Explore The Wonderful Hill Station at Nuwara Eliya

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Waterfall guesthouse, Nuwara Eliya, Sri from james_gordon_losangeles

Waterfall guesthouse, Nuwara Eliya, Sri from james_gordon_losangeles

Nuwara Eliya, a former hill station of the British colonizers is the highest and still prevailing town of Sri Lanka. It is about two thousand meters above ground and is recognized as a tourist destination of the region.

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The town encompasses beautiful surroundings of lush hills and picturesque landscapes that are just breathtaking. Apart from its colonial characteristics, Nuwara Eliya is likewise a favorite spot for those who want to escape urbanization and just chill around marvelous estates and plantations. Because of such plantations, it garnered the name as the tea capital of Sri Lanka.

The residential buildings and houses which are half timbered and inspired with English country style origins are scattered around the town. Due to its English influences, it is likewise known as the Little England of the country.

 Lake Gregory Walkway ,Nuwara Eliya from Roshan Goonewardena

Lake Gregory Walkway ,Nuwara Eliya from Roshan Goonewardena

One of the highlights in this beautiful town is the Lake Gregory which is just a mile away from the town center. Being easily accessible and provides a comfortable choice for strolling, tourists love to come by here. It gives the visitors a peaceful and tranquil feel as you breathe in the fresh air from the lake. While visiting the lake, you can engage in activities such as boating. Renting one is available for any visitor who wish to explore the premises by boat. There lies the Victoria Park that exudes of an English country garden feel and is packed with fragrant flora. Aside from boating, bird watching is also enjoyed here as you will likewise witness different bird species that pass around here.

If you’re the adventurous type, you could also go on a hiking trip towards the tea plantations in Nuwara Ilaya or to the Peak of Single Tree Mountain. Such activity will not just make you sweat it out but be comforted with the magnificent view of nature at the top. If you were too tired from the hike, you may choose to hire a three-wheeler vehicle called the tuk tuk at the village town by the ridge top to take you back to town.

 Holy Trinity Church Graveyard from StJenna

Holy Trinity Church Graveyard from StJenna

The town’s pride landmark is the Holy Trinity Church that is designed with Gothic styles that are mostly found in English towns. There is also the Post Office, the Bale Bazaar where you can shop for clothes and mingle with the local people and the 18-hole Nuwaraya Golf Club built during the 18th century that is about ninety acres wide offering guest with breathtaking views of nature.

The town of Nuwara Eliya is packed with nature treasures of lush mountains and majestic waterfalls that are must-visits for every tourist traveling here. In fact, there are numerous choices of nature destinations that you can go to such as St. Claire’s Falls, Aberdeen Falls. Diyaluma Falls, Devon Falls and the Lakspana Falls. For accommodation choices, there is the choice of staying at lavish hotels such as the Hill Club or Grand Hotel. You may likewise enjoy a cup or two of tea at the plantation bungalows like the Ceylon Tea Trails. This type of accommodation choice would give the guests a view of how living was like during the colonial period.


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