Powellooza: The Best Way To Have A Blast With The Gang On A Summer Getaway

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Sometimes, vacations could come off as boring, general, common and repetitive. One would want something that is distinct from any other getaway that anybody else does during the summer. Summertime, as well, gives the teenagers and the young adults that sense of freedom, an opportunity to have the time of their lives and celebrate the ending of a stressful, school semester or school year that they wish to go somewhere and unleash the enthusiasm that they have been saving since school started. What better way to have the most fun, the most exciting and the most unforgettable summer escapade than spending it with your friends at a quality place, a remote place if you will, where you will get to experience something that not everybody has the privilege of experiencing. Best part is, if anyone would hear about this summer vacation of you and your friends, I would bet my life on it if those who hear about it won’t feel an ounce of envy and would wish to go there themselves. Bragging rights are definitely a compliment on the most fun any group of friends could ever have during the summer! Now, let me introduce you to the most exclusive, the most elite, and the coolest summer getaway in the world! Welcome to the Powellooza!

The main idea for the event is giving the participants the maximum tolerance of their joy while living up to their freedom. Freedom from thesis papers, freedom from demands relating to work, freedom from parents who track down their every move, and freedom from those nerve-racking professors that compel them to make countless assignments and study for long quizzes. Basically, the event is established so that those people who miss a lot of fun during the stressful months would unleash their constraints here when they were deprived of such back home. Powellooza has been famous to these individuals through social media, through the videos (like that above) that are just plain and simple: jaw-dropping, give the watchers a taste of jealousy for not having to participate and through enticing stories from people who have actually attended the event. Rest assured that when you do come along the trip, you will be documented by the ones who arrange it where you will get to play the documentaries all over again until you grow older and remember the most fun times of any summer vacation that you have ever been to.

On one of the videos of Powellooza in You Tube, one fan commented this: “Although that I am from a third world country and I will never have the chance to have fun and enjoy life as much as these people do, although that my youth will be wasted without having one moment of such happy joy, I am glad that there are humans whom their luck was so fortunate to allow them to have what I have been denied.” Sounds tragic, doesn’t it? Now let me ask you, since summer is getting closer, would you allow yourself to feel the same way as the person who commented this on You Tube? Of course not! So, what are you waiting for? Participate in the most fun and exciting summer event that will last you a lifetime! But, before you do that, let me tell you a little more about this incomparable Powellooza.

 Horseshoe bend from Wolfgang Staudt

Horseshoe bend from Wolfgang Staudt

Powellooza is an annual event that occurs at Lake Powell in Arizona during the summer break. About a hundred and fifty young people attend the event and get together for an awesome time that lasts for three days. It’s also about twenty miles away from departure point aboard a boat in going to a secluded small island where you can just sit back and relax, party the night away, or engage in the most exhilarating and exciting water sports ever invented. Ever necessity from food and water are provided for the bunch and you can even camp out by the waters or sleep in your own houseboats. I don’t know about you but that is just simply amazing for a summer vacation with friends where you can just have the time of your lives without anybody telling you off or making you tone it down or even lower the music. When you’re here, it’s like you have your own world, do whatever you want and no one would ever disturb your tantrum of happiness.

Lake Powell is not as famous as that of the beaches in Bora Bora or the resorts in the French Alps or the remote islands in the Caribbean but it is absolutely the ideal place for a group of friends to have a blast. Usually, the people that come here are members of a religious group called Mormons. Some are the children of the rich and famous or those who own private yachts that will enable them to reach the remote area. These people, usually college students, come here to escape the school life, pack up their beers and their jet skis and just have a fun time. Since the area is surrounded by pristine waters, majestic brown boulders of hills or rocks as you might say, passage ways that lead to narrow corners perfect for exploring the different sides of Lake Powell, wide areas for water sports, and on top of that, absolutely breathtaking views, time spent here will definitely earn you a spot in the most envied young person in the planet.

 Lake Powell Trip from sean cumiskey

Lake Powell Trip from sean cumiskey

One of the things that you might enjoy here and as mentioned, is the water sports. You will be riding a floating raft and be dragged by a fast-speed water vehicle and feel the rush of the air and the screams of supportive audience as you enjoy your swerve around the waters of Lake Powell. Truly, this is one activity you wouldn’t want to miss.

