Nantucket Island: The Perfect Urban Jungle Getaway

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 Channel from bowtoo

Channel from bowtoo

Situated at Massachusetts, this beautiful island of Nantucket has made it the primary tourist destination in town. It has beautiful shores, antique residences, majestic cliffs and intriguing history, that are the main reasons why tourists love to visit around this small town off the coast of Cape Cod. The island covers only about fourteen miles by three and a half miles in area. American city dwellers love to come by here to experience that stress-free getaway from the urban jungle.

 extracting tooth from beached/dead Dwarf from Eve Fraser-Corp

extracting tooth from beached/dead Dwarf from Eve Fraser-Corp

You can come here at any time of the year but mostly, it is packed with tourists during the summer. If you wish to have a relaxing experience, you should make plans during the off season to maximize your peaceful escape with less tourists to distract you. The island is rich in wildlife giving you the pleasure of experiencing nature face to face as you observe these creatures in their natural habitat. You can also arrange for a whale or seal watching tours since you can easily spot these creatures in these area. If you want to stay just by the shores, you should come and visit the Maria Mitchell Aquarium. Here, you will get to see diverse local sea animals being represented in this intriguing aquarium.

 Nantucket, Massachusetts from Jasperdo

Nantucket, Massachusetts from Jasperdo

In going to Nantucket, you can either travel by boat or by plane. If you wish to come aboard on a boat, you can do so by going on a ferry from Cape Cod. If you wish to spend the whole day here, that will also be ideal. It would even be best if you could spend more time on the island, especially at night because this town offers tourists tons of opportunities to engage in outdoor and leisure activities for the whole family. You can either kayak, surf, bike, hike or participate in water sport activities. You can even go on a cruise on boat charters or go for a fishing trip… As I’ve said, a wide array of choices!

 "Hither Creek" Fish Tacos from Timothy Valentine

“Hither Creek” Fish Tacos from Timothy Valentine

Apart from being the perfect getaway paradise, the island also gives tourists a tasteful treat with tons of dining options to choose from. Seafood cuisine are the most common dishes served in its restaurants. There are also a wide array of hotels, resorts and lodges to choose from that give guests top-notch class services. You can even pamper yourself to the spa with massages and treatments or go golfing at world-class courses.

 Madaket Beach - Nantucket from Eric K Gross

Madaket Beach – Nantucket from Eric K Gross

At the island’s North Atlantic side is where you will find the best beaches in town. The most famous among these beaches is the Surfside and Childrenis Beach. These beaches have pristine waters and sandy shores perfect for those traveling with their families. If you’re the adrenaline junkie type of traveler, you can go to Madaket Beach where you will view the sunset along with the breathtaking view of the shores. If you find lighthouses to be your thing, there is one named Sankaty Head Lighthouse located at the Quidnet Beach.

 201208-CapeCod 285 from roddavi

201208-CapeCod 285 from roddavid

The island has been recognized as a National Historic District by the National Park Service due to its richness in history. Historical sites located in the island are that of the First Congressional Church, The Nantucket Atheneum which is a local library, the African Meeting House, the Oldest House and Brant Point Light. Centuries ago, Nantucket was known for whaling. Because of which, there is a Whaling Museum in town. Other establishments in the area include the red brick homes which were where the whalers would live.


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