Experience The Royal Treatment At Normandy 5-Star Hotels

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Normandy is one of the most exquisite places to travel when visiting France. It has tons of travel destinations to choose from: historical sites, World War II museums and true to life war remains, absolutely stunning architecture, landmarks with picturesque scenery and many more that will surely make you feel that you were still in the renaissance period! True, that there are only few real royals in the entire world but wouldn’t it be splendid if you yourself could experience the lavish lifestyle and feel like you were royalty yourself? Then what are you waiting for! Book at these fantastic five-star hotels in Normandy and discover that being treated like a prince or princess doesn’t only hold true for the blue-blooded!

Grand Hotel Cabourg

 grand hotel cabourg from greg.road.trip

grand hotel cabourg from greg.road.trip

Be amazed by this absolutely beautiful 5-star hotel in Cabourg, France and have the opportunity in spending time at this almost-fairy-tale-looking establishment. The exquisite Grand Hotel Cabourg was first made famous by Marcel Proust. It has wide rooms that give guests the best views of the beach shores overlooking fresh flowers and gardens. It also has a restaurant that caters to original Normandy dishes and unforgettable snacks while dining with a view of the beautiful promenade. This place is also perfect for those traveling with their families or with a loved one. This hotel will provide you with the best accommodation services making your vacation trip extra special and unforgettable at any time of the year.

The hotel has a total of seventy rooms and includes amenities such as: its own bar or lounge, access to the beach, a business center that has free internet access, free parking space, available children’s programs to keep the little ones entertained, a restaurant, top-notch hotel room service, lavish suites to choose from and open services for those traveling with pets.

This hotel is located at Les Jardins du Casino, 14390 Cabourg, France. Hotel rates start at $241 per person. Every moment you spend at this hotel will truly make you feel that this vacation trip would never be a waste of money and time!

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Le Clos

 Le Clos Normand Hotel in Saint-Aubin sur from ? SimonPix

Le Clos Normand Hotel in Saint-Aubin sur from ? SimonPix

The Le Close L’histoire has been opening its doors since 1770 when the nuns of the Abbey of Saint-Nicolas purchased the lot during the regime of “The garden of the Beguine“. The plots of the premises fused into peasant gardens cornered by the remains of city walls and the White Tower. After a century, a gentleman benefactor transformed the abbey into a castle. Since then, the nuns would welcome families  and opened a school exclusively for girls within the premises. The castle was then decorated with a Viollet-Le-Duc architectual style that added to the artistic and beautiful look of the building. It was then known as a mansion whose architectual designs have inspired the makings of the town houses at Verneuil since the fifteenth century. Added with a gothic style, the mansion’s premises then came alive with color.

The Le Clos hotel composes of a bar or lounge, a business center that has internet access, a fitness center with gym and and work out room, free high speed Wi-Fi internet access, free parking for guests, programs for children’s activities. a restaurant, quality room service, shuttle bus service, lavishly designed suits and best of all, the hotel allows you to travel with pets.

This hotel is located at 98, Rue de la Ferte-Vidame, 27130 Verneuil-sur-Avre, France at will cost you at least $264 per person for a one night stay.

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Chateau de Sarceaux

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”Chateau de Sarceaux, france”]

This hotel is not just some normal building offering accommodation services.. this building is actually a castle! How cool is that? This 18th-century castle offers room that have a magnificent view of the park and pond. It may be reached from Mont-Saint-Michel and the D-Day beaches for about a ninety-minute drive.

This hotel caters to four individually-designed quarters and likewise has a suite that’s packed with a private bathroom, wooden floors and offer free Wi-Fi internet access. It also houses its very own fireplace and interconnecting rooms for those who are traveling in packs.

This hotel also offers daily continental breakfast and dinner giving you the comfort of not having to book your meals separately. It will be served in the living room quarters of the hotel. However, for those who are traveling on a romantic vacation, there is also the choice of having an intimate dinner by the outdoor terrace.

Aside from staying in an exquisite castle, there are also tons of activities to choose from while visiting this hotel. You could go horseback riding, golfing, karting or even hunting, like the real life hunting! Ain’t that fun or what?!

For additional information, the check in time here is at four in the afternoon until ten in the evening while check-out time would start at mid eight in the morning until mid eleven in the morning as well.

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