Chicago Boat, RV and Outdoor Show: The Perfect Hub for Outbackers

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Most people dread the winter time and would love to find that escape to wonderland as winter unfolds its depressing weather. Of course, if you want that escape, you have to find something that will make you do so, say a boat or a yacht. For those eager to find means to deter from winter, the Chicago Boat Show is the perfect remedy for you!

Chicago Boat, RV & Outdoors Show

 At Chicago Boat, RV & Outdoors Show from jasmined

At Chicago Boat, RV & Outdoors Show from jasmined


This show is held once a year for a duration of five days at the McCormick Place. You will see displays of tons of things related to outdoor adventures that is the best activity that you can engage in during the winter. It would be absolutely exciting to not have to endure the coldness of the weather and chill out someplace else instead!

There are hundreds of boats on display and other modern-designed RVs that will make your winter escape memorable as you take a trip with your family to paradise. Imagine how fun it would be if you were to cruise along the waters of the world or go camping with your family? That would most definitely be an experience you wouldn’t want to miss out right? And of course, you’d need the necessary equipment to keep the activities more hassle free and manageable. Fret not. During the boat show, there are also accessories on display waiting for you to purchase those that you need. From boating equipment, fishing rods, fishing nets, camping equipment like tents and hiking gear, this show would definitely make it the one-stop shop for your outdoor activity. It would be less tiring if you’re going to have to visit tons of shops for different things right? But if you come here, you can have access to everything you will need in just one setting! Also, you can even purchase them for a lower price! How accommodating is that?

The show will be held on January 15th to 19th , 2015 (Thursday through Monday) at the North Building of McCormick Place, 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, Illinois. On Thursday, the show will be open from noon until nine in the evening, from eleven in the morning until nine in the evening on Friday, ten in the morning until nine in the evening on Saturday and would start at the same time on Sunday but closes on seven in the evening and open from ten in the morning until five in the afternoon on the last day.

It would cost you about $12 per adult aged at 16 and above while the kids 15 years old and younger can come in for free! You can purchase your tickets from the following magazines: Yachting, Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Islands and Men’s Journal each priced at $7. The information that you will enter in the purchase form will all be forwarded to the publisher and would contact you from six to eight weeks following subscription. The best part is, there are no hidden fees that you’ll be charged with! No deception guaranteed!

 Tad from compujeramey

Tad from compujeramey


The official hotel that the event promotes is the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place. The rates start at $149 per night for the 2015 show with free parking if you will book on or before December 5, 2014. Click the link below to make prior arrangements with the hotel.

Since this event will surely be fun to participate in, there are also activities that you can enjoy as well with complimentary prizes! You will be given a $500 shopping spree if you win the contest for the event and will also be given giveaways as you enter the show. During Friday, January 16, 2015, the first three hundred visitors that are aged eighteen years and older will be given free Mini Multi-Tool, given free Beach Bag if you’re among the first three hundred visitors on Sunday and free fishing lure for the first three hundred kids to arrive on Monday! What a tempting deal isn’t it? You came to purchase yet you can be lucky enough to get some for free!

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to the magazines already and plan your vacation ahead as you shop for things you need at this Chicago Boat, RV and Outdoor Show!

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