15 Out Of This World Themed Hotels Where You Get To Live Out Your Fantasy

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As every human being on this earth, we are limited to the extent of imagination our mind takes us. Sometimes, we live through it by dreaming. Other times, we see it somewhere in movies where a world that’s different from that of reality springs out with bursts of color and creativity. Our imagination is that part of being human that puts no limit to what we can think of. These following hotels, share the same limitless views as they take human imagination and movie depictions into something real. They design their rooms, some even architecturally compliment it with savory food in their restaurants, to bring every visitor into a different world that you could never thought possible. Here are the fifteen most artistic, most imaginative, most enticing and most magnificent fantasy-themed hotels that give your dreams a hint of life into reality.


Hunter Prince Castle Dracula


To start off, let me introduce to you the one hotel in Romania that is just a perfect replica of the lifestyle and, well, the person that has made the place of Transylvania known to the world, The Impailer Dracula. The Hunter Prince Castle and Dracula Hotel is that themed hotel that gives the feel of rich history, a cry in time that depicts a retrieval of an age that has long been past. It makes the tourists yearn for information about the mysterious life of Dracula and the legends accompanying his existence through civilization. Waking up to this place would definitely be like that where you feel like you were in the gates of Dracula’s Lair and living in a different world.

Once you enter the premises, you will get that sting of anticipation as you enter the world of Dracula. More so, you will feel like you’re one of his knights who has the ability to sit at the table of the infamous icon that has haunted the lives of every human being. You will also have the pleasure of touring the Great Hall of the castle where you will find the Outlaws hut which is a place where you’ll find hunting trophies and the country houses which is like a place out of one’s dream instilled with Romanian designs and eat traditional Romanian food and drinks. The tour to the place is a completely different experience itself because it’s so unique that you will get to uncover the old stone of a miniature castle that as a hall with twelve seats much like that on the throne of Prince Dracula. You may also enjoy the view of masterpeices of craftsmen from Maramures within the place. There also lies a terrace where you can enjoy a delicious meal with bread and salt and a sip of lustrous wine that you will share with someone who shares the passion of discovering the history of the olden times. Your soul will definitely get the most out of your curiosity here.

Now let’s talk food. While you’re here, you will have tons of food variations to choose from. Be it of hunter sausage, Dinner Count Vlach which is a beef roll stuffed and sprinkled with brown sauce, Bruschetta with Smoked Salmon, deer medallion with figs and walnuts, or that of lamb soup sprinkled with spices and red wine. You may also enjoy plum brandy if you wish to chug on exquisite drinks. See, everything is just so appealing here at Hunter Prince Castle and Dracula Hotel! Wouldn’t you want to spend a time here and live in a tale of wonders as if you were actually experiencing it years back? Yes, this trip is definitely worth the visit!

The rates in staying at the hotel would be that of 1050 RON for three days or 850 RON for three days in the double room, 1150 RON for three days, 1370 for five days, 950 RON for three days and 1270 for three days in the junior suite room, and 1700 RON for three days, 2050 RON for three days, 1500 RON for three days or 1760 RON for three days as well inside the apartment business. An extra person per room is charged with a fee of 45 euros per night which is inclusive of breakfast and a choice of the meals much like those mentioned earlier.

Other establishments within the hotel includes a spa resort where you can relax and unwind, a conference hall that can cater up to twenty-six guests and a Finnish sauna that can also accommodate four guests.

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Sato Castle

Second on the list is the Sato Castle Hotel. This is actually a car motel where you can just park your car just beneath your own room even if yours is at the fourth floor! Convenient, isn’t it? When you visit here, the hotel’s theme would make you gaze in wonder as if you stepped into a castle of surprises and wonder. It rooms are just to die for! Each and every one of them caters to a different story and different styles. There’s one inspired by the comics character and movie Spiderman, there’s one that’s fitting for the feminine guests like the Madame Butterfly themed room, there’s that of the Transformers, there’s one fitting for the poetry buffs inspired by Romeo and Juliet and forty-plus more rooms distinct from one another! It’s just like making your fantasies and dreams come alive in one setting! These rooms have four types namely the King, Queen, Castle and Knight ranging from descending order of room size and price.

