Hottest Yet Cheapest Resorts in the Philippines

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The Philippines is home to one of the most beautiful beaches that mother nature has given the world. It is visited by many tourists due to its richness in forests, various species of sea and land animals alike, magnificent world wonders and most especially, its beaches that have white sandy beaches and pristine waters. Unlike any beautiful tourist destinations, the Philippines is most likely visited by all walks of life because you don’t get to spend too much here! Its beauty and affordability come hand in hand with utmost quality and beauty. Here are the most beautiful and cheapest resorts that come together with the Philippines most renowned beach destinations. When you visit these places, you would be surprised at how budget friendly a place as beautiful as this can be!

Paragayo Resort

Paragayo Resort is known for its affordable accommodations and its location that takes only a 3 minute stroll towards one of the world’s famous beaches, Alona Beach located in Panglao Island, Bohol.

Since the Philippines is a tropical country, this resort’s designs compliment the magnificent feel of the tropics with surroundings composed of aromatic trees, palms and cacti. Blossoming bushes and a wide array of tropical plants are one of the many features of this resort that allures the tourists.

This resort offers rooms that offers large double or twin beds, air-conditioned premises, mini safe, cable TV, personal refrigerator, some having their own access to comfort rooms and a hot and cold shower all enjoyed at a cost of at least 1,500 PHP.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”paragayo resort”]

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Frendz Resort Boracay

 frendz resort from tbz.foto

frendz resort from tbz.foto

Boracay, known as the most visited tourist spot for travelers who are fond of beaches has tons of resorts to choose from. One of which and the cheapest one is the Frendz Resort Boracay. This resort is composed of restaurants and entertainment venues and is a 2-minute walk away from the beach front.

They offer accommodations of bungalows which have their own verandas that have queen-sized beds, private rest rooms, cable TV, air-conditioned rooms and its premises are constructed using local marble that makes this affordable resort much like a 5-star hotel. Guests may also enjoy free WiFi internet connections by the restaurant area and at the bar.

The guests may also enjoy appetizing cuisines that are freshly served with a homey feel as they are mostly homemade which makes the experience feel all-natural. High quality coffee from the resort’s Italiano Espresso Machine (Faema) are also served in its premises.

Right when you thought that going to Boracay would cost you, think again as this resort offers activities that are budget friendly. These activities include sailing around the island, snorkeling and taking a snack by the beach. Guests have found this activity as the most soothing one of all. Not only that! Visitors get to go kite surfing and skim boarding. Each of which costing you only as much as 100 PHP. Now ain’t that worth it!

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”frendz resort boracay“]

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Marina Garden Beach Resort

Situated at one of the most prided tourist spots in the Philippines, El Nido, Palawan, this resort perfectly matches the island’s magnificent beauty with its close location to El Nido’s heavenly lagoons and island attractions. Likewise, it is only 15 minutes away from the airport! No hassle going here, huh?

The resort has available accommodations for two such as native cottages and country villas that will cost you at least 730 PHP. These room rates include daily breakfast, private bathrooms with hot and cold showers, cable TVs and free WiFi internet access.

Other facilities in the establishment are its own beachfront breakfast cafe as you enjoy the shore’s peaceful views, a 24 hour available staff, spacious parking lot and either beachfront or non-beachfront accommodations. They will also arrange island activities for you upon request such as the famous scuba diving, snorkeling and island hopping.

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Busuanga Seadive Resort


 View from Sea Dive Resort, Coron, Philip from nucksfan604

View from Sea Dive Resort, Coron, Philip from nucksfan604

Much like the previous location, Coron, Palawan is likewise known for its diverse marine life, beautiful islands and of course, tranquil beaches. Here, the beautiful resort of Busuanga SeaDive caters to various tourists and Filipino locals who wish to experience the island’s attractions.

SeaDive has been awarded as a PADI 5-Star Dive Resort but its services are so affordable that it may only cost you just 450 PHP.  Their 35 rooms are magnificently designed which has a clear view of the beaches and islands of Coron. Also, they offer boats and kayaks for rental purposes as you explore the island’s environment.

Not only do they offer places to stay in but also diving services as it is one of the island’s most enjoyed activity. Complete with scuba tank, regulator, BCD, mask, wet suit, boat, weights, free lunch, free drinks and dive guides, this service will only cost you at least 1,700 PHP! Wouldn’t it be more fun if you only get to pay less?

