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 Son Doong-1 from travelinknu

Son Doong-1 from travelinknu


Caves have always been very interesting to the human kind and is also a mysterious and exciting work of nature. It would take about thousands of years for such caves to take their shape which is why science and history surrounding them can be very interesting. One of the largest caves in the world formed about two to five million years ago is the one that this article features: Son Doong Cave. It is situated at Quang Binh Province by central Vietnam. The cave stretches up to about five and a half miles and has within itself a river and a jungle. Amazing, isn’t it?

This cave was founded during the year 1991 by a local but it was only until the year 2009 that the cave was officially explored. The said exploration was then led by a collection of British cavers hungry for information about this magnificent structure of nature. Fortunately, for those who are interested with caves and even those who love to go on adventure trips, the cave is now open for your exploration pleasures. Before you visit here though, you must be informed that there is only one way to avail of a tour to the cave since only one company can cater to your needs here. The lucky company is called the Oxalis Adventure Tour, and they have been happy to serve interested guests for a six-day tour that would start this year.

The tour would be like the Mecca of all cavers out there! You will be part of a small collective group of people of about eight members, professional tour guides and safety experts that would be sharing this experience with you. Your journey to the cave would begin by going on a trek to the rich jungles of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. During the hike, you will get to have magnificent and picturesque views of valleys and clear rivers. If you’re lucky, you’d even have a chance to meet the Bru Vankieu who are members of the minority group residing in Doong villages. The hike walk would probably be about six kilometers to Hang En Cave and will be camping there through the night.

 Son Doong-72 from travelinknu

Son Doong-72 from travelinknu

The following day, you will then follow the flow of the river that would lead you straight to the entrance of the Son Doong Cave. Upon arrival, you will then go down eighty meters so you will be able to get inside the cave. How may you ask you’d be able to do that? Rappelling, of course! How exciting! Once you’re inside, the team will then lead you to a camp site near an area called the Hand of the Dog which is a hug stalagmite that looks like a replica of a dog’s paw.

 Son Doong-79 from travelinknu

Son Doong-79 from travelinknu

Within the cave, you will find that not only will you get to see pristine rivers that come from the forest and flows into the caves but also a two hundred and fifty meter high cliff that are outgrowing rare plant species and gorgeous cave pearls which are actually calcite crystals on sand parallels that are formed from dropping water. The rich forest that formed magically inside the cave is named as Garden of Edam. Ironically, it sounds like Garden of Eden, though it’s appropriate enough since you will clearly see how lovely it is inside the cave. Tons of animals call this home such as the hornbills, flying foxes and monkeys as well.

 Son Doong-16 from travelinknu Son Doong-16 from travelinknu

Son Doong-16 from travelinknu Son Doong-16 from travelinknu


During the duration of the tour, you will be given the pleasure to choose to stay camping overnight at the beach camp where you will get great views of the jungle adding a more natural feel to your journey. As the tour would come to an end, the team will then lead you to another part of the cave called the Great Wall of Vietnam. The water in this section could get high so there are times that you might need to come aboard a boat just to get across the wall.

The tour includes free access to ropes, safety harnesses, helmets and camping gears. However, if you wish to buy your own equipment and tools, you may just click the link below and purchase you own necessities. Remember, there is no required expertise in this tour. Anyone, provided they have no serious physical condition, can avail of this tour and would likewise enjoy it. Another thing you won’t even have to worry about getting to pack too much load as there will be available porters to help you with whatever you’re carrying. This tour with Oxalis would generally cost you three thousand dollars per head. It might be a bit pricey, but hey! It’s the largest one in the world! Surely, you would love to go camping, rappelling, hiking, and even swimming all on one tour right? That would be very exciting! Truly, having an experience like this would be priceless!


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