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Minnesota has to be one of the nicest States in the US. It is known as the land of 10,000 lakes making it one of the most popular holiday destinations for people who love the great outdoors and all the activities that are organised throughout the area. The forests, parks and wilderness areas of Minnesota are outstandingly beautiful with lot of wild life that includes pine martens to elks and lots more in between.

Minnesota Zoo from Doug Wallick

Minnesota Zoo from Doug Wallick

If you love the outdoors, then this State has a lot to offer you and the region is vast, so touring it means organising your trip well so you get to see as much of it as possible. The weather in Minnesota means lovely hot summers but cold winters, so the best time to come is from the springtime onwards.

The State of Minnesota is a nature lovers paradise and even in the towns there have some amazing zoos which just have to be visited during a trip here. These zoos are superbly well managed and if you are limited for time, offer you a great way of not only seeing the many native species of animals but some exotic ones too. If you are travelling with your family, these zoos make wonderful places to visit for the day as kids really love them and they are really geared up for kids to enjoy.

The zoos are enormous in Minnesota and incorporate forests, meadows and lakes where many of the animals live. One of the best is located in Apple Valley and is simply called The Minnesota Zoo which is home to over 500 animals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates, so spending the day here is a fascinating experience that the whole family will really enjoy.

Minnesota Zoo aquarium from Rochelle, just rochelle

Minnesota Zoo aquarium from Rochelle, just rochelle

There is even a marine centre at the Minnesota Zoo which stretches along part of the coast and has aquariums with sharks, whales and dolphins in them. The Discovery Bay Marine Centre is superb for kids who can enjoy an interaction with some of the marine life in the ‘touch pool’, they can even touch small baby sharks! One great part of a visit to the marine centre is that you get to see the zoo staff dive into the aquarium to feed the sharks, which is quite a sight to watch. The zoo is really well set out and there is a cafe, a restaurant and a gift shop, so you can get all the souvenirs you want to remember a wonderful day spent at a really nice zoo.

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory from Snap Man

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory from Snap Man

One of the most popular zoos in the State is the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory which is in Saint Paul. This is home to some amazing animals which include giraffes, lions, tigers as well as leopards. You’ll get to see gorillas, timber wolves and lots and lots of species of birds at this zoo. One very nice aspect of it is the exotic plants that are grown at the zoo and of course ,there are lots of amusement rides for the kids too which means a day here is a very entertaining one.

Siberian Tiger Lake Superior Zoo from BadCat13

Siberian Tiger Lake Superior Zoo from BadCat13

Minnesota is famous for all of its lakes and in Duluth the Lake Superior Zoo is another fabulous one to spend the day at. All the animals here thrive in their natural habitat. These animals include bears, monkeys, lions, tigers, leopards as well as many bat species and of course wolves. If you love exotic birds, the zoo has plenty of them and again all in a wonderful habitat that makes it so nice to see them in. One of the other popular zoos is the Pine Grove Park and Zoo which is in Little Falls. Again this is a great day out for all the family to enjoy with lots and lots of exotic and native animals to see here, all kept in the nicest natural habitats you will ever find in any zoo in the entire world.

There are zoos all over the world, but the ones found in Minnesota have to be some of the best on this planet and the reason for this is the animals you find in them are kept in the most natural habitat to suit them. This is one of the reasons these zoos have become so very popular as family days out, and why visitors from all over the States descend on Minnesota during the holiday periods.

The great outdoors plays an important part of life in this State, and their zoos are wonderful places where the animals really do have a great existence. This makes them such a pleasure to visit. Seeing these animals in their natural environment is great for kids who can really get to see them at their best. The best part is these zoos are really designed to be wonderful places for children to visit and the experiences they have will remain with them for a very long time, but this goes for adults too.

When you are visiting Minnesota, you can see all the native animals like whitetail deer or bobcats as well as woodland caribou, but to see the more exotic species, a trip to one of their wonderfully managed zoos will be not only a great family day out but a superb experience too.

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