Laugh Your Hearts Out at Chicago's Top Leading Comedy Bars

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While you’re visiting Chicago, the typical tourist would get the impression that it’s that type of destination that will most definitely give you a good time right? What? With its attractive landmarks, wonderful hotels and exquisite restaurants, you would definitely get a kick out here. But, apart from being extra amazing, this city will likewise make you roll over and laugh your hearts out with tons of comedy bars to visit. Now, that’s fun! Here are the top leading comedy bars in Chicago that will surely make your vacation experience worth the trip!

The Comedy Bar

 Prashanth Venkataramanujam from TheeErin

Prashanth Venkataramanujam from TheeErin

The Comedy bar is a stand-up only comedy bar that is open three nights a week. It can accommodate up to 160 people who come to enjoy the moment and forget about all the seriousness in the world. Regularly, this place is visited by those busy professionals that are too stressed with work or simply tourists who want to escape reality and just laugh it off. Stand-up comedian such as Sean Flannery would entertain the guests with true to life depressing experiences and turn it into something enjoyable and interesting with a twist of humor. Generally, it would only cost you $10 to participate in a night of fun for every show here at The Comedy Bar.


 "Standup Comic. Homo. Genius." from Steven Vance

“Standup Comic. Homo. Genius.” from Steven Vance

Open since the year 1978, this place has entertained all types of individuals and has given them the impression that whenever life gives you a hard time, this is definitely the perfect place to shove all that stress and just let things go with a laugh. Most of the shows would cater to humorous acts centered on local neophytes and nomadic comics. This place is the perfect development area for those stand-up comedians. Their rates would be at least $22 per head with a two-drink minimum.

Up Comedy Club

 Puterbaugh Sisters from TheeErin

Puterbaugh Sisters from TheeErin

The Up Comedy Club has been the place for stand-up, improve and sketch comedians to harness their skills in entertaining people with quality humor that would absolutely get the audience peeing their pants as they laugh to their undoubtedly humorous acts. Comedians such as Tim Baltz and Mary Sohn will be seen performing here. They usually entertain the guests with jokes regarding your future-in-laws and the daily hazards of being married or being a member of a household. In real life, these things are really a pain in the ass but at Up Comedy Club, you’ll discover that these things aren’t really that stressful to deal with, so long as you can find every reason to laugh about it here! Rates are priced at at least $16 per show.

Jokes and Notes

 AZ220622 from TheeErin

AZ220622 from TheeErin

Much like the previous comedy bar, Jokes and Notes also caters to improve, sketch and stand-up comedy shows. Most comics that perform here are blacks making it the center of black humor in the city. Comics like Dave Chappelle, Cedric the Entertainer, Jamie Foxx, Steve Harvey, Berney Max, Chris Rock and many more have performed here making it not just attractive for people finding an escape from the stresses of life but also an opportunity to watch these famous people perform. Even celebrities come here to experience the fun and excitement such as Shaquille O’Neal and Dwayne Wade. Their rates start at $15 that includes a two-drink minimum while enjoying the shows.

Second City

 Second City from asirap

Second City from asirap

The Second City is not just a haven for comic audiences but is likewise the school of improvisation of sketch and improv acts for over fifty years and counting. The Comedians that perform here are mostly locals while some are those performing on NCL cruises. They are open seven nights a week that cater to short scenes, songs, and improvised comedy sketches. The guests will have the pleasure of enjoying food and cocktails while they listen to the comics entertain them with super funny humor. You can even check out their videos online so you might get a taste of how this place can turn your downtime into megatime with just a smile.

The World Famous Laugh Factory

 Neal Brennan at the Laugh Factory in Chi from amseaman

Neal Brennan at the Laugh Factory in Chi from amseaman

The Laugh Factory has been widely famous for its quality comedy show visited by the world’s famous people who are fond of attending humorous acts. The main reason these people have found this the haven for comedy enthusiasts is the talents that actually perform here. Its founder, Jamie Masada has been regarded as The Real King of Comedy by The New York Daily News. Truly, this place has not just made its name in Chicago but all throughout America. The comedians that have performed here are Nick Cannon, Drew Carey, Jim Carrey, Andy Kaufman, Eddie Murphy, David Letterman, Kevin Pollack, Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Tucker, Keenan and Damon Wayans, Robin Williams, and many, many more! You see, even the world-class celebrities have found this place quite interesting and worth it to visit!

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