Every theme of every room follows very intricately the broad storyline of every character, setting, or subject matter that it depicts. Each one is equipped with modern equipment such as LED TV, Video n Demand Blu-Ray systems and electronically-controlled room ambiance such as those wherein you press one button and you can easily shut the lights off and on as you please. There is also cable TV in every room so you may watch movies from HBO or the latest on the news on CNN. Be warned though. There are also available adult movies so if you were traveling with your children, it would be best if you’re the captain of the remote to keep things on the down low. There also lies a free mini-bar where you can munch on some snacks or sip on cup noodles to keep you warm.

Other establishments in the hotel include a Sato Spa downstairs where you can relax and unwind for an additional fee or you can even create your own spa by putting into good use the in-room Jacuzzi and water spa where you can just lie on a fragrant foam bed and let the water just massage you. If that’s not so appealing to you, well, alas! There’s an in-room sauna as well!

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The Witchery By the Castle Hotel

Just like fairytales, the main characters would be princesses or princes that live inside stone walls of very magical castles that signify their royalty and finesse. Much like the one hotel I’m about to introduce, this too is located just by a castle. Situated just below the Edinburgh Castle is The Witchery. It composes of ancient buildings in the center of Edinburgh’s historic Old Town. It was firstly built by a merchant named Thomas Lowthian during the year 1595. The intriguing part about this hotel is that it got its name because of its tragic history. There were hundreds of women who were executed and burned at the stake as they were alleged to be witches on Castlehill during the 16th and 17th century. It was even believed that there were more witches that were killed on Castlehill during the rule of James VI than anywhere else in Scotland. You see? Not only does this hotel have its own glam to it because of the designs and theme, it also has its own rich history than actually is the inspiration for the artistic displays of its quarters.

When you enter here, you will recognize the magnificent painted and gilded ceilings just like that of Palace of Holyrood house. Commonly, it reflect the close links of the Auld Alliance between the countries Scotland and France during the times when disputes were very rampant between the European people as each noble were fighting for their rights to theirs and other lands they could reach at. The tapestry-hung walls are boarded with 17th century oak that was recovered when St. Giles Cathedral caught fire a long time ago. Also, the paneled designs are from a Burgundian Chateau. This hotel caters to every aspect of rich history that’s placed into one setting making it more appealing to tourists. Also, its gilded leather screens, opulent red leather paddings, its tapestries and antiquated church candle sticks give it a more “witch-y” feel to it that you would feel you’re in the oldest times while staying here.

The Witchery also gives guests the pleasure of choosing eight lavishly designed theatrical suites that is situated just right by the seventeenth century Sempill’s Court. These suites are designed with fabulous interiors accompanied by antiques, huge draped beds and roll-top baths that can accommodate two individuals. Each suite is uniquely named after its own quirks and charms but each and every one of these gorgeous suites have that gothic-style, luxurious, and romantic feel to it that it would make couples traveling together love their time here with a touch of magic with the witchy designs.

Staying at the suites will cost you at least 325 euros per night that is paired with a free continental breakfast served fresh to you at your very own suite and a complimentary bottle of Champagne to make your stay more lavish that you thought it could ever be staying at this unique fantasy hotel.

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The Joker

Well, since further on, I will introduce you to a Batman-themed room, let’s tackle the notorious villain’s world now, shall we? Could you ever imagine a yacht-like accommodation choice where you will get to see The Joker encrypted to its bunkers? Well, let me introduce you to a uniquely designed accommodation choice right at the very heart of Albert Dock in Liverpool. It is not like your average boat house. It is a five-tar boat that will make you feel like you’re living at the hideout of the very infamous Joker from the superhero-inspired comics and movie Batman. It was originally built for the film Batman so you really are staying at a certified star featured in the very film. How awesome is that? This modified boat was the quarters used by Joker when he lived in Gotham City. By the way, the designs feature the face of Mr. Jack Nicolson who actually starred in the movie as the infamous character. The part of the boat featured in the movie did not reflect that of the cutting room floor which you can actually discover by yourself. This boat was supposedly for scraps but it ended up being purchased and was then transported to Liverpool wherein it was made to be a five-star apartment boat that the tourists would love to stay at while traveling in the area.