 Boys Camping & Fishing Trip from justj0000lie

Boys Camping & Fishing Trip from justj0000lie

If you just wish to relax a bit before doing all the extreme stuff that you can do in the area, you can just grab your fishing gear and a folded chair, sit back by the shores and fish. Yes, you can fish here! It’s also the perfect way to get food as fresh as they get apart from all those packed ones that you’ve readied out from home. Your beer could also use a companion as you party the night away later. Grilled fish would definitely make your experience more satisfying, won’t you say?

 Firewraith from jah~

Firewraith from jah~

During the night time, since it’s a remote place, there are no available post lamps or fluorescent lights that will brighten things up. Mostly, light emanating from your houseboats are the ones visible when things get dark. However, artificial lights aren’t that beautiful to accompany the starry, starry night right? Then comes one of the perks of this event. The people who come here initiate a bonfire where everyone will be passed with drinks around, party to the lively house or retro music and just have some fun! Amazing isn’t it? It’s either you can camp out near the bonfire and the waters or you can choose to sleep in your houseboats. The choice actually is entirely up to you. But, no matter what you choose as your sleeping quarters, the views of the area and the stars in the sky during night time is just absolutely charming and beautiful. You will most definitely feel that you are in paradise.

 Our Third Camp from WhyNotThisOne

Our Third Camp from WhyNotThisOne

During day time, as mentioned, there are a lot of water sports to choose from. Most of the teenagers would love to engage in exploring the area by kayaking. You can grab your canoes and go sailing through narrow paths and appreciate the breathtaking views of peaceful waters that touch the rocks under the sunny skies that add up to giving you that summer feel. If adventure is your thing, this will really make you enjoy a time with friends as you swerve through many areas of Lake Powell.

Since you’re probably traveling with your group of friends, what would a summer getaway be if there were no drinks on the table, red cups and barrels of all things beer? That’s right. Since this event promises a hell of a good time, you may party during the night or during the day, play some beer pong or beer bong, get wasted, jump off your yachts or houseboats, swim through the waters, take a drop on the huge inflated and floating balloons in the water that will toss you high up in the air and just laugh to your heart’s content as you feel the rush of freedom and enjoyment while doing all that is fun. It would really be such an unforgettable experience with friends and you will surely love to brag about it to everyone else back home!

 bro in law on one of the sturdier jet sk... from libby lynn

bro in law on one of the sturdier jet sk… from libby lynn

For more water sports that you can engage in here at Lake Powell, jet skiing is one of the most fun ones to experience here. As mentioned, you should definitely bring along a jet ski or rent one in visiting here. You can ride on within the area, and since it covers a vast area, you will definitely have a blast. You can race with your friends, splash those ones that are sun bathing by the shores or just feel the rush of the air and the spirit of freedom while having a blast riding that jet ski! This is definitely a fun activity for anybody attending Powellooza.

 Jas'n from Tigresblanco

Jas’n from Tigresblanco

Another exciting water sport that the young people enjoy here is wakeboarding! How fun is that? Since this event truly is a way to get rid of all the stresses in life, imagine being dragged by speeding boat and splashing through the waves, and your friends would be cheering you on! What an amazing feeling, isn’t it? It’s just like you imagined! Never ending fun that will make your heart pump faster and make you scream out the fill of joy that you’re experiencing on this fun ride.

 PeaceSplash from Symic

PeaceSplash from Symic

Now, if the picture ain’t that appealing to you as that fun activity that you can engage in with your friends, I don’t know what is! Jumping off a huge boulder is just so exciting and heart-pumping, doing it with friends just makes it even more hilarious and fun as well! Yes, you could be one of those kids in the picture! Just as you thought that it’s very funny when someone tumbles on top of you as you all jump simultaneously, it’s even funnier when one who thinks he’s brave enough to jump, ends up stranded on top of the rock because he’s just too scared to jump! This summer vacation is just one for the books, and will make you remember the most fun events that you and your friends could talk about as you grow older, even to your kids!

Now, if you wish to attend this one-of-a-kind summer event, first off, you should make sure that you have the access to come here with your friends. You can avail of your pass to Powellooza here. It is also important that you settle your rentals on wakeboards, jet skis and houseboats if you haven’t got one. So, first of, you can rent your jet skis and wake boards here. This company offers wakeboard and ski boat rentals from Mastercraft and Yamaha jet skis and covers the areas of Bullfrog Marina, Wahweap Marina, Anetlope Marina, Crossing Marina and Point Marina. Now, for the houseboats, you can rent them here. The houseboats that they offer are ranged from different sizes such as the forty-six foot Expedition and the seventy-five foot Extreme. You should probably pick the one where you can see yourself jumping off from to the waters or the one which you can see yourself spending the night while enjoying the Powellooza event.


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