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Wedding celebrations are the pinnacle of starting an all new yet different part of your life with your special someone. It is the introductory part of having your own family, living a separate time with your parents, gathering all the family members and celebrate another chapter of your life with unforgettable memories and distinct fun! Here at Chicago, you will find the best venues that are not just perfect for wedding celebrations but are different from those that’s generally being celebrated in budget-constraining hotels.

How awesome would it be to celebrate such marvelous event that being on a yacht, in an indoor hallway, in a mansion or outdoors where you will get to feel the authenticity of it all? Here are some of the best places to conduct a wedding ceremony and at the same time, giving your guests the pleasure of enjoying your new life together with sweeping views and fun-friendly atmosphere.

Starved Rock Lodge and Conference Center

 Starved Rock Lodge Fireplace from Kim Koppen Photography

Starved Rock Lodge Fireplace from Kim Koppen Photography

Much like the previous one, the Starved Rock Lodge also offers couples with a venue that’s elegant and romantic. It gives you the pleasure of holding your wedding under the canopy of trees and the feel of nature’s beauty. It’s both intimately situated where you will experience a secluded and private celebration with the choice of making it grand and one for the books! Here, their sales team will be willing to plan everything for your wedding. From ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner to showers, they offer services for all of these! Talk about less hassle!

Their amenities include indoor ceremony area, kosher, catering, overnight accommodations, parking area, wedding consultant services, outdoor ceremony area and even have a liquor license so your guests can just party all night! They can cater up to about two hundred people giving a mansion and historical site venue.


Aeree Loft at Room 1520

Room 1520 has been the best choice for couples to hold their most special event in their life: wedding celebration. It is located at the very center of West Loop in Chicago. The Aeree Loft that’s located within 1520 offers a modern, urban and at the same time a lavish area to hold weddings. It is just by the street making it very easy for the participants to locate. It offers a dramatic and romantic feel with its sixteen-foot glass entryway where the bride will first appear with her glamorous wedding gown which will direct her to an aisle that’s extraordinary lighted by exquisite Italian chandeliers as she walks towards the man of her life to say her “I Do”.


Loft On Lake

 Hot On Yelp from gingerbydesign

Hot On Yelp from gingerbydesign

Everybody in Chicago knows the Loft on Lake as a perfect venue to hold special events. It is absolutely attractive with its stylish and trendy designs perfect for those couples celebrating their union of marriage. It has been a favorite spot for taking glamourous photos and art shows. If you’re one who desires for a unique experience, Loft on the Lake is absolutely the place for you. Its architectural attributes are just exceptionally stunning with a foundation of red brick walls, a spacious room of twenty feet, and a sixty-five feet skylight that would fuse genius architecture with modern designs. Your wedding will definitely be a one-of-a-kind event if you would prefer holding it at the Loft on Lake.


Carriage Greens Country Club

For those lavish couples out there who want to celebrate their wedding at an exquisitely beautiful place without having to spend so much, the Carriage Greens Country Club is definitely the perfect place to exchange your vows at. It is nestle among eighteen beautiful fairways giving your guests and yourselves a relaxing and breathtaking experience with a professional and proper ambiance making your wedding extra-elegant. Their amenities include an indoor ceremony area, a kosher, onsite catering services, parking space, a wedding consultant, outdoor ceremony area, outdoor reception area and they even offer liability insurance. The venue can hold up to about three hundred and fifty people with a style of a banquet or reception, a country club and an available restaurant for your guests to dine with tasteful delights.


European Crystal Banquets and Conference Center

 Dessert table from c_nilsen

Dessert table from c_nilsen

The European Crystal banquets and Conference center is the perfect place for glamourous celebrations such as weddings. It has been highly recommended by many couples who have once made their vows in this beautiful place. The bride will definitely feel like she was living a fairytale! Their staff would offer absolutely tasty food for the guests that looks so good to eat and make the couple feel like they’ve made their dreams come true to life here. They would make the bride less stressed through planning everything about the wedding at your direction. Very accommodating right?