Apart from being a tourist attraction itself, it is likewise near other tourist destination spots such as the Beatles area, the Mathew St. and the Liverpool shopping center. Meaning, you will not only savor your travel time within the hotel itself but will also enjoy the surroundings as well. Wouldn’t that be a perfect choice for you to enjoy the convenience of traveling farther when you’re just minutes away from discovering the parts of Liverpool? A stay here will definitely make you feel like a villain living in a surreal world while enjoying your travel time!

Inside the boat, you will have the pleasure of enjoying the 52 inched LCD TV with 3D features and a pair of glasses for you to enjoy some movie time to its fullest while you’re just staying in. There is also a full Sky TV and sport, free use of a laptop and dongle, all the areas of the boat are centrally heated to keep you warm, a fully fitted Italian kitchen for you to fix some delicious dishes while you’re at it and a flat screen TV and DVD with Sky as well that are located within the bedrooms. Apart from its artistic designs, you will really feel like a movie star staying here with the top-notch facilities that will keep you connected to the world. Time spent here is absolutely a unique and unforgettable one.

If that doesn’t feel too villainy to you, well, upon arrival at the airport, you can even be fetched by a Rolls Royce Phantom (like that one used in the movie) or a H2 Hummer that will take you to The Joker for an extra fee. I don’t know about you but that’s just awesome!

Rates in staying at this hotel will probably cost you about 139 pounds per night accommodating two people. The room types are that of family rooms that can cater to two adults and two kids or a double en-suite that could cater to more than five people as well. Budget for this place would probably range about 85-220 pounds. I don’t know about you but that’s quite a bargain in staying at a 5-star accommodation choice, wouldn’t you say?

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Enchanted Manor


Located within the private gardens and woodlands filled with badgers and squirrels lurking within the property at Isle of Wight, England, the Enchanted Manor is an accommodation choice which has a fairy theme and a touch of class to it. It is only a minute’s stroll to the rugged coastline where the famous St. Catherine’s lighthouse is located and is also not far from that of the quaint village of Niton. Its lavish designs are perfect for those couples traveling for a much more intimate time together in a magical place. The Bed and Breakfast suites all have distinct characters to them wherein each of which have been crafted so artistically with the works of artist Josephine Wall that adds up to its beautiful designs. All the bedrooms have baroque hand-carved four poster beds with plush drapes and comfortable mattresses with soft toppers that will enable the guests to have that relaxing sleep living inside a dream-world place. Splendid Venetian glass chandeliers add a touch of elegance to every room and its lavish soft furnishings complement the exquisite designs.

Along with the magical décor of the premises, some of the rooms even give guests the pleasure of having magnificent views of the sea in each luxury suite that have their own separate deluxe lounges with private dining areas. Original marble fireplaces even give a more comfortable and cozy ambiance as you snuggle up with your loved one while watching a movie together from a twenty-six inch flat screen TV while enjoying that romantic getaway at the Enchanted Manor. Each guest is given the freedom to bring their own drinks or just pick one from the mini fridges provided in each suite.

The bathrooms in the Bed and Breakfast suites have deluxe showers with water jets for a refreshing time or relax instead in the roll top bath if that’s more like your thing. Luxury toiletries are available as well to make the experience more intricate. Cast iron high level cisterns and basins are also designed with carvings of angels adding a more enchanting touch to your room.

If you think the accommodation services aren’t romantic enough, indulge yourselves on the heavenly chocolates and rose petals that are spread out in your suite bed. Now, isn’t that just absolutely romantic given that you’re staying in an enchanted place with the most important person in your world clinging to you? This is one travel destination that you’re sure to remember even in your dreams!

