Prepare Yourself For An Exciting Skydiving Activity in Interlaken Switzerland

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 Another Beautiful Day in the Alps [Explo from Bradley Wells

Another Beautiful Day in the Alps [Explo from Bradley Wells

 Located at the Berrnese Highlands Region of Switzerland, the small city of Interlaken has been the well-known for its magnificent and breathtaking scenery. This place is full of deep valleys, snow covered mountains and lakes, and most especially charming Bernese Oberland Alps.

 Bungee Jump - Interlaken, Switzerland from Alan Light

Bungee Jump – Interlaken, Switzerland from Alan Light

Interlaken is located at the center of two Alpine lakes called Brienzersee and Thunersee. The place has been acknowledged to have a strong reputation of being the perfect spot for outdoor activities and thrilling sports. The most prominent outdoor activity that the tourists love to participate in is that one that makes your heart palpitate makes your sweat drip and makes you want to scream out loud: skydiving.

 over interlaken from foreverdigital

over interlaken from foreverdigital

Two types of sky diving ways are introduced by the skydiving companies in the area. The first one would be by jumping from an airplane while the other way is by jumping out from a helicopter. Actually, you can go skydiving anywhere you like but what makes this place a stand-out when it comes to skydiving is the magnificent view that you would get one you take that thrill of a jump. It’s just absolutely beautiful and one that you may never find anywhere else while jumping several feet on air. One you take that step and enter the world of super thrill by jumping, the Swiss Alps will greet you as you go lower and lower to the ground. It’s one picturesque view that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

 All Aboard from Jocey K

All Aboard from Jocey K

If you choose to do skydiving from a helicopter, you will surely be amazed because its procedure is far different from any other skydiving styles out there. There will be people that will operate the aircraft whose expertise provide for this special event to be possible. Skydive Interlaken, one of the first companies to offer skydiving excursions to tourists, is the first of its kind to offer such style in skydiving by jumping fourteen thousand feet from the Swiss Alps. Following the jump, you will then come aboard a helicopter and your guide will pull you back up.

 Take Off! A view from the ground... from Becca Bandit

Take Off! A view from the ground… from Becca Bandit

The helicopter will then make your way to the right altitude after going through the walls, valley and gorges in the area for you not to miss the beautiful scenery making the ride on the helicopter most definitely worth it. While you’re aboard, you will your expert guide will have a final check on your equipment to make sure that you are good to go and ready for the jump. If you feel that you might not be ready to do the jump on your own, fret not. You may jump with another person strapped together with you to make you feel more comfortable. This means that you will be humping long with a professional instructor that is ready anytime to offer his services and to keep you at ease while you’re free falling through thin air.

 Interlaken, Switzerland from jsigharas

Interlaken, Switzerland from jsigharas

The skydiving companies vary differently concerning the starting point or the dive sites. Some would choose to start over Interlaken City making the drop point in between two lakes. Some would choose that on the populated Lauterbrunnen Valley, the mountains of Eiger, the scenic town of Grindelwald, Jungfrau or in Monch. If you’re not traveling alone, you may choose the dive sites along with the group depending on which ones are more appealing to you, a lake, a mountain or whatever goes, anything is beautiful in Interlaken.

 Adrenalin Rush - Skydiving in Swiss Alps from

Adrenalin Rush – Skydiving in Swiss Alps from


Apart from lessening the hassle of the tourists by already providing for diving suits, transport and equipment, those that will cater to your needs concerning your skydiving excursion will also give the pleasure of taking pictures, videos and other souvenirs for you to remember this unforgettable trip by. Since this is a thrilling activity, only those aged above eighteen years old are allowed to participate. However, those who are about sixteen years old may be considered provided that they have an approved parental permission.

This one of a kind thrilling activity is available for tourists at any time of the year. However, it is best to avail of skydiving during the winter and summer seasons where the conditions would be most favorable and during which, the flowers are in bloom or the mountains are coated in white yielding absolutely picture-perfect views of Interlaken. So to prepare you for that thrill of a lifetime, make sure that you’ve packed your good and sturdy shoes, warm jacket and a glamorous dress for the ladies so you’d be in season. You may also try to remember your batteries for the camera. You wouldn’t want to miss taking a snapshot of yourself while you’re literally flying above ground!


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