Pere Lachaise: Where French Famous People Are Laid To Rest

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 Cimetière du Père-Lachaise from geoftheref

Cimetière du Père-Lachaise from geoftheref

Generally, people would think that a graveyard is the spookiest place in the planet. Surely, the one who would bank on that statement hasn’t gone to Pere Lachaise. This graveyard turned tourist attraction, located in the twentieth arrondissement of Paris, France, is the largest of its kind in the city. It was first established during the nineteenth century accompanied by rich history, famous tombs and captivating landscapes are some of the reasons that make it one of the most world-renowned cemeteries ever existing.

 Père Lachaise Tomb from Coulter Sunderman

Père Lachaise Tomb from Coulter Sunderman


This area will give you the opportunity to visit the graves of some of the most famous historical icons through time. Visitors will likewise get a serene feel as they enjoy the relaxing feel and the peaceful essence of just walking around the premises. This one of a kind cemetery was named after Pere Francois de La Chaise who was famous for being the spiritual adviser to King Louis XIV.

During the 1800s, this graveyard was believed to be of an inconvenient spot as it is situated far from the downtown city limits that they thought would give off a not so proper area for graveyards. However, when certain business people brought in the remains of noted writers such as La Fontaine, Moliere and Pere-Lachaise, it gave rise to the thought that this cemetery was going to be of certain acknowledgement after all.

 Paris 20ème, Cimetière du Père-Lachaise from Medelie Vendetta

Paris 20ème, Cimetière du Père-Lachaise from Medelie Vendetta

The cemetery cover about forty three hectares of lands which experts consider as having a typical French rural cemetery layout and design. Apart from the magnificent views, this cemetery has been attractive due to a number of sculptures and monuments scattered around it serving as decorations. Most of these items were brought here by the wealthy and prominent families that found this cemetery as the perfect home for their departed. Truly, Pere Lachaise serves more like a large outdoor museum for its artistic decorations as well as a hint of heaven for those resting in peace.

 Oscar Wilde at Pere Lachaise from Andy Hay

Oscar Wilde at Pere Lachaise from Andy Hay

Here, you will not only find the resting places of merely French people but likewise other notable people that aren’t necessarily French. One tomb of famous author, Oscar Wilde, can be found here. It is styled quite differently and uniquely than those of the others. It gives off an Egyptian feel with a depiction of an Egyptian man carrying a big basket on his back.

Aside from Oscar Wilde, there are also the resting places of other famous people such as Gertrude Stein, Charles Nodier, Alice B. Toklas, Honore de Balzac and Victor Noire. Jim Morrison, who has been a very famous American rock and roll star during the early years, found his resting place here in the face of a tomb along with other occupants of the area such as Edith Piaf, Maria Callas, Poulenc, Rossini, Chopin and Bizet.

If you want to know the different features that this cemetery holds, it would be best if you would download a map from the internet before you visit or obtain one from the guard shacks found by the conservation office in the area so you could figure out who to pay respects to and where to find them. There are also unofficial maps available in different shops and kiosks just outside the cemetery entrances. It could also be a fitting souvenir to remember your visit here by.

 Métro "Père Lachaise" - lignes 2 & 3 from CpaKmoi

Métro “Père Lachaise” – lignes 2 & 3 from CpaKmoi

This magnificent location may be found at Boulevard de Menilmontant. To arrive here, you may need to take line two of Paris Metro and drop at Philippe Auguste Station which will take you just next to the cemetery’s main gates. Other stations nearby would include the Pere Lachaise Station and the Gambetta Station which are both in Line Three. The former is located about half a thousand meters away from the side gates while the latter would lead you directly straight to Oscar Wilde’s tomb located on top of a hill.


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