Go Mountain Climbing At Mount Khuiten of Mongolia

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 On the summit of Mt Khuiten (4,374 M) from martin_vmorris

On the summit of Mt Khuiten (4,374 M) from martin_vmorris


Get yourselves ready for the adventure of a lifetime by taking on the most remote mountains in the whole wide world! Visit the country of Mongolia where you will find the home of the Kazakh nomads, the gorgeous Altai Mountains and the rich landscapes. The majestic mountains of Khuiten borders the countries of Mongolia, Russia and China. When you dare to climb the snowy peaks of this snowcapped mountain, you will most definitely be amazed at how wondrous and fulfilling feeling that you will get.

Numerous backpackers who love the thrill of adventure go on climbing tours to Mount Khuiten. These people are usually in small groups and the climbing expeditions composes of obstacles such as crossing dirt toads, encountering remote farmers, reaching the base camp, and for the thrill of a lifetime, start climbing the humongous mountain. You will not mind the effort so much as the beauty that you will get from the surrounding magnificent scenery. Your eyes will definitely love the sight and your camera as well if you decide to bring one. This journey to the Khuiten Mountains is surely going to be that one activity that will top the rest of your adventurous rides and exciting activities. How cool would it be that you will get to explore one of the less untouched or less visited places anywhere around the world yet you get to explore it with a few people? That is surely one trip that you will never forget and have bragging rights about how most people couldn’t come here, but you most definitely can.

Even though it might not be the world’s highest peak such as Mount Everest, it is still the most thrilling, most exciting and most challenging mountain to climb anywhere else. It is challenging in its own sense due to its not-so-easy access as it will require you to undergo so many obstacles before reaching its peak. Because of which, only those who are trained or those best in the outdoor excursion of mountain climbing or those seasoned enough climbers have dared to climb this majestic feat.
The actual ascent of Mount Khuiten may be the best part of the climbing trip, but rest assured, every bit of activity in this experience is worth the sweat, worth the struggle and absolutely worth going to. In going here, those international flights to Mongolia would arrive at the country’s capital, Ulaan Baatar, but the climbing trip to Mount Khuiten would start at the Bayan Olgii which is located by the western part of Mongolia. From there, you will then come aboard a jeep on your way to Altai Tavan Bogd Range, which is also known as Five Holy Peaks. As you can see, you will find many mountains around here so you can just imagine how much fun you’re going to get especially the wonderful views that you will be rewarded with by climbing the Mount Khuiten. Even the trek itself will is packed with indigenous plants and animals that will add color and harmony to your adventure trip.

Along the way, you will encounter Kazakh nomads whose traits exude hospitability and friendliness towards you. These people are generally shepherds who have retained their way of living for centuries around this area. During the night, you may be able to rest at a traditional nomadic residence called ‘gers”. Upon your arrival at the base camp and taking that regenerating sleep for your upcoming challenging journey, you will then make your way to the summit of Malchin which soars up to about four thousand and thirty seven meters high. While reaching this area, you will be rewarded with magnificent views of the Potaniin Glacier. You and your mates will then carry on to the steeper Mount Khuiten which soars a bit higher than the previous one at a height of four thousand and three hundred forty-seven meters high.

Prior to engaging in this climbing excursion, you would be required to accomplish a 6-day comprehensive training as the climb would stretch your limits and needs you to be at a moderate technical mountaineering-skilled individual. You should be at ease in utilizing crampons as there will be glaciated climbs on the way up the peak. You will also need to be in excellent physical condition as you will be equipped with tons of tools to carry with you to the peak and the weight could be as heavy as fifteen kilos.

Some of the adventure companies would use the help of camels or horses to assist in carrying load to the mountain. Some need-to-have things to bring along with you during the trip include hiking boots and mountaineering boots. If you think that you’re not well enough to engage in this feat, you may still choose the lighter option by just going on a trekking trip to the base camp. The best thing about this outdoor excursion is, there are no technical requirements needed for trekkers!



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