Explore The Mysteries of The Mayan City in Coba

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 The doorway to an Ancient Civilization. from .Andi.

The doorway to an Ancient Civilization. from .Andi.

If you’re a fan of Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider and would like to explore the world the way the characters in the movie did, you should travel to the city of Coba. It is located within a deep jungle and is surrounded by Maya ruins that are rich in history and mysterious characteristics to it. They are decorated with stone paved roads that are called sacbes and the banks are full of vines adding a touch of ancient feel to them. Truly, the Mayan ruins in Coba are definitely a place to be explored for the adventure traveler such as yourself.

Coba has been believed by expert archaeologists to be one of the most significant sites that are found within the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. It was previously known to be the residence of the most populated area among the Maya cites found within the region. The fact that it has structures built in various ways make it distinct from all the Mayan ruins and give it the unique distinction as the largest populated area among all. The discovered structures are very delicate and about six thousand of them haven’t been excavated yet. This makes the area a very mysterious place to visit due to its uncovered parts.

 Nohoch Mul from C. Strife

Nohoch Mul from C. Strife

While visiting here, the most prominent site that you wouldn’t want to miss passing through is the Nohoch Mul. It is a very huge pyramid and is the tallest of the Yucatan ruins scaling up to about a hundred and twenty-six feet. For the avid explorer, you could have the pleasure of climbing to the top of the pyramid composing of about a hundred and twenty steps. As you reach the top, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the forest and all the other ruins scattered in Coba. There also lies a small temple styled with two miniature carvings at the door of the topmost peak. The carvings are generally common to that found in Tulum which is another uncovered Mayan site. They were believed to be a replica of the “god descending” or also known as the “diving god”.

 Mexico-6907 - Macanxoc Group from archer10 (Dennis)

Mexico-6907 – Macanxoc Group from archer10 (Dennis)

The Coba Group are a collection of structures that are found near the entrance of the city. It composes of a ball court and an old church. Apart from those structures, there is also an eight stelaes and a bunch of altars called the Macanxoc Group. This part of the ruins has been known to be one of the many spiritual places in Coba because of the occurrence of stelaes. A stelae is that of a huge stone slab that is etched with glyphs and drawings of different elements. They serve as a record of all the major events that commenced within the city from the dawn of time. They have also been a source of knowledge or a peek of the Mayan culture from the olden times that helped experts examine how people used to live here. There are also Sacbes that are limestone roads found scattered around the ancient city that has an area of about ten to thirty feet wide. These limestone roads were built mainly for the commercial activities within the city.

 Coba Ruin from C. Strife

Coba Ruin from C. Strife

Apart from the Mayan ruins in Coba, there are also other attractions within the area such as the remnants found in the jungle and its wildlife inhabitants. It would be best if you visit this place during the early morning where the temperature would be comfortable. It is also the best time of the day where you will get a relaxing feel as you suck in the sights and sounds of the jungle.
The city of Coba is about a hundred and twenty miles south of Cancun. The ancient city may be traveled starting from Riviera Maya through Tulum by passing at the Coba Road. You may also rent a private vehicle and drive yourself to the ruins or you can likewise join a tour group to lessen the hassle of traveling. You may stay the night at the sight although there are only few accommodation choices for you to pick from. However, you will be indirectly giving support to the locals if you decide to stay the night within the premises and maximize the natural journey of uncovering one of the most mysterious parts of the Earth.


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