Journey To The Exquisite Town of Florence

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Florence from ChrisYunker

Florence is a city surrounded by bodies of water. Truly, a trip to the town has its own complications. Since Florence does not have its own airport, this article will show you the different ways in taking that Tuscan holiday.

Unlike its plane-friendly neighboring tourist destinations such as London, Rome and Paris, Florence is uniquely different from these towns easy-access by plane. One can reach Florence by road, plane and train through the town of Firenze depending on which way is more preferable to your itinerary.

Although you cannot reach Florence directly by air but if you were traveling by plane, you can journey to Florence from Paris, Rome, Italy and Milan’s airports. One airport closest to Florence would be the Vespucci Airport located just about four kilometers from the city.

 FS ETR.500, Firenze S.M.N. from bindonlane

FS ETR.500, Firenze S.M.N. from bindonlane

Since Florence is a prime connecting point on the Italian railway network, it would best suffice if you were to reach there from any point in Italy. To be able to reach Florence in a speck of time, the Firenze Santa Maria Novella railway station would be the best route choice since it is only a walking distance from Florence’s town center. With a less-hassle ticketing service at the station that even offers discounts for people traveling in groups, an hour and a half journey passing through Orvieto will lead you directly to the heart of Florence.

 martini & florence by night from Paolo Margari

martini & florence by night from Paolo Margari

Another easy way to reach Florence would be by road travel. Almost every major motorway in Italy would lead to Florence. No worries in getting lost there.

Florence’s city center is a bit bijou which makes it prone to congestion and traffic along its roads especially when road signs would read one-way and some are only for pedestrian crossings.

Some people travel to Florence with just a street map. However, this might get you lost since the roads in town can be a bit confusing. To prevent yourself from having no idea where you’re heading towards, it’s best to ask for directions from the townsfolk or run up against a pedestrian street to your hotel.

 Lunch Break from Shy@n

Lunch Break from Shy@n

When in doubt, do not worry. The hotel that your staying at will probably have employees that will tell you what to do. They would give you directions at where to locate specific places where you wish to go. Some even offer valet services so you would not have to be stressed at finding places to park.

The journey to Florence might be a little challenging due to its absence of airports. However, once you get there, you surely will not regret having to visit the exquisite characteristics that this town holds.

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