Rates in staying at this place would range from 100 euros per person but, you can get a discount when you make your reservations at the last minute or when you’re staying during the off peak season. The room types consists of Double En-suite that are priced at 85 pounds at least. You may even avail of ¾ nights packages. If you think the property is so elegant and magical, you can even hold your wedding here! It would surely be so spectacular even until the moment you say “I do.”

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Eden Motel

Eden Motel

Eden Motel

Since we’ve tackled an enchanted world, let’s get back to being a superhero! In Taiwan is where you will find the Eden Motel where every time spent here feels like you were the one soul on earth destined to save the world! This motel caters to the most bad-ass hotel room ever found in the entire world: the one where you will find everything Batman lying around your bed! Its Batman suite gives you that momentary sensual escape into the world of Gotham City. It is designed with fully-furnished headboard, small gargoyle figurines, a petal-strewn bathtub, two television sets, movie posters of the famous hero, and a true-to-life Batmoble coming out of the wall as if it has crashed into your room! This Dark-knigh themed suit will cost you about more than 50$ for a three-hour stay. It is the perfect accommodation choice for those couples who possess an adventurous character and would like to play superhero while having some good time together.

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Hard Days Night Hotel (The Beatles)

Now, let’s enter the world of music. Long ago, The Beatles have captured the hearts of every lady anywhere in the world with their award-winning tunes and lively music. It was so long ago since this band made its mark in the field of music that someone would want to revisit the glory of their days, right? Well, now, you can have the feel of The Beatles at the world’s one and only Beatles inspired hotel that is by itself a fabulous four-star Liverpool hotel. It is located at the center of Liverpool’s Beatles Quarter that offers its guests with lavish accommodation services and an exclusive event space with a unique twist to it and equipped with the highest quality facilities. If that’s not impressive enough, it is housed in the magnificent Grade II listed Central Buildings in the area since the year 1884. Not only does it depict the classic rock band, it also was restored and instilled with a rich historical characteristic to it. It has about a hundred and ten rooms that are distinctly designed from one another around the contours of the original building and luxuriously furnished with specially commissioned Beatles-inspired art pieces hung by its very walls.

The hotel also has its own restaurant called the Blake’s that was named after the famous Sergeant Pepper album cover established by the artist Sir Peter Blake. This restaurant serves its guests with a range of traditional British dishes along with home cooked meals that have been a favorite among the locals and tourists alike. There also lies a bar called the Bar Four which gives guests a high-end destination cocktail bar that opens its doors to those types of individuals who love to be offered something extra.

As mentioned, the place is surrounded with rich history of the Beatles’ journey to stardom. It sits adjacent to the world famous Cavern Club where the band earned their reputation as one of the greatest musicians that ever lived. There is also a wide array of Beatles landmarks that you can tour around at while staying at the hotel making it the perfect accommodation choice for those who are die-hard fans of the band.

The rates in staying at this hotel starts at 95 euros per night for two people. There are even available packaged offered which includes free entry to The Cavern Club to witness a Beatles tribute band play the old tunes live for your hearing and viewing pleasure and feel like you were back in time listening to the greats.

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Hotel Pelirocco

Another musical-inspired themed hotel is that which is located at Brighton Beach in England called the Hotel Pelirocco. Initially, it catered to bringing the music alive with its rock and roll take but later on expanded the horizons of their designs and catered to pop subculture styles as well. The nineteen art rooms within the hotel are distinctly designed on different fields of characters such as the pop star of the rock star’s way of life. Unlike the previous one, this hotel does not focus only on one band but to many fields of music as well. There’s one which is styled like that of Absolut Vodka which is a favorite drink of the rocker. There’s also a pin-up parlor for the star who loves the ladies, a tropical-themed room for those who love to listen to tunes that are serenading and like you were in the beach and there’s this one room (refer to the picture) that give off a country-style theme for those guests who are avid fans of country music. Truly, visiting here will make you feel like you stepped into the world of music and all its forms.

