Experience The Lifestyle of The Rich and Famous At These 5 Luxury Vacation Getaways

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Have you ever heard of the saying, “Money doesn’t buy happiness”? Well, the person who said most probably didn’t know where to go where money equals happiness! With these luxury vacation destinations, you are sure going to change your mind about how much happiness could actually cost! Indulge yourselves at these celebrity vacation spots and feel like you were royalty yourself!

French Alps

 Le Mont Pèlerin (VD) - Switzerland - Oct from Lomyx

Le Mont Pèlerin (VD) – Switzerland – Oct from Lomyx

Located at a beautiful village called Le Mirior nestled into a hillside of the Tarentaise Valley in Savoie region of the French Alps is the Chalet Pelerin. This place offers the visitors with a distinct and memorable experience of and ad off piste ski touring accompanied by expert guides, exciting mountain biking and summer mountaineering. It gives off an intimate feel and makes you enjoy a time at the most amazing and resourceful landscapes. Whether you would rather spend your time here sampling the subtle delights of the delicious cheeses or go on adventure activities, you will most definitely remember the unforgettable experience in Chalet Pelerin.

The chalet has been styled into a typical Savoyard design composing of over three floors that cover about a hundred and seventy square meters featuring a large open plan lounge and dining area that is decorated with leather sofas, solid oak dining room furniture, and a wood burning fire place. There is also a fitted oak kitchen, separate utility and drying areas, fully furnished terrace that gives a whopping view of the valley and River Dranse directly below the corner.
Accommodations include a cozy atmosphere with four king en-suite bedrooms, a corner for the kid, a bunk room and playroom, a n exquisite fireplace and lavish living room, indoor saltwater pool, steam room, Finnish sauna, services of attentive stave and an outdoor hot tub to make your vacation extra classy that would make your peeps swoon with envy.

A luxurious stay in this chattel will not only impress you with its quality services and amenities but will likewise make you gawk in admiration at the magnificent views of the Chablais Mountains. Also, it is roughly about seventy-five minutes away from Geneva with easy access to Portes de Soleil. It is a great vacation getaway especially during the seasons of winter and summer.

Other activities other than skiing and biking are walking, climbing, paragliding, kayaking, rafting and fishing during the summer season.


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Musha Cay

 musha cay from alancf

musha cay from alancf

The Paradise Muscha Cay Resort is the most lavish private resort island that you can find anywhere in the world that has more than a hundred and fifty acres of sandy beaches, pristine turquoise waters, and a very intricate unspoiled tropical environment that is rich with palm trees, exotic flowers and abundant vegetation. The touch of sunshine by the gentle ocean breeze is just heavenly and that of the light that shimmers from a million stars during the night could not be any more romantic.

An exclusive invitation located at the tranquil waters of the southern Bahamas, eighty-five miles southeast of Nassau in the secluded island Exuma chain of islands, this paradise location is just the luxurious getaway that the celebrities, tycoons in the business world and all other famous icons come to find solace away from all the stress of the cities.

In going here, a sponsor guest and his company have exclusive and a private use of the island’s area one group at a time with a maximum of twenty-four guests only. You may choose to stay at your own private ten thousand square foot manor house that’s situated by the hill or in a thatched-roof beach house that’s not easily spotted and is most definitely secluded from all human activity. There are also two guest villas composing of two bedrooms, private outdoor Jacuzzis and beaches outside, or a five-bedroom beachside villa. All the accommodation choices composes of air-conditioned rooms, a professional, discreet and courteous staff that will attend to your every needs in the resort. The rooms are designed with West-Indie styles with impressive four-poster beds in each master bedroom. There is also an activities center around “The Landings” which is the hub of the island community with a central dining room and bar, meeting area, billiard room, satellite television, lounge and a chance to get a picture-perfect scenery of the sunset.

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Bora Bora

 DSC00149/French Polynésia/ Rangiroa Atol from dany13

DSC00149/French Polynésia/ Rangiroa Atol from dany13

One of the best vacation destinations for the rich and famous is that of French Polynesia’s St. Regis. At Ia Orana, you will get to explore the untouched environment, tranquil blue waters and picturesque views of Mt. Otemanu while you enjoy a relaxing day in the hundred villas available with a signature St. Regis Butlers at your beck and call. With its rich natural treasures, you can just greet the colorful fishes at the Lagoon during the early morning or have the best dining experience at the signature restaurant of the same name serviced by the world’s famous chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Most definitely, this dream vacation is not one that everybody can go on to nor is it one that you will forget in a lifetime!

Many people have found true love with marveling at the area’s beauty and the stunning and romantic aura of the property’s lagoon, taking a stroll at the small town of Vaitape or engage in excursion with the rays and sharks. You may even enjoy the thumping sounds of BOSE Stereo System found at every corner, spend some quality time at the bedroom that gives you the pleasure of watching the beautiful lagoon from your King size bed, have a romantic date at a separate living room, chill out at the outdoor deck that has a private gazebo, and be served by classy butlers for every room.

A stay at the resort offers a scheduled boat service to Vaitape which is the primary town for Bora Bora. It is just about twenty kilometers away from the resort. It is the place to go when you want to do a little grocery shopping, dine at exquisite restaurants and buy something to remember Bora Bora by at old-fashioned shops.

For some leisure time, the resort has a private island spa on its very own exclusive island named the Miri Miri Spa that provides full-service spa of unique Tahitian and Pacific Rim treatments that exudes native ingredients including that of pure mother of pearl and monoi oil., a kid’s club, three restaurants to choose from, a fitness center, tennis courts, an “adults only” pool with a swim-up bar, a private helicopter landing pad and a number of private cabanas to choose from.

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Necker Island

 DSC_0537 from kansasphoto

DSC_0537 from kansasphoto

For the more adventurous luxurious vacationer, the Necker Island is definitely the place to visit for that ultimate paradise getaway. When visiting here, you really will have tons of activities to choose from making it safe to say that this vacation will never be a bore! There is a wide array of choices of activities to choose from that is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities giving the guests to enjoy to the fullest kite-surfing, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, waterskiing, and many more! The area also has two tennis courts and a tennis instructor that will guide and assist you on a few tips to play the game. On the other hand, for those who wish to just sit back and relax, you may also just enjoy the day laying around a hammock and experience the tranquility that you have long yearned for.

If you wish to do some leisure time, you may also go to the spa center. The words to describe a time here is “Leha Leha” which is the Balinese way of defining relaxation, peace and daydreaming that is the exact feeling that you will get from the spa treatments. There is also available Aromatherapy Associates that are exclusively of service to you alone. You can even buy some of the products used in the spa center to take a piece of tranquility home with you. There are even several fun beauty treatments for the kids.

As a luxury guest, it would be a given that you love to play golf. While staying here, you will get to enjoy the sport even away from the island itself to its neighboring islands. The golf courses located near the area are the Mahogany Run Golf Course and the Carambola Golf Course. There are even other golf areas to choose from located in Puerto Rico. Fret not. You don’t have to worry about availing of bookings and reservations to such places since the staff in the Necker Island will be willing to organize transfers by private helicopter or boat for your specific destinations.

For those who wish to visit the island for a more concentrated experience such as holding special occasions, the staff are also available at your beck and call to help you make the event extra special. Whether it’s for a birthday celebration, a honeymoon getaway or a family bonding vacation time, anything is possible here at the Necker Island. Just imagine, celebrating these rare events with the pleasure of enjoying a fireworks display, decorations of hundreds of balloons, exciting sporting games on the water or a hearty feast… you just name the activity and the staff will make it happen!

To make the vacation extra special and distinct from all the other luxurious vacations out there, you can come aboard the Necker Nymph. The Necker Nymph is an underwater aircraft, the world’s first three-person aero submarine that has been created specifically for Virgin Limited Edition that will make you explore the waters of Necker Island in a completely different level. It’s the one way to discover the many wonders of the British Virgin Islands that you may never get to see any other way.

The Necker Nymph seats two passengers at either side of a trained pilot who will take the vehicle down low to a depth reaching to thirty meters below the surface. Once you’re tucked in the Necker Nymph, you will have front views of some of the most magnificent marine life swimming past and beneath you. You will also get to travel at a speed that reaches up to six knots underwater and dives that would last about one or two house. The Necker Nymph is available automatically as you book in the Necker Island.

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 Roaring Water, Big Rocks, Yellow Aspens from Don J Schulte

Roaring Water, Big Rocks, Yellow Aspens from Don J Schulte

During the early times, Aspen was known to be a mining camp. Nowadays, it has completely transformed into a remote tumbling and rough mining town for the purpose of being a luxury vacation destination for the rich and famous. It was first renowned during the late half of the twentieth century by the development of ski culture and the concurrence of famous residents such as Hunter S. Thompson and John Denver. Since then, aspen has been known to have the ability to attract an interesting crowd of individuals. This is the place where sporting events and high-profile festivals are held where various people specifically travel for. Whether it’s the shopping experience, the world-class dining, excellent ski and snowboarding conditions, or celebrity attended occasions such as the X Games, US Pro Cycling Challenge or Food and Wine Classic, Aspen’s vacation homes has truly made its mark as the best of the best in a location that gives off a “dream come true” views.

Aspen is located between two mountain ranges that has perfect spots for winter sports enjoyed at any time of the year. Within nine miles of downtown Aspen, there are also four mountains that are usually dusted with fresh powder fitting for skiing, snowboarding, riding snowmobiles, walking on snow shoes, cross country skis and many more winter activities. Even though the place is known to be snowy, you will be amazed that there are also warmer months during the winter that gives off other fun activities possible with the change in season such as hiking on trails, mountain biking, hold festivals accompanied by groovy music, gourmet food and wine and even theater productions and lectures.

Apart from the outdoor excursions, the dining and shopping in Aspen is also the top of the list of its kinds. For a town with a small area, the dining choices are just as impressive as those found within metropolitan areas. After all, the most common visitors are those people featured in Forbes or People Magazine so the place really fits the luxurious lifestyles of the bunch. The restaurants serve cuisines of ultra-gourmet French to chic Asian fusion and everything in between making it one of the top-ranking dining destinations in the world. For those visiting the area and would wish to go shopping during the vacation, you can find designer boutiques that cater to pieces of Fendi and Prada or even outdoor gear emporiums and thrift stores that hold items like they were out from a celebrity’s closet! It easy to find the things that you yearn to buy and even the stuff that you didn’t think necessary to buy but would love to purchase!

For the luxurious experience, you can have the pleasure of being serviced by Concierges offering unforgettable luxury vacation activities such as granting you access to Aspen’s premier, members-only, private club that is so private that there is no visible name of the establishment at the door, champagne brunch after a balloon ride around town, arrange for ski butlers who will deliver you the stuff that you need for the activities, outdoor pampering such as spa treatments and massage appointments, offer you gourmet meals during your skiing excursion, give you access to the Aspen Institute and wheeler Opera House and a powder tour aboard a luxury Snowcat with guides that will cruise you around Aspen’s back country.


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