Facilities such as the Helldivers Bar is the perfect place to drink your cold refreshments as you breathe in the gentle sea breeze. For meal time, the resort also has its own waterfront restaurant where you can enjoy eating Filipino food as you wind down from a pleasant day.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”busuanga sea dive resort”]

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Secret Cove Beach Resort

 This way to the secret cove! from VancityAllie

This way to the secret cove! from VancityAllie

Camiguin island is home to one fo the country’s sleeping volcanoes, Hibok-Hibok, a sunken cemetery, hot springs and fantastic picturesque beaches. Not only is the island’s beauty jaw-dropping, it’s also one of the cheapest places to go in the Philippines. Don’t be fooled by its cheap affordability. It may cost you less but the destinations in the island are also the best. Now, isn’t that the perfect match? Cheapness and quality!

Secret Cove Beach Resort should be the resort that you choose to stay with as you visit the island of Camiguin. Their services give you a peaceful stay by the beachfront featuring a homey atmosphere that would make you wish like it was your home away from home.

The resort has seven air-conditioned rooms, a restaurant that serves dishes with origins of local and international flavors and is home to the best stocked bar in the island serving Single-malt Scotch and imported wines.

Other establishments of the resort include a recreation room where free sunset watching, free cable TV, a mini library and free billiards are enjoyed.

Motorcycle rentals are available for the guests, a physiotherapist on call for those who wish to have a rejuvenating massage, internet access on site and national and international calls/fax. They also offer arrangement services to activities such as scuba diving and a boat tour around the island.

Their room rates only costs a whopping 1000 PHP and children under six years old are free unless an extra bed is required.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”secret cove beach resort”]

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Ocean 101 Cloud 9 Beach Resort

 What's Right in Front of You from jojoscope

What’s Right in Front of You from jojoscope

Siargao, known as the “Surfing Capital of the Philippines” is one of the most visited surfing destinations by surfers and tourists alike. Its unique beaches have waves that are fir and perfect for the sport. In order for you to maximize your enjoyment riding the waves, the Ocean 101 Cloud 9 Beach Resort is the best place to stay while visiting the island of Siargao.

This resort is situated just by the beaches of the island having a clear view of the waters as you relax sitting by your hammock and watching world class waves. The sunset’s vision is quite magnificent along the resort which shall make you in awe.

Accommodation choices are waterfront fan-cooled rooms which may only cost you at least 567 PH. Villas that have a panoramic view of the seas, air-conditioned room, satellite TV with sound system, big stylish lounge and a jacuzzi will only cost you 5886 PHP as its most pricey accommodation rate, a honeymoon cottage that has air-conditioned room with satellite TV at 2616 PHP.

The resort is composed of the Ocean 101 Restaurant where international and local cuisines are served and the 101 Bar where you get to have access to the cheapest yet tastiest drinks.

They also offer services and amenities such as surfboards, body boards, jet skis, motorbikes and pump boats and vans for rent, wind surfing, snorkeling, surf trainers, tour guides, volleyballs, pool tables, massage and WiFi internet connection.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”ocean 101 cloud 9 beach resort”]

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Punta del Sol Beach Resort

 shore samal island punta del sol resort from burgermac

shore samal island punta del sol resort from burgermac

The Island Garden City of Samal in Davao, Philippines is home to the country’s magnificent beaches. The Punta del Sol Beach Resort is located directly by these beaches’ shores which enables you to have a clear view of its magnificent beauty.

This island also have tons of activities to choose from. Be it diving with the exotic fishes of the waters, island hopping or nature tripping, every tourist is sure to enjoy nature’s treasures at its maximum. The resort, as the best and cheapest one to stay at, offers arrangements to participate in such activities at the lowest rate ranging from at least 70 PHP for tours and 7,000PHP good for 50 PAX for island hopping.

Its room rates ranges from an affordable 720 PHP for non-air rooms to 4320 PHP for apartelle and dormitory rooms.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”punta del sol beach resort”]

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Coco Beach Island Resort

Coco Beach Island Resort is the perfect place to experience nature at its best. Located at Pureto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, one of the tourist destinations in the Philippines which is rich in marine life and majestic islands, this resort is designed to complement nature’s treasures as its facility is made from all-natural materials such as its bamboo and nipa huts. The crystal clear waters surrounding the vicinity makes this resort the ultimate place to stay if you wish to have that cozy, relaxing and private tropical island vacation.

This resort has a wide array of choices in rooms and bungalows. The Heritage area houses twelve rooms and is designed in accordance with the culture of indigenous tribes in the Philippines. It is composed of queen sized beds and two day beds, television set, separate comfort rooms with hot water. It is situated by the garden which makes it an eden-like accommodation. Its suites, decorated with traditional Filipino artifacts, have queen sized beds, two single beds, a perfect view of the sea and is located by the hillside. Its rates are from 1966 PHP to 3015 PHP per night.

Other establishments include: four restaurants, each serving different types of cuisines like themed buffets, Asian cuisines and pizza.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”coco beach island resort”]

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