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Argonaut Hotel

Now for the patriots of the United States of America who believes in the spirit of democracy and the brave souls who live for their country, the Argonaut Hotel located in California is the perfect place for you to stay at. Imagine living in quarters as if you were actually the President of the US? Cool, isn’t it? Since the US Navy has been recognized as the best of the best in maritime fields throughout the world, wouldn’t it be nice to actually get the feel of that maritime history that everyone just adores? Well, here at the Argonaut Hotel, you will feel like a national hero yourself. It is housed with a historical building named as the Haslett Warehouse where you will get a magnificent view of the historic ships docked at San Francisco’s Maritime National Historic Park. You will most definitely feel like the Captain of the ship with a day’s worth of stay. Now, how often could you even avail of that, eh?

This luxurious hotel, located in Fisherman’s Wharf to be exact, is equipped with all of the amenities that you every though possible would be available inside maritime quarters. You can relax and unwind in a spa, or munch on gourmet snacks to keep your tummy happy as you enjoy the ambiance of Ol’ American history within the region. Captain America would surely have a run for his money with the experience that you’ll get here. It is absolutely deserving of an arm’s salute!

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Raddison Hotel Valley Forge


Now, let me just tell you. This might not be a healthy read for the children so if you’re under-aged, you better stop reading now, son! The next stop is the Radisson Valley Forge which offers exotic Fantasy Suites that will take your wildest dreams come into reality! (Seriously, kid. Stop reading!) This hotel offers twenty Fantasy Suites in King of Prussia that will take pleasurable time with your significant other to greater heights than that of the usual. It would be as if you traveled to a completely different world that brings with it new possibilities where even your own imagination couldn’t reach! Its rooms are instilled with designs like that from Egypt, Paris, a deserted tropical island, England, Cape May or the Titanic itself, you’d definitely feel like you’re the King of the World like Jack!

These unique Fantasy Suites are situated on the topmost area of the Radisson Hotel so those couples eager for some adventurous lovin’ could enjoy to the highest level their intimate moments with a hint of privacy since there are no windows in every suite. I don’t know about you but this definitely sounds like the perfect choice for that Honeymoon experience where you’ll both have some fun and adventure by yourselves.

The rooms here are named specifically catering to their distinct characters such as the Ceasar’s Palace that has a gold lattice door, mirrors set on the walls and an oval whirlpool, the Cape May designed with white wood and surrounded by wicker chairs, hydrangeas and vines surrounding a large whirlpool; there is The Cave designed with leopard prints, a curvaceous couch, an imaginary wood-burning fire and a king-sized round bed for the wild couple to have some animal instinct relays; there is the Cleopatra’s Ten which is, like the other one, designed with leopard prints, and all other rooms that are uniquely designed for couples to enjoy some pleasure time!

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The Chocolate Boutique Hotel

Chocolate Themed Boutique Hotel
Chocolate Themed Boutique Hotel

 Now for the individuals who are just dying to have a sultry bite of that luscious chocolate, this hotel is most definitely going to be a dream come true! It has been believed that in order for a person to mend a broken heart, chocolate would make all things better. Bournemouth’s family-owned Chocolate Boutique Hotels is the answer to your heartbreak, ladies! Here in the world’s first chocolate themed hotel is where you can eat all the chocolate you want while enjoying it with a dip of fresh strawberries and marshmallows into cascading chocolate mountains.

While staying here, you will learn a lot more about chocolate. You will discover the many ways on how to make a delicious chocolate truffle by hand and from raw ingredients at a special Chocolate Delight workshop. See, here, you will not just have the pleasure of sleeping deliciously surrounded by chocolate, you can also make one! You can even immortalize yourself in a chocolate portrait painting session using dripping milk, dark and white chocolate. How amazing is that?

Each room here is designed with its own complimentary selection of a wide array of handmade chocolates. You can even sulk up in all things chocolate while watching chocolate themed movies such as Chocolat or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which is available in DVD players provided in every suite. Whether you’re a chocolate lover or one who’s out on a romantic trip with your sweetheart, this sweet trip will make everything else worthwhile!

