Explore the Secluded Bay of Fernando de Noronha Named Sancho Bay

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 baía e praia do sancho from Mathieu Bertrand Struck

baía e praia do sancho from Mathieu Bertrand Struck

In the Brazilian archipelago is where you will find the natural beauty of mother nature at Fernando de Noronha. This area has been considered as one of the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site as it composes of twenty-one islands that are located on the Atlantic Ocean. This area is home to fantastic beaches with vast marine life and a breathtaking landscape that are all worth comparing to all other beautiful destinations all over the globe.

You will find tons of beaches around the archipelago but there is no question that one of the most attractive of all is the Sancho Bay. It overlooks the coast of Brazil instead of the Atlantic Ocean making it as the most gorgeous of all in Fernando de Noronha. It is located beside another beach called the Pig Bay or Baia dos Porcos and is the perfect spot for those who’d love a little privacy because of its remote location, rich vegetation and majestic cliffs.

 Boats moored in Porto de Galinhas from Rafael F. Pimentel

Boats moored in Porto de Galinhas from Rafael F. Pimentel

Because Sancho Bay is not crowded with tons of people and is likewise a secluded area, finding your way here could get a little challenging but more intriguing at the same time for those adventure travelers. You would get to ride on a small boat starting from Porto Beach. Fun part is, you will not only get a chance to see picturesque views, you can also experience dolphins just swimming past you! Amazing, isn’t it? Another way of reaching this paradise is by hiking to a cliff and climb down a forty-meter long ladder that was built in between a rock crease. If you wish to choose this more active way of traveling, it would be advised that you wear hiking shoes so your feet won’t get uncomfortable when descending through the rocky steps.

Once you arrive at Sancho Bay, you will automatically be drawn to its incomparable beauty. Its crystal clear waters are just to die for! You should definitely enjoy a swim through it. If you wish to engage in a more active activity on the beach, you could go diving. You would surely love its abundance in colorful coral reefs and marine species swirling and swimming along with you and since the waters are so clear, you would see these magnificent views like they were on high definition.

 Illot Sancho from Yashna M

Illot Sancho from Yashna M

Spending your time here, even though if it may be as short as a couple of hours would give you that refreshing escape from all the hustle and bustle of urbanization. It’s just plain and simple: relaxing, There’s no, as in none whatsoever, tourist facilities and services existing in the beach area. So if you just wish to savor everything about the beach’s beauty, make sure that you bring along food, drinks, and essentials with you. Apart from the beaches, there are also two wondrous waterfalls whose waters swerve past the cliffs and into the ocean. Travel experts presume that the best month of the year to visit Sancho Bay would be by January.

In the absence of tourist accommodations in the area, you may only find such in the nearby main island. There are about seventy reasonably priced Pousadas to choose from. Sancho Bay may be visited during any time of the year. Rainy season which starts in April and lasts until July, might be the best times too since the sea turtles would come to shore and breed. Breeding season for them starts from January and lasts up to July. During such period, the beach would be locked out of visitors during six in the evening until six in the morning.


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