Have A Nature Adventure Trip at the Isolated Rara Avis Reserve

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 The bridge to Rara Avis from Peter Nijenhuis

The bridge to Rara Avis from Peter Nijenhuis

Rara Avis is one of the first reserves ever instituted in Costa Rica. It is also one of the most diverse areas in the country. It has been opening its doors since 1983 and has been featured in Costa Rica’s eco-tourism campaigns.

Rara Avis generally means as “Rare Bird”  and is known that way for its abundance in about four hundred different species of birds that can only be found in this area. It is also home to a wide array of fauna and flora.

Since the reserve is in a remote area, getting there is definitely a challenge which means… you are most definitely in for an adventure trip of a lifetime!

It is located in a small village of Horquetas near the Braulio Carrillo National Park. You would need to ride a huge truck or jeep to Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui for about three hours before reaching the impressively beautiful Rara Avis Private Reserve.

If your starting point is from San Jose, you will have to travel by bus to Viejo de Sarapiqui whose departure is at mid six in the morning routing at Guapiles to Limon Terminal. Be prepared for a rough trip due to the bumps and steep hills. If you want your journey to be more interesting than it already is, you may avail of a horse and use it for transportation to the reserve and do a three kilometer hike.

Since it  is a secluded area, as mentioned, it would be recommended that you travel to the reserve by day. You might even have to spend at least an overnight. Don’t fret. Even if it is secluded, there are still accommodation choices available for you. However, they would not be as comfortable as that of hotels and are likewise built to be eco-friendly. Some of them don’t even have electricity available throughout the day. Therefore, your adventure trip would certainly be sufficed as you experience nature in its true and raw form by being one with it and leaving the comforts of modern innovations. Most of the room rates would include meals, transport and guided tours so you really won’t have a hard time enjoying this trip to the fullest by lessening the hassle of making last-minute reservations or arrangements.

 Rara Avis Waterfall from Peter Nijenhuis

Rara Avis Waterfall from Peter Nijenhuis

Rara Avis is a tropical rainforest in Costa Rica that is about three thousand and three hundred acres wide and has an altitude of two thousand and three hundred feet above sea level. Even if the area is secluded, thankfully, there is a lodge available that has been established since 1983.

 Toucan edit from docoverachiever

Toucan edit from docoverachiever

The best thing to do in this area is to go bird watching or observe the rarest of species live in the wild. Animals like pacas and anteaters are usually sighted in the reserve’s grounds. Birds such as toucans, ospreys, squirrel cuckoos and great green macaws are also calling this place home.

 Tulane Students Ready for a Hike at the from Stone Center

Tulane Students Ready for a Hike at the from Stone Center

For the adventure traveler who really loves to go on nature trips, you may choose to go with hiking tours or embark on your own independent trail system here. Hiking is the best way to explore the beauty of nature in this area, especially when you get to see the magnificent landscape while walking through it. It is even possible to hike during the night . However, you may need to inquire for a special request to the management. One of Rara Avis’ most renowned hiking trails is the one to La Catarata Waterfall. It has short hike stops through the rich jungle and will direct you to a hundred and eighty foot tall waterfall that has transparent and clean swimming holes at its base.

The Rara Avis Reserve and Lodge is the perfect example of how a typical rainforest should be, surviving economically even if it does not endanger the nature surrounding it. Ideally, the reserve also promotes ecological sustainability and environmental conservation projects. For the traveler, this experience would truly be worthwhile as you are not just having the adventure of a lifetime but also contributing a part of you back to mother nature.


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