Mardi Gras Your Way To Brazil’s Most Festive Carnivals

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 Noel Rosa Carnaval Grupo Especial Rio de from seLusaVa

Noel Rosa Carnaval Grupo Especial Rio de from seLusaVa

The carnivals in Brazil are visited by all types of travelers all over the world. It has been famous for its exotic, colorful and fun-filled celebrations accompanied by endless plays of music, dance and magnificent performances and festive costumes. Even festivals held all over the world are inspired by this remarkable Mardi Gras celebration. Named as “The Greatest Show on Earth, this must-see event  of all ages would start on February thirteenth on 2015 and culminates during the early hours of February sixteenth, Ash Wednesday.

Sambrodromo Samba Parades

 Renascer de Jacarepaguá from carlosoliveirareis

Renascer de Jacarepaguá from carlosoliveirareis

The Rio Carnival is most famous for its colorful Samba parades. This festive activity commences from Sambodromo which is the focal point of the carnival itself. Actually, there are four types of Samba Parades celebrated during the Rio Carnival. The most popular ones are the Carnival Sunday and Carnival Monday where Samba Schools all around the city would hold a competition against each other to be named as the Champion. Its astounding show is full of magnificently crafted choreography, lively music, alluring costumes and artistic props and floats.

 Carnaval 2010 - Mocidade 11 from

Carnaval 2010 – Mocidade 11 from

The Sambrodromo is a concrete establishment that has a large area perfect for the Samba Parades. Here, different groups of performers march their way around the center while tons of people witness them dance their way at the crowds. The Samba Schools would enter the avenue on one end while spending seventy minutes showcasing their talents. Tickets for this magnificent event would vary from how far you are situated from where the parade will perform.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”sambodromo”]

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Florianopolis Gay Festival

The lead dancer from Egil Fujikawa Nes

For the gay societies and individual travelers out there, this is surely the perfect  carnival to attend! You will surely enjoy attending the Florianopolis Gay Festival! Locals and tourists of all genders, be it gay or straight, love to attend this festive and fun carnival of Brazil. The festival programs include a competition for drag queens to strut their way through the Tancredo Neves Square and earn the crowd’s applause. Over fifty thousand lesbian tourists participate in this celebration that is celebrated throughout the Carnival week. Party all night and dance with various types of people and have a vacation you’ll never forget.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”florianopolis”]

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Carnival in Bahia

 BandaRemelexo-3 from

BandaRemelexo-3 from

The Carnival in Bahia has proved that it is a celebration worth attending with its unique blend of holding the biggest street party in the entire world. In authentic African spirit, this carnival is a celebration of true happiness and joy. It is participated by  all types of people, be it tourists and residents of Brazil. Everyone has the privilege to join in the fun and excitement of singing, dancing and performing. The driving force behind the entire week’s carnival celebration until Ash Wednesday is the epitome of the Afro-Brazilian beat that has made Salvador the music center of Bahia.

The incomparable tunes of the Bahian drummers excite the million revelers who would dance to the beat until the break of dawn , or even through morning! The Carnival in all its frenzy commemorate the “Black Pride” with followers of Filhos de Gandhi group paving their way expressing their willful statements of peace and brotherhood at the Carnival and spreading the values of  the Mahatma.

Hundreds of blocos showcase their way down the three main circuits on different times of the days that the festival occurs. Special grandstands or camarotes are prepared for the pleasure of its participants who are excited to witness  the colorful extravaganza. Since this is an anticipated event, it would be wise to book ticket firsthand because they often go sold out as soon as they start selling them. But, if you just wish to participate the carnival by the sidelines, you may also do so without having to spend anything at all.

The Carnival in Bahia starts off with King Momo being given the keys to the city on Carnival Thursday. The Trios Eletricos composed of popular bands such as Olodum, Timbalada and Psirico are the main performers of the Carnival and perform with true African flavor to their tunes.

The routes of this festival would pass through Campo Grande Circuit and the Barra-Ondina Circuit. Whichever way you would prefer, you are sure to have the opportunity in joining the best blocos and revelry all throughout the week. For those travelers that are in groups of families, the recommended circuit would be the Batatinha Circuit where followers of the Afro-Brazilian religious parade in white and blue uniforms called the candamoble would be found. The final list of blocos for the 2015 Brazilian festival would be released around the first week of January.

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Carnivals in Recife and Olinda

While everyone loves to party at the Carnivals in Rio, there are two held in Recife and Olinda that has its own unique flair and style. The nature of these celebrations  are generally influenced by the Indian and African tribes who were then slaves during the Portuguese colonization. These perfect family carnivals happen on Friday and comes to a stop on Fat Tuesday which is the day before lent, there are also carnival parties that would start as early as December.

 Tribo Canindé do Recife from Lais Castro Trajano

Tribo Canindé do Recife from Lais Castro Trajano

The Carnival in Recife is one of the most participated celebration garnering over a million and a half visitors joining in six straight days and nights of revelry. The Galo da Madrugada or Rooster of the Dawn is the sign that the Carnival in Recife is starting with everybody dancing to the samba and frevo. Most people suit up with costumes that look like celebrities. The Carnival is open for everybody who wish to play their own type of music and put up their own performances. One of the epitome of the festival is the Night of the Silent Drums where a tribute to the African slaves who died in prison are remembered.

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 Encontro de Bonecos Gigantes from Prefeitura de Olinda

Encontro de Bonecos Gigantes from Prefeitura de Olinda

The celebration continues on to the town of Olinda where children and adults alike would party in the streets. This festival is visited by famous celebrities who love to enjoy the carnival delights and some of them would even play for the crowd. Enthusiastic travelers pack the streets from morning, dancing to the rhythmic beats of drums and horns.

The carnival is all about fun-festivities and laughter starting off on the two Sundays before the start of the main event. The show is introduced by the New Virgens do Bairro Novo de Olinda which is a group that sets the Carnival fireworks alive. The giant papier-mache puppets or Bonecos as they are usually called, are equally famous and be seen parading all throughout the Carnival week.

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