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 The Flamingo, Las Vegas from stevecadman

The Flamingo, Las Vegas from stevecadman

Sin City is widely known as the tourist destination that will blow everyone’s mind away with different varieties of fun-filled activities to do. You can come here and get married at an instant, become a one day millionaire as you bet your hearts out at the casinos or simply indulge yourselves in witnessing marvelous shows from comedians and music concerts. Truly, Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for people who love to have fun!

The Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel caters not only to accommodation services. It also provides everything that Vegas has to offer in one roof! Packed with stylish suites and rooms, exquisite restaurants, relaxing recreational centers, lively shows and festive casino areas, The Flamingo Las Vegas hotel is the perfect compliment to maximize the fun and exciting experience in Las Vegas, Nevada.

 champagne and strawberries from Recovering Vagabond

champagne and strawberries from Recovering Vagabond

The Flamingo has a wide array of suite choices to offer you both a luxurious and comfortable stay during a festive vacation in Las Vegas. Having a check in time at four in the afternoon and a check out time at eleven in the morning, the moments spent are sure to make your stay here a memorable one as you party all night and indulge yourself in the many activities offered in Flamingo.

The suites in this fine hotel are as follows:

  • Flamingo Metropolitan Suite

For at least $760 a night, this two-bedroom Metro suite will up the scale of what you’d normally expect in a suite accommodation. Designed with a retro feel packed with sleek furniture, hardwood floors and orange to green accents, this beautifully structure suite will absolutely take your breath away. With beds that have a king bed and two queen-sized one with high padded headboards, resting your tired body on its sheets would make you feel like you were in heaven. For a fathomable wash area, its marble restrooms are fit for the royal bath you wish to experience.

Other suites in the hotel are: Flamingo Cosmopolitan Suite that costs $610 per night, Flamingo Island Suite and Neopolitan Suite at $310 per night and the  Flamingo Mini Suite at $130 per night.

 Hotel room at the Flamingo from c_neuhaus

Hotel room at the Flamingo from c_neuhaus

The Flamingo hotel offers a wide array of rooms to choose from namely: Fab Deluxe, Fab Deluxe Double Queen, Fab Luxury Two Queens, Fab Luxury One King, Go Deluxe One King at $68, Go Deluxe Two Queens, Go Luxury with Strip View at $90, Go Luxury Two Queens with View, Pet Stay Deluxe Two Queens, Pet Stay Deluxe One King, Pet Stay Go Deluxe and Pet Stay Go Deluxe Two Queens.

  • The Fab Deluxe High Roller View has a stylish designed accommodation with a view of the magnificent High Roller, has a spacious area, a king-sized bed, wooden-colored floors, stylish furniture and pink accents. The design caters to a modern and Vegas feel to it that would sure make your stay a bit more enticing. All of these are enjoyed at a rate of at least $60 per night.
 Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino from Razvan Marescu

Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino from Razvan Marescu

What would a complete Vegas trip be without having to play at its Casinos? No need to go outside your hotel as The Flamingo also has its own Casino area. Packed with table games such as Poker, Payout Paradise with tons of slot machines to choose from and the Margaritaville Casino that offers you the complete Casino experience with its wide array of games and restaurants to visit.

 Donny & Marie at the Flamingo from rbglasson

Donny & Marie at the Flamingo from rbglasson

The best thing about this hotel is you get to witness magnificent shows performed by some of the best in the field. The hotel highlights the show of Donny and Marie. Rendering the award of “Best Show in Vegas” last 2013, these siblings duo’s performance has also garnered numerous recognition on their entertaining talents such as chart-topping hits “Puppy Love”, “Paper Roses”, “Morning side of the Mountain”, “I’m Leavin‘ It All Up To You” and “Soldier of Love”. Truly, you’ve heard these tracks played over and over in the radio now, have you? Well, you will get to hear them perform it live here at the Flamingo and be serenaded by their smooth music with artistic flare.

Their ninety-minute show showcases Donny doing a little rock-and-rolling while his sister Marie would play a little country-feel good music such as “These Boots Were Made For Walking”.

These talents showcase their musicality in the hotel in an intimate showroom that allows the audience to interact with one of  America’s favorite longtime legends, hear them play mixes of songs that are both old and new, see their “Dancing With The Star” costumes on display and sing along with these exceptional performers. Truly, your Vegas experience would not be complete without seeing them perform live! This show is surely the type that you wouldn’t want to miss!

The Donny and Marie show is available during Tuesdays until Saturdays every Month for the whole year of 2014. Not only this! You can save yourself the hassle and book for a package deal specifically prepared for vacationers visiting here just to witness these two perform! The package would include a two-night accommodation and two Balcony Section tickets! So what are you waiting for? Book now and make that Vegas trip extra special!

Click here for bookings and reservations.

 margaritaville from tonydude919

margaritaville from tonydude919

Going on a trip could sometimes be exhausting, especially in Vegas. Due to the numerous fun-filled activities that you wish to engage in here, surely, you’d want to prep and fuel up for another round of enjoyment. What better way to recharge your batteries than to feast at the hotel’s restaurants.

Its restaurants cater to quick bites cafe/varieties such as the Flamingo Food Court that offers Johnny Rockets dishes, Bonanno’s Pizzeria, L.A. Subs and Salads and Pan Asian Express, Club Cappuccino that offers premium coffees served as espressos, cappuccinos, mocha, lattes, frozen, teas, and smoothies that are complimented with a bag of fresh mini donuts that are to die for.

Casual cafes include Margaritaville where you can enjoy a Cheeseburger in Paradise and a signature Volcano Nachos dish at Jimmy’s Buffet Margaritaville, enjoy casual dining at the Tropical Breeze Cafe that specialized in island setting menus of American and island specialty cuisines, at the Beach Club bar and Grill where you can dine and unwind by the poolside with a snack or lunch.

Casual Mexican or Southwestern cuisine are also offered at Carlo’s ‘N Charlie’s where festive music are played while you enjoy your meal.

Finally, The Upscale Steakhouse which offers divine servings of steak from Aspen Ridge Farms in Colorado is one of the many restaurants that guests would love to eat at. The classic Flamingo Las Vegas steakhouse will surely satisfy that hunger and let you continue the Vegas strip experience of a lifetime with a smile resulting from a hearty meal.

 High Roller from James Marvin Phelps

High Roller from James Marvin Phelps

Finally, a hotel would not be as pleasing at it should be without being the one nearest the areas worth visiting in Vegas. For all types of guests, be it children, adults or older ones, there are numerous activities to choose from to add a little spice on that Vegas trip. Here at Flamingo, they have got it all for your enthusiastic spirits.

For those who travel to Vegas for group meetings and conferences, they offer Flamingo meeting areas to fulfill that business trip packed with staff services to assist you in making that event a success.

For those who just wish to sulk up the sun and enjoy a spirited time by the pool, there also lies the Beach Club Pool where you can party all night with live DJs, contests and games, a nice view of the Flamingo Las Vegas habitat or grab a bite at the Beach Club Cafe that serves heavenly refreshments and heart-warming snacks with an easy access to the water slides.

For a relaxing day, you can likewise visit the Spa at Flamingo Las Vegas where those of you who would want to have a healthy workout with an ambiance of relaxation while enjoying a scenic view of these magnificent flamingo creatures, my, my! Won’t this trip be just fun but rejuvenating as well!

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