Marvel At The Exhibits in Blaise Castle House Museum

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HDR from topep

For tourists who are adventurous, history buffs, and loves culture, you will find all of your pleasures in one place as you visit Blaise Castle House Museum. You shouldn’t want to miss coming here because you are surely in for a blast.

Located in the beautiful town of Bristol, United Kingdom and garnering four hundred acres of wooded parkland, this establishment will give you the best views perfect for family picnics, group sports, dog walks, and those who just wish to relax and have a quiet time with their loved ones. There also lies a castle that’s situated by a hill giving the tourists a very magnificent landscape all for a free price! Surely, you’d want to stay here forever, if you could!

The initial owner of this estate built during 1796 was John Harford, a Bristol banker and a merchant at the same time. The building is composed of archaic interior designs including authentic ornamentation remains. Because of such rich history and artistry to its premises, it was then transformed into a museum during the year 1949 as an extension of the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery. Since then, it has been composed of over fifty thousand social history pieces which are mostly artifacts from centuries ago. You will be amazed at the diverse collection of galleries that will give highlight to the eighteenth century and how the household has bloomed since it was constructed.

 blaise castle estate museum from shrinkin'violet

blaise castle estate museum from shrinkin’violet

Their galleries cater to different types of household tools used by the people years back such as lighting, washing, and cooking equipment used in every English household. The items are organized in lines according to their utility. There is the aisle for three hundred year old fixtures and appliances including those of the earliest versions of a vacuum cleaner that would get your curious thinking cap on at how the items have flourished since then. Additionally, you will learn how these respective household tools have kept people busy during the entire day just by washing their clothes.

There is also another gallery that showcases different types of impressive ten thousand costumes and other textile pieces dating back to the 1700s. A nineteenth century Englishman along with his lady is featured in various hats to dresses and gentleman waistcoats to shoes along with different types of accessories. You would definitely appreciate the way people used to dress a long, long time ago. Also, the past times of the grandmas are showcased such as homemade and detailed banners and quilts. Best of all, you would be entering another dimension as you see a Bristol haberdashery shop and the items it caters such as sewing equipment to racks and even the scissors that were used before are displayed.

 Slip inside the eye of your mind ... EXP from C. Elle

Slip inside the eye of your mind … EXP from C. Elle

Another part of the museum is the picture room that’s as intriguing as the rest. It has been restored to its original beauty, it portrays an exhibit of exquisite art masterpieces that were originally from the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery. Indulge yourself at the royal hall that’s complete with a classical introduction and domed glass ceiling. This area is available for special events such as corporate meetings and wedding celebrations.

Apart from that, the museum also has the Victorian School Room. It was designed and inspired with a twentieth century classroom that would make you feel like you were traveling through time to how classrooms used to look like years ago. Most field trips of school organizations also use this area as an academic function room.

 Horse, Closer from Munzerr

Horse, Closer from Munzerr

The best part of the museum is the toy gallery which showcases thousands of rare toys dating back from the 17th century to the 19th century. Victorian dolls, train sets, doll houses, puzzles, board games, cards, and Britain’s lead soldier figurines are meticulously arranged from cute to creepy. You will definitely adore this exquisite display!

The Braise Castle House Museum is open for tourists during the weekends from mid ten in the morning until four in the afternoon. However, the estate’s park is free to visit every day. When you’ve got your fill of the museum, spend a day under the sun and walk into the woods for some fresh air and serene atmosphere. It also serves as a perfect spot for kids to play around at. The estate likewise has a store for pretty souvenirs and a café for those who wish to grab a bite after the tour. Make sure that you bring your camera along for those picture-perfect moments!


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