Their amenities include an indoor ceremony area, a kosher, parking space and owns a liquor license so you and your guests can enjoy unlimited flows of champagne and dance the night away. It can accommodate up to four hundred people so you can just keep the guests coming!


Architectual Artifacts Inc.

 Mother + Son from interpunct

Mother + Son from interpunct

As people have said beautiful things about Salvage One, this venue is surely not one to fail to impress you. Their motto says, “We recycle. We salvage”, meaning, they would give guests with an extraordinary ambiance that you will not generally experience anywhere else. It’s so unique because of its attributes that make it look like an old warehouse. But, when couples hold their wedding ceremony here, it would just magically turn into a mid-century modern space where its furniture would transform into elegant pieces that will make you and your guests gaze in wonder as you celebrate the most important event of your new life.


The Cheney Mansion

 Cheney Mansion from rocketlass

Cheney Mansion from rocketlass

Now how awesome would it be to exchange your vows in a true to life mansion? Here at the Cheney Mansion, the bride will not just feel like she is a princess with all the elegance that it brings but also would make the guests feel absolutely at home. It is an exact replica of an English country home that has huge and spacious rooms for you to conduct your wedding ceremony. Forget about feeling congested during a wedding! It is situated at a two and a half acres of magnificent landscaped grounds making it like the Garden of Eden! The couple can choose to hold such celebration indoors or outdoors because this place would cater to any type of wedding ceremonies, be it lavish and grand or simple yet exquisite.

Its amenities include an indoor ceremony area, kosher, parking space, outdoor reception area and has their very own liquor license. Outside caterers are also allowed so you have the pleasure of picking your own choice of dishes for the guests. The venue can hold up to about four hundred people giving you an unusual or alternative way of celebrating your wedding.


Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier

 Chicago Navy Pier from soumit

Chicago Navy Pier from soumit

The Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier, operated by Phil Stefani Signature Restaurants, is just a venue that’s to die for! It has a beautiful indoor botanical garden that is situated at a one acre property. Its six-storey glass atrium that has a fifty-foot ceiling is composed of eighty authentic palm trees, rich flora, hanging shimmering lights and enticing leapfrog mountains that will most definitely make your wedding extra-special and make the other brides envy your wedding ceremony!

Its amenities include an indoor ceremony area, parking space, outdoor reception area and also owns a liquor license so you can just keep the champagne flowing. It can accommodate up to four hundred people making your day extra-special as it should be.


The Ivy Room

 Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio from Bernt Rostad
Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio from Bernt Rostad

Located at the center of River North, Chicago, The Ivy Room at Tree Studios gives wedding celebrations an elegant and fairytale-like European setting that is conveniently located near a downtown motel. Talk about having to travel to various places just to make your wedding extra-ordinary! It has a majestic courtyard that has exceptional beautiful landscape. There is also a newly improved ballroom that’s just perfect alternative for any type of celebrations most especially for weddings.

The area composes of an indoor ceremony space, kosher, outdoor reception area, and valet parking. They also conveniently have a liquor license and allows outside caterers. It can hold about two hundred guests.


Anita Dee Yacht Charters

 sunsetting on this yacht from glenn~

sunsetting on this yacht from glenn~

For the most unique and incomparable venue to hold a wedding by, Chicago offers the Anita Dee Yacht Charters. Just think, you can say your vows as you enjoy the views of Chicago on board a yacht and surrounded by glistening waters! Absolutely fantastic, isn’t it? The yachts can accommodate up to about four hundred people and offers intricate delights of exquisite plates that are managed keenly by their on-board wedding coordinator! This one’s definitely going to make other weddings put to shame.

Their amenities include an indoor ceremony area, kosher, the pleasure of cruising as you celebrate your wedding, parking, outdoor ceremony area, outdoor reception area, valet parking and allows outside caterers.


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