Hawaii’s Must-See Destinations

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Hawaii trip

Hawaii 2010 from grantzprice

Get the most from a trip to Hawaii by visiting all the must-see destinations while you are there. The Hawaiian Islands are small enough to make this a possibility. Hawaii’s Polynesian influences are felt everywhere on the islands. When travelling to Hawaii from the mainland of the United States, it is best to prepare for a chance to take in another part of the USA that evokes a sense of rich spirit and beauty.

The scenic ocean views, mountains, volcanoes and beaches are just part of the natural beauty that travellers experience in awe. There are plenty of cultural activities to taken in as well. Make the most of an upcoming visit to Hawaii by planning to take in as much as possible from the natural wonders there to the attractions that have pleased tourists for generations.

Diamond Head Waikiki

Diamond Head East Aerial View, Waikiki a from Eric Tessmer

Diamond Head

In the 1800’s sailors from Britain took in the view of this volcanic cone. It sparkled under the sunlight due to the huge amount of calcite in the rock. It struck the sailors as being just like diamonds. Do not let its beauty fool you, however. Diamond Head offers challenging hikes through paradise. Those who want to reach the top of the cone can expect a hike to take two hours. The top of Diamond Head offers a spot for photographs unlike any other taken from an aerial perspective.

Oahu’s Northern Shore

Oahu’s Northern Shore is where surfers from all over clamor to be. The Northern Shore is where the sport of surfing is believed to have started. The Northern Shore is a few hours away from Waikiki by car. Rent a car and enjoy a drive that is unlike anything you have experienced before. Be sure to take pictures and do your best to visit the North Shore during the winter months to take advantage of the biggest waves.

Experience Surfing
While taking in the Northern Shore, why not give surfing a try? Hawaii is world famous for the big waves ideal for surfing. Plenty of beaches in Waikiki also offer surfing lessons, equipment rentals and help for visitors of all levels of surfing.

Kilauea and Kilauea Iki volcano craters

Kilauea and Kilauea Iki volcano craters from Chris Taleye

The Kilauea Volcano

Kilauea last erupted in 1983 and is one of the five volcanoes to make up the Hawaiian Islands. Tour guides are available to take visitors to see the lava rivers. The volcano is still active, but in a mild enough way that it is perfectly safe to visit. Catch a glimpse of Hawaii in action as the lava flows into the sea and forms added masses of land. Safely visit the volcano with the help of many of the tour companies that offer guides, transportation and food for the day of your visit.

Hawaiian Luaus

To get the ultimate Hawaiian experience, visitors must take in at least one luau during their stay. A luau is a Hawaiian feast. There is native food such as Poi and Poke. All the food is certain to give visitors a true taste of the Polynesian influence in Hawaii.

Games are also played at luaus for everyone to enjoy and of course, there are hula dancers and other entertainment for all to enjoy while dining. Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center to see the Ali’I Luau performed in Oahu. Other recommended luaus include Germaine’s Luau and the Paradise Cove Luau at the Ko Olina Resort.

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