Travel To Playa Grande: Costa Rica's Tropical Paradise

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 playa grande from Siri B.L.

playa grande from Siri B.L.

Grande Beach (Playa Grande) is separated from the area of Tamarindo by the Matapalo River situated within Marino Las Baulas National Park. It is famously known as the home to the well-protected leatherback turtles and is the perfect spot to engage in water sports such as surfing.

 LEVIATHAN from Rainbirder

LEVIATHAN from Rainbirder

The leatherback turtles usually come to the Playa Grande’s shore in order to lay their eggs. However, during the year 2008, the species drastically declined where it was then strictly protected by the locals and the State. The turtle’s nesting periods are from October to May making it the perfect months to visit Playa Grande and witness this very rare opportunity to see how nature takes its course.

 P1150454 from Surf 30

P1150454 from Surf 30

Most surfer enthusiasts love to visit this magnificent spot for water sports. Playa Grande have been described by visitors as a worthy break for anyone who is so full of the city life.

Surfing along Playa Grande is the most incredible experience that you can enjoy here aside from coming in contact with the leatherback turtles. Many skilled surfers have definitely passed through here and some even descended in Playa Grande to develop their skills in the sport. Breaks of the waves are moderate and constant which made the beach earn the reputation of being the top site in Costa Rica to go surfing.

 Leatherback Turtle Nests from Angel Xavier Viera

Leatherback Turtle Nests from Angel Xavier Viera

For the tourists who would love to go on a tour to the nesting sites of the leatherback during the months of November to February, for a rate of $99 during the night time, you will be accompanied by guides to the Marino Baulas National Park and visit the turtlebacks nesting by the shores!

The recommended accommodation that you would most probably love to stay  at since it’s just located by the Playa Grande is the Hotel Bula Bula.

This hotel offers tons of services such as a concierge, free parking and luggage storage. It has a tour desk, a safe in each room and an airport shuttle. The establishment’s staff are articulate with different kinds of languages to assist the guests and would be at your service in organizing your stay in the premises or suggest dining areas for you.

All the rooms in the hotel have a mini bar, a DVD player and complimentary toiletries. A TV and a ceiling fan are also present. The private restrooms in each quarter includes a shower.

Its dining services offer plates of internationally-inspired cuisines for your daily breakfast, lunch and dinner meals which are served at the hotel’s restaurant.

Outdoor activities in the hotel include snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing making your stay here more comfortable and easy-breezy because you wouldn’t have to stress yourself in booking for additional tours.

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