Enjoy Scuba Diving At The Wonderful Waters of Maldives

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 Maldives from nicadlr

Maldives from nicadlr

Maldives has been a very popular destination spot for people who wish to relax and unwind at gorgeous white sandy beaches, pristine clear blue waters, and stay at luxury accommodation choices. Apart from its natural and beautiful attributes, the island nation located on the Indian Ocean is packed with a very rich marine life that makes it the perfect location for scuba diving.

 Manta at Fushivaru Thila from asands

Manta at Fushivaru Thila from asands

When you go beneath the waters of Maldivian atolls, you will get a glimpse of caves, caverns and rock pinnacles. The third one is known by the locals as “Thilas” and are also regularly visible in atoll lagoons. These areas give the ocean water to the walls and have been home to many colorful, exotic and bright soft corals and sponges. There are also marine creatures that will swim by and with you as you dive into the waters such as crustaceans, eagle rays, manta rays and sharks.

 021 - Dive Boat Art from Neville Wootton Photography

021 – Dive Boat Art from Neville Wootton Photography

In the Maldives, the most prominent way of scuba diving is through liveboards. This activity involves staying on a boat so you may dive in harmony with the sweeping ocean currents. These constant and water swerves are usually flowing through the channels at the center of the Maldivian atolls that would accompanied by various fish and other marine animals. There are a wide array of liveaboard boats that would operate anywhere within the area, predominantly within the main diving spots such as Ari Atoll, South Male and North Male.
These boats are generally large and are packed with entertainment along with diving facilities that make it very convenient for the visitors to enjoy the activity. If you prefer to rest on land but likewise wish to explore the ocean floor, there are also available scuba diving excursion that are offered at many parts of the beautiful islands in Maldives. Most of these resort island and those that are unrestricted from tourists even have their own established diving stores for the guests to purchase or rent those that they would need in scuba diving.

 Parrotfishes - Snorkeling in Maldives from -LucaM- Photography WWW.LUCAMOGLIA.IT

Parrotfishes – Snorkeling in Maldives from -LucaM- Photography WWW.LUCAMOGLIA.IT

The most visited and most preferred diving areas in Maldives is known as the Fotteyo Kandu situated within the Vaabu Atoll. As mentioned above, the best way to engage in scuba diving here is by liveaboards due to the existence of deep channels where the occurrence of fast-flowing currents are experienced. Ari Atoll, also known as a favorite area best for scuba diving, is famous for its pelagics and hug marine life such as reef sharks, hammerheads, barracuda, manta rays, whale sharks and frogfish that roam around its waters. Apart from that, the place is also known for its reliability when it comes to the existence of magnificent marine creatures that often visit the premises.

 Dolphins in Maldives from -LucaM- Photography WWW.LUCAMOGLIA.IT

Dolphins in Maldives from -LucaM- Photography WWW.LUCAMOGLIA.IT

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