerging trends, inspirations and ideas from anything under the sun, and can incorporate that in fashion. They transform the very pricey items in a fashion show and put their own unique style to the inspiration and produce a much more affordable yet equally fashionable pieces. They convert these “for-formal-dresses” into casual or every day wear that makes every girl feel like she’s a princess every single day. They are all about style, accessibility and creating the perfect fashion for now, to help their customers feel fabulous all day long.

The TEMT has about eighty shops all over Australia and has new stocks arriving each week. Truly, you will always find new and trendy clothes with every visit to their stores.


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