Experience Chinese Culture in New York’s Chinatown

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 Doyer Street, Chinatown, NYC from WanderingtheWorld (www.ChrisFord.com)

Doyer Street, Chinatown, NYC from WanderingtheWorld (www.ChrisFord.com)

Chinatown is generally known for its exquisite dining restaurants where people get to experience Chinese cuisine at its best. Even New York folks have rendered Chinese food as one of their favorite meals of the day. However, Chinatown offers a lot more than what it’s known for. Here, you can also find shops, bars and other destinations that will make you feel like China has been a part of the Big Apple. Touring New York could be tiring and a visit to Chinatown will not only feed your appetite with Chinese cuisine but make you experience Chinese culture at its best.


As mentioned, the best label for Chinatown would be that of its restaurants that offer a dining experience that would make you feel like you were in the heart of China. From dumplings to noodles and wantons, your appetite will definitely be best satisfied in Chinatown.

Peking Duck House

 Peking Duck from FoodMayhem.com

Peking Duck from FoodMayhem.com

This restaurant offers the most delicious Chinese dish that you could ever taste. The Peking Duck course takes a while to prepare but you can have it here in a flash. The waitress will march your roasted duck past you table before placing it on the center show table. Then chef will then wield his knives in a professional and enticing manner and slices the fragrant, crisp-skinned, luscious Peking duck with great skill. if you get to choose the three way course, your dish will be served along with plum sauce for rolling up the goods and pancakes, a cabbage soup made with its remaining bones, and a vegetable stir fry with leftover bits of meat. The restaurant can offer you a variety of other Chinese cuisines but the best of all is its Peking Duck as its specialty.

The average main course will cost you at about $15. The restaurant is open on Mondays through Thursdays from mid eleven in the morning to mid ten in the evening and extends it’s opening hours till mid eleven in the evening during Saturdays and Fridays.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”peiking duck house chinatown new york”]

Great N.Y. Noodle Town

 Great NY Noodle Town from Premshree Pillai

Great NY Noodle Town from Premshree Pillai

This restaurant has been open for quite a long time. As named, this restaurant offers various noodle dishes such as boiled angel-hair noodles to luscious soups floating in flavorful chicken broth. These dishes may be ordered with roasted duck, pork, ribs or chicken. Suckling pig is also a favorite delicacy here but has limited supply lasting until eight in the evening. Their most-favorited dish is the combination of Chinese flowering chives sauteed with duck, fish, squid or scallops best served with seafood.

The restaurant opens daily at nine in the morning until three in the morning. Their average main course would cost at least $10.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”great ny noodle town chinatown new york”]

Oriental Garden

 meaty dumplings from roboppy

meaty dumplings from roboppy

Once you visit here, you will get a sneak peek of live crabs clamming their claws in a front-window tank. Which means, food here will be served fresh! How delicious does that sound? Well, wait ’til you hear their dishes that will likewise make your mouth water.

This restaurant specializes in fresh Cantonese-style seafood with menus that include a long list of various dishes ranging from steamed fish, clams and prawns with broccoli. Of course, what would a Chinese restaurant be without dimsum platters and dishes right? The restaurant’s rather expensive dishes include a bowl of shark’s fin soup at a rate of $68 dollars. However, their average courses would start at a price as low as $5.

The restaurant opens its doors from ten in the morning until eleven in the evening during weekdays and nine in the morning through mid ten in the evening during weekends.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”oriental garden chinatown new york”]


As promised, Chinatown does not only cater to restaurants serving delicious Chinese delicacies but is also home to bars that allow you to party all night! Here are some of the best visited destinations for visitors who wish to experience a lively nightlife in Chinatown.


 Apothéke from Brother O'Mara

Apothéke from Brother O’Mara

This bar has been referred to as an engineered hideout with a scientist feel. It is designed with old vials and its cocktails are directed as “prescriptions”. Even its attendants seem to be like mad scientists offering you with cinnamon tampered Himalayan salt that rims your margarita. Other drinks offered here are that of gin-fueled Seven Herbs, a $35 absinthe set in flames and mixed between cups of blue blazer that produces a syrupy-sweet elixir. Truly, the nightlife will be jampacked with awesomeness as you compliment your trip with these luscious drinks.

The Apotheke opens from six in the evening to two in the morning during Mondays through Saturdays and will cost you $15 dollars for every average drink. Pricey, but it sure is worth it!

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”apotheke chinatown new york”]

Asia Roma

 Karaoke Debut from CB Photography

Karaoke Debut from CB Photography

Are you one who loves to sing at karaokes? Then the Asia Roma is the place to be! This basement lounge has been a tourist attraction for folks who love to sing the night away along with their friends and family. Feeling kind of shy? Not to worry! To boost your enthusiasm and confidence to sing it out loud, you can start of by ordering cocktails offered in its bars and drinks such as Zen martinis and Abssolut Citron infused with green tea.

This establishment opens from noon until two in the morning during Mondays to Thursdays and extends its opening until four in the morning during Fridays. During Saturdays, it opens from five in the afternoon until four in the morning and  cuts it shorter util two in the morning during Sundays. The average drink in this place will cost you about $7 each.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”asia roma chinatown new york”]

169 Bar

 Pork Dumplings & Oyster Bar Menu at 169 from ChrisGoldNY

Pork Dumplings & Oyster Bar Menu at 169 from ChrisGoldNY

Lastly, the 169 Bar is a definite must-visit tourist location. This eighty-year old establishment is packed with DJs who spin new wave or jungle tunes, a beautiful pool table and a dance floor spacious enough to dance the night away. If you were planning on having tons of drinks, what better way than to start the night with a hearty serve of Chinese dishes that are also offered in this bar such as dumplings, wantons and all those delicious delicacies.

Rates at this place would be as cheap as spending $3 a beer and opens its doors as early as two in the afternoon until four in the morning.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”169 bar chinatown new york”]


Last but not the least, Chinatown also is home to shops that sell Chinese amenities such as chopsticks, clothing and accessories. What would be a vacation to New York without having to do a little shopping along the way and take home a piece of Chinatown home with you? These shops will most definitely provide you with a wide array of choices to help you remind of that Chinatown visit.

Dave’s Warehouse


Dave’s sells a variety of items that catch the interest of thrasher youngsters out there. Its quality have made it as a downtown primary one-stop shop for skaters and shoes enthusiasts.

This skate shop and likewise street wear shop is designed with a cute little pug icon named Squishy.

Skating merchandise such as signed skate desks priced at $50 each shoes like Etnies priced at $65 each are sold here. Other items include Zig Zag canvas sneakers priced at $20, Dickies twill pants at $44, Rothco waffle-check thermals at $10, Ortiz’s graphic tees at $18-$22, hoodies at $40 and army-navy surplus messenger bags priced at $24.

The shop is open daily from eleven in the morning until seven in the evening.

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”dave’s wearhouse chinatown new york”]

Yunhong Chopsticks Shop

 05 Yunhong Chopsticks Shop from jasonlam

05 Yunhong Chopsticks Shop from jasonlam

What would Chinatown be if you weren’t going to be able to bring back home the star show of eating Chinese food? You can shop for authentic and uniquely made Chinese chopsticks here at Yunhong Chopsticks Shop.

Here, two hundred different styles of hand-painted and crafted materials such as sterling silver, ebony and mahogany that would yield Chinese chopsticks are sold here for you to bring back home or give to your loved ones back home.

From colorful plastic sets priced at five pieces for $9 to special-occasion sticks like handmade sets with twenty layers or lacquer priced at a whopping $36 to $268 a pair. Once you get a hold of these items, you can just order out Chinese food and use them as if you’re still experiencing the beauty of Chinatown.

No. 6 Store

This store is one of those where you can buy any sorts of clothing that are stylish and hip. Ranging from choices like vintage items, latest designs to statement pieces from international and local talents alike, your shopping experience in No. 6 Store will surely be like one taken up in Barneys.

Some of the best lines of fashion are sold here. It even has its own clog and booth line where items are priced at $240-$450 and the duo’s silk dresses, a famous satin originating from China, with signature prints priced at least $250. Necklaces and cuffs from Arielle de Pinto and AESA’s are at least $120, bags, crocheted metal earrings from Wendy Nickel priced at $475-$700

[su_gmap width=”200″ height=”200″ address=”no.6 store chinatown new york”]

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