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La Balade des Gnomes

If you love the Trojan wars, the history of all that is Greece, you will most probably have the time of your live while staying in accommodation choices that have the historic Trojan horse close by. Here at the La Balade des Gnomes, you will have the pleasure of choosing from ten extraordinarily designed and furnished bedrooms that spring out from history itself, telling stories of fairytales and legends that have worked through the minds of every historian out there.

This one-of-a-kind property was specifically designed and built by an architect and visionary hotelier named Mr. Noel and has truly proved that he is one hell of an artistic businessman! It initially was a restaurant called the la Gargaouille that caters to sultry dishes with the use of local ingredients made from bio-organic produces. Further on, he transformed the placed into a fantasy-themed accommodation choice that depicts that of fairytale stories and bringing them to life. Defying the normal way of showcasing the artistry of fairytales, the rooms highlight unbelievable products of imagination and giving intricate detail and sheer audacity to make the guests feel more magical and entertained. Some rooms even have their own pool!

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Hotel Fox

In making fantasy hotel rooms, one would have to be so artistic to make it more appealing to visitors and tourists that would love to spend time in fantasy land. Well, here at Hotel Fox, it has truly been an effort of the establishment to reach the expectancies of people looking for such unique experience. Twenty-one artists from around the world fused their artistic talents in order to design the sixty-one rooms of Copanhagen’s Hotel Fox. Its graphic designs, Japanese manga and all else that makes every dream come to life have been instilled with stunning styles to make the tourist want to spend even a spec of second here and not ever forget the experience. There’s one room where the Swiss illustrator Benjamin Gudel opted for kitsh and re-created the story of Heidi which is a character in a children’s book. It is about a bright-eyed young orphan girl that found home in the Swiss Alps (refer to the picture). Additionally, the artist finishes the look of the room with red gingham bed linens, specifically carved wood furniture to add a touch of exquisiteness to it and splotches of log cabin wallpaper.

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Disney’s All-Star Movie Resort

When one speaks of cartoons, I don’t think that any child or adult wouldn’t think first of Disney characters. Well, how about traveling to Orlando and experience a true-to-life cartoon atmosphere and imagine yourself as one of your favorite characters living in that fantasy world? When you stay here at the Disney Resort hotel, you would see firsthand what Disney films sure feel like living. Starting from dotted canines from 101 Dalmatians to the playful toys of Andy’s Room in Toy Story, you will see that these larger-than-life designs will amuse both the kids and yourselves as well.

While staying in this resort, the guests will get to enjoy free high speed Wifi internet access, various activities for the children, for the family and for your friends, there’s also free parking, a to die for restaurant that will offer you hearty meals which look too good to taste, and free access to a swimming pool wherein the children can burst out in laughter and smiles as you enjoy the fun times of having a wonderful time in the world of Disney! The rates start at 106 USD to book for one room.

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Crazy Bear

Crazy Bear is a hotel located in one of the oldest documented building in Beaconsfield. What once was just an old fortress was tremendously restored in a span of four years that yielded to one of the most lavishly designed accommodation choices found anywhere in the world. It’s re-design is just incomparable! It gives off a dramatic feel with detailed architecture, lavish materials that were sprung to create such a masterpiece, spectacular lighting and even an underground extension that creates a classy and elaborate property.

The hotel has a main bar which is, like the rooms, a work of art in itself. It is designed with Italian jade marble floor and polished walnut and copper bar with two huge skylights where a row of six 19th century crystal chandeliers swing and would make every guest feel like they were within the royal quarters of the elite people. Every inch of the establishment is just so classy that you could actually believe that you’re a queen! Along one wall is a custom made, seven meter black chesterfield that is detailed with Swarovski crystals. Truly, one’s fantasy could never ever have imagined that this type of living lifestyle could be available to one such as yourself! You most definitely wouldn’t want